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“Ah, Crystal Spiders. The only way to travel.”

Crystal Spiders are mechanical spiders used by the Vengestone army.


Bad Water!

A crystal spider was spying the ninja stopping Miss Demeanor's plans to poison the city's water supply with chemicals.

Farewell the Sea

At the Ninjago Harbor, a spider secretly scanned the Police Commissioner on one of the containers shortly after the New Ninja stopped a Vengestone smuggling operation.

A Painful Promise

The spiders appear before the newly escaped Aspheera to recruit her for the Council of the Crystal King.

Ninjago City vs. Ninja

A Crystal Spider traveled to the Kingdom of Shintaro, where Vangelis was imprisoned until the spider arrived. The spider gave him a similar mask that he previously used as the Skull Sorcerer then showed him a projection of the Kabuki Mask.

Kryptarium Prison Blues

The spiders infiltrated Kryptarium Prison to bust out Pythor from jail and recruit him to join the council. They fought off against the ninja to help Pythor escape.

The Fifth Villain

Disguised as the Mechanic, Lloyd was met with a crystal spider and was invited to join the Council of the Crystal King by the Kabuki Mask. After accepting the offer, Lloyd was then told to follow the spider.

The Council of the Crystal King

Lloyd continued to follow the crystal spider at the Ninjago Metro until he arrived at a tunnel that would lead him to the Crystal Temple. However, another crystal spider recorded the ninja's fight with the real Mechanic, which was used to expose Lloyd to the Crystal Council.

Official description

Mysterious spiders are lurking around NINJAGO® City. Have they been sent to spy on us, are they here to help, or are they… Well, just spiders?[1]


  • Projection: The spiders have an in-built recorder which allows them to broadcast what they see.
  • Lasers: The spiders are capable of firing lasers to attack foes.




Season 15: Crystalized

Ninjago Magazine


  • They are similar to the Spider Hacker, as both are purple-black robotic spiders used by Harumi.


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Language Name
German Diamant-Spinne (show)
Kristallspinne (sets)
Japanese クリスタルのクモや




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