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The Cursed Realm is the Preeminent, and the Preeminent is the Cursed Realm. Son, you're in the belly of the beast.

The Cursed Realm was one of the realms. It was a network of dark and cavernous channels, branching off each other to form a gloomy maze. It served as the doom of the cursed souls who once dwelt the Sixteen Realms, and also as the stomach of the Preeminent. In order for the living to cross over to this realm, a portal was necessary for transportation. Most lose their bodies upon entering the realm through death, but those banished while alive retain their bodies within the realm. Only Lloyd has escaped the realm alive with his living body, while most come back as ghosts.

The realm was not only a location but also an embodiment of a being. It served as the Preeminent who sought to curse the Sixteen Realms. With the destruction of the Preeminent, the Cursed Realm was flooded by the Endless Sea and destroyed, with nearly all its inhabitants being killed and passing onto the Departed Realm, their final resting place. The only known survivor, Clouse, would go on to cause further chaos in Ninjago shortly afterward.

Due to the spirits passing from the Cursed Realm onto the Departed Realm, villains such as Chen and Morro were able to be resurrected on the Day of the Departed.



At an unknown point in time, the Preeminent came into existence alongside the rest of the Sixteen Realms, with her body being the Cursed Realm[1] and acting as the sister realm to Djinjago.[2] The Cursed Realm would eventually go on to function as the afterlife of those who had been cursed during their lives, with its prisoners often becoming Ghost Warriors.


After the end of the Serpentine War, Garmadon used the spell to banish Arcturus and the five other Anacondrai generals into the Cursed Realm as punishment for their war crimes, with the six of them having their souls banished.

The Day of the Dragon

Clouse, attempting to get rid of Garmadon once and for all, summoned a portal to the Cursed Realm using his Magic. Despite his initial triumph, Clouse himself was instead thrown inside by Garmadon, though he managed to keep his body, presumably due to his Magic.

The Corridor of Elders

With the transformed Anacondrai warriors overwhelming everyone, Lloyd was forced to free Arcturus and the other generals from the Cursed Realm, with Pythor explaining that the powers granted to them as a result of becoming Ghost Warriors could be used to defeat the Anadondrai warriors. However, as a consequence, Garmadon was banished, trading places with the generals, allowing them to enter Ninjago. Even as a portal to the Cursed Realm was opened, Arcturus and the generals cursed the fake Anacondrai, destroying their Anacondrai forms and banishing them to the Cursed Realm. Even as the portal closed, however, the Preeminent succeeded in allowing her commander Morro to escape out into Ninjago.

Kingdom Come

While touring the ninja around Cloud Kingdom, Fenwick explained the Cursed Realm's status as one of the Sixteen Realms, revealing the inside of the realm to them through an illusion.

Curseworld, Part I

Retrieving the Realm Crystal, Morro proceeded to use its power to open a portal to the Cursed Realm, its strength slowly increasing to allow the entire realm to enter Ninjago. When Lloyd attempted to destroy the Realm Crystal and seal the Cursed Realm away, the Preeminent dragged him into her essence to prevent her plans from being thwarted, even as the entire Cursed Realm entered Ninjago.

Curseworld, Part II

Entering Ninjago, the Preeminent proceeded to devour several civilian souls, dragging them into the Cursed Realm and giving her strength. Meanwhile, Lloyd, recovering from his defeat, navigated the tunnels of the Cursed Realm, evading the Ghost Warriors within and briefly passing by an imprisoned Chen and Clouse, who had yet to be converted into ghosts. Discovering his father chained to the Realm, Lloyd briefly reconciled with him, and with Garmadon's motivation, Lloyd succeeded in escaping through the mouth of the Preeminent.

In order to destroy the Cursed Realm, the ninja attempted to cripple the foundations of Stiix and drop the Preeminent into the Endless Sea, only for beast to possess the entire city, fusing the Cursed Realm and Stiix together into a massive, ethereal form. With her new body, the Preeminent chased the remaining civilians out into the Endless Ocean, attempting to devour their souls. However, when Nya unlocked her True Potential, she summoned a massive tidal wave that destroyed the Preeminent and the Cursed Realm, killing all of its inhabitants, with the only known survivor being Clouse. Notable deaths in the realm's destruction included Chen, Garmadon, and Morro, as well as all the Anacondrai warriors and the rest of the realm's prisoners.


As a result of the destruction of the Cursed Realm, its sister realm, Djinjago, began to fall apart as well.

Former inhabitants



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession

Ninjago: Decoded


  • The reason why Garmadon, Chen, and Clouse were not ghosts while in this realm is because one's body remains intact upon entering the Cursed Realm; it's only when individuals leave the realm that they becomes ghosts, as seen with Clouse.[3] Lloyd is an exception because he is the First Spinjitzu Master's grandson[4] and because he was dragged into the Cursed Realm, not cursed.[5]
  • An older version of contradicts this, stating, "When someone is sent to the Cursed Realm, only the soul can pass through the portal. So the bodies of the cursed ones are dissolved into tiny molecules that stay in the physical world. Floating around, looking for the energy of the soul they used to cover."[6]
  • In an interview with Dan and Kevin Hageman, they hinted that there may be consequences to destroying a realm, foreshadowing the destruction of Djinjago due to its status as the sister realm of the Cursed Realm.[7]
  • Despite their connection with the Cursed Realm, around thirty of the Ghost Warriors managed to survive,[8] as would have Morro had the Preeminent not dragged him into the Endless Sea. It's possible the Ghost Warriors that died had simply been hit by some of the water from the tidal wave, and, too wounded to fly, fell into ocean below as a result.
  • If someone is banished to the Cursed Realm, the person who cursed them is able to free them, but have to take their place in the Cursed Realm to do so.[9]
  • In Season 5, Ronin's soul was set to go to the Cursed Realm unless he paid his debt to Soul Archer,[10] though with the destruction of the Cursed Realm, this must no longer be the case.
  • Similar to the Underworld, it seems that an individual can be sent to the Cursed Realm by committing an immoral act, as Tommy Andreasen stated that Morro "must have done some bad act as he perished in his search for the tomb [of the First Spinjitzu Master], putting a curse on himself."[11] Andreasen has also stated that "You go to [the Cursed Realm] if you get cursed. It has little to do with death."[12]
    • Andreasen also stated the Cursed Realm is equivalent to "Torment."[13]
  • Elemental Masters keep their Elemental Powers upon entry to the Cursed Realm, as seen by Morro's retention of his Wind power after being banished and later escaping the realm.
  • Since Preeminent is the embodiment of the Cursed Realm when she was released to Ninjago in "The Kaiju Protocol", she briefly restored the Cursed Realm. According to Tommy Andreasen, all the cursed are still in the realm, which is in the Departed Realm.[14]


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