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You haven't bought any skills yet. Here. See my skill tree. See? I have Level 48 stamina. And I have enough experience points to buy another skill.

Credits are the unit of currency in Prime Empire. They can be used to upgrade their Avatar, buy weapons, and upgrade skills.


Superstar Rockin' Jay

Beta Jay 137 used some of his credits to buy the skill "Back Flip Flying Kick" and uses it to take out a few of Unagami's aerial drones.

The Cliffs of Hysteria

The ninja used credits to buy grappling hooks and the Rope of Questionable Integrity.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The ninja used some of their credits to participate in the Speedway Five-Billion, but were a couple of credits short, as Kai used his to buy an Avatar. Moments later, Jay upgraded his prime controller for 100 credits to defeat the Red Visors. Eventually, Jay and Nya won the Terra Technica Dance-Off and earned five hundred credits as their award.



Season 12: Prime Empire




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