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“This, here, is my favorite game. Dancy Pants!”
Jay in "Let's Dance"

Dancy Pants is a game at Benny's Arcade Emporium.


Prime Empire Original Shorts

Let's Dance

After a dance lesson, Jay took Nya to the arcade, where he shows her his favorite game, Dancy Pants. They were then interrupted by Lloyd, who reported a disturbance, Nya tells Jay to disobey him so that they could play it.

Gayle Gossip: A Closer Look

The game appeared in the background when Nelson was playing Prime Empire.

Prime Empire

Level Thirteen

While the police are clearing out the arcade cabinets, Dancy Pants can be seen in the background.


The Calm Before the Storm

Nya called Jay to join her to play, and said she created a new dance move, the "Electric Jaya". They perform the move various times, and a crowd spawns. The game fizzles out, and the crowd cheers, as Jay and Nya "broke the game."



Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 14: Seabound


  • Its name is a pun on the phrase "fancy pants."
  • It is Jay's favorite game, and the reason he became a natural dancer.
  • The game is similar to Dance Dance Revolution in the real world.
  • The avatars used in the game resembles Jay and Nya in their Armor suits but with different coloring.


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