(Yin Yang eclipse appears onscreen)

Kai: (lands his bike off hill) Move! Move! Move! We're running out of time! Pick up the pace!

Cole: Yes, Ninja! It's up to us to save the day! (lands his roadster off the hill) Again.

Nya: Roger that, Kai. Zane! Do you have a read?!

Zane: ETA too late. Unless we break all speed limits. Increase velocity!

P.I.X.A.L.: Already on it.

Wu: (comes on Lloyd's screen intercom) Ninja! I have reached the rendezvous point. Where are you?

Lloyd: The museum is still five clicks away! We're on our way!

Jay: (flies by in his Jet) Look up kids! Jay to save the day! (laughs) Race you there, Lloyd!

Lloyd: I still don't understand how you got the Supersonic Raider Jet.

Jay: Uh, 'cause I called dibs. Guy who calls dibs first gets it. Right, Cole? (Cole drifts off in his vehicle) Right, Cole? Cole? Let me go get him! He's drifting off again! (turns around his jet)

Cole: (Fidgeting with controls, terrified, his hands ghosting through them) No. No! Come back...come... no!!! (vehicle drifts up a mountain and nearly hits Jay)

Jay: Cole! Look out!

Cole: Oh. Uh. Oh. (lands) S-sorry Jay.

Jay: Phew. I know you're a ghost, but I'm still in the living world, and I'd kinda like to keep it that way.

Wu: Ninja! Time is of the essence!

Cole: He's right. Engage!

Lloyd: We have one last shot if we wanna make it. Combine for maximum impact!

(Team combines their vehicles except Cole and Zane's)

Kai: (attaches his bike to the left side of Lloyd's) Locked!

Nya: (attaches her bike to the right side of Lloyd's) Loaded!

Jay: (attaches jet to the top) And jet speed, reporting for duty sir.

(Ninja transform into Ultra Stealth Raider)

Lloyd: Fire all engines!

(Ninja race off in their vehicles towards Ninjago City)

(Ninja arrive at the museum)

Jay: (Panting) Master Wu, are we too late?

Wu: There may yet be time (points towards eclipse)

Ninja: Ninja Go! (all do Spinjitzu into the museum)


Jay: (laughing) Mission accomplished.

Lloyd: Yeah, good thing we got to the gift shop before it closed.

Zane: Yes, a Day of the Departed celebration is incomplete without a Day of the Departed lantern.

(Ninja leave the gift shop)

Nya: Oh, this is my favorite holiday. I love all the lights.

Kai: And the costumes. (gestures toward kids who just finished trick-or-treating)

Jay: And the candy. Hit me, kid.

(One with a pilot costume tosses Jay a piece of white candy into his mouth)

Jay: Mmm. Best day of the year!

Wu: Yes, enjoy the fun and festivities. But never lose sight of the true meaning of the Day of the Departed. Today is about remembrance. We light lanterns to remember our ancestors, and to settle our debts.

Jay: Yeah, got it, got it. Lanterns, ancestors, debts. But candy too, right?

(a man in a red suit with a rather long mustache comes to greet the ninja)

Dr. Saunders: The Ninja. The Master Wu.

Wu: Dr. Saunders.

Saunders: Oh, please we are all friends. You must call me by my first name, yes? Uh, Sander, yes?

Kai: (whispers to Nya) Dr. Sander Saunders?

Saunders: At your service! (chuckles) I am so pleased to be seeing you at this now. We are opening our new exhibit. Come, you'll see. Come. (Walks to the entrance to the hall) Might I be presenting 'The Hall of Villainy!'

All: Wow

Saunders: Cryptor!

Zane: A plastic mannequin.

Saunders: Kozu!

Lloyd: Uncanny.

Saunders: Chen!

Nya: Memories.

Saunders: Samukai!

Jay: Is he looking at me?

Wu: Maybe from the past.

Saunders: And Morro! Checking this out! We don't just open on Day of the Departed. It's Day of Departed lunar eclipse. A special eclipse.

Wu: The rarest Yin-Yang eclipse.

Saunders: Oh, poetic, is it not? Scary holiday, scary exhibit, scary moon. There is magic in the air. Boogly-Boogly!!!

Kai: (looks around) It's... every villain we've ever faced.

Cole: (walks over to Master Yang's portrait) Not every villain

Saunders: No, there are many more to unpack. Overlord. Golden Master. All the ones who tried to destroy you. Exciting!

Jay: Uh... yeah! Exciting.

Saunders: As we proceed further on the tour you can...

Cole: (looking at Yang's picture) 'Although known to some as the master without a student, Kodokuna Yang will be remembered by most as the creator of Airjitzu, the most powerful martial art in history'. Huh, actually I remember Yang as the guy who turned me into a ghost! (Looks at the relic incased in clear material) Hey, uh, Dr. Saunders? What's the story on this thing? (his hand ghosts through the clear material) Hello? Dr. Saunders? Anyone?

(Team notices the relic encased in the clear box)

Nya: Look at that! Cool!

Saunders: Oh, you have a good eye, Nya.

Cole: Her? I'm the one who spotted...(Saunders and the ninja walk through as if he wasn't there) Uh, Hey! Watch it! You guys are walking right through me!

Saunders: (Describes to the ninja what the relic is) The Yin Blade belonged to Master Yang. It is said to possess much dark magic.

Cole: They don't hear me, o-or see me! It's like I don't exist anymore. And it's all your fault!!! (Points angrily towards Yang)

Yang: Cole. Come. Come.

Cole: (To Ninja) Uh....tell me you heard that.

Yang: Come, Cole...

Saunders: ...which is why it is sealed in this case made of "Clearstone." The hardest substance known to human. Impenetrable by any living...

Yang: Cole.

Cole: Yang.

Yang: Close the circle.

Cole: Close the circle?

Yang: Close the circle...

Cole: Close the circle.

Cole: (Gasps, waking up from the trance) Huh. (looks out window to see the ninja outside)

Wu: Thank you so much for such an informative tour, Dr. Saunders. (they both shake hands) Ninja, at the eclipse's peak we will return here for the concert. But first, we must go forth and honor those we have lost. Those who have Departed.

Cole: They don't realize I'm gone. Maybe...I'm Departed! (echoes)

Kai: See you guys soon!

Nya: Happy Day of the Departed Everyone!

(The Ninja each go in separate directions)