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“Rip the fabric between realms! Oni, I call upon you! Connect me to . . . the Departed Realm!”

The Departed Realm is one of the realms. This dimension is where the souls of beings from all known realms, including the Cursed Realm, Ninjago, and the Underworld, go to after they die. It has been shown to be very difficult to access through most normal means. The Realm Crystal was unable to open a gateway to it, while a large dose of Traveler's Tea can.[1]



At some point in time, the Departed Realm came into existence as one of many realms parallel to Ninjago. All of its deceased—save for the wicked and cursed, and disgraced warriors unable to come to terms with their death (instead being sent to the Cursed Realm and Underworld respectively)—would have their souls sent to this realm upon death, where they would rest in eternal peace unless disturbed.

Later, when the First Spinjitzu Master created the Realm Crystal, he was unable to connect its powers to the Departed Realm, with the artifact lacking the sheer power to do so.[citation needed] This left the Departed Realm the only realm that was inaccessible to the Realm Crystal.

The Last Voyage (flashback)

Samukai, desiring an invent to manufacture weapons of war for the Skulkin army, used Resurrectea to revive Dr. Julien, bringing his soul from the Departed Realm and returning it back to his body in Ninjago.

Pirates vs. Ninja

Having recently created the Mega Weapon, Garmadon attempted to figure out its abilities and in the process accidentally wished for Captain Soto and his crew of Pirates to come back to life. Drawing upon Garmadon's power and energy, the Mega Weapon brought back the souls of Captain Soto, No-Eyed Pete, the First Mate, and the rest of the crew from the Departed Realm. However, one of the resurrected souls, attempting to wrest the Mega Weapon from Garmadon's hands, would be destroyed by the overwhelming power and sent back to the Departed Realm once again.

The Corridor of Elders

After being released from the Cursed Realm and defeating the Anacondrai Cultists, the spirits of the Anacondrai generals went through a portal to the Departed Realm, finally at peace.

Curseworld, Part II

After Nya killed the Preeminent with a tidal wave, the Cursed Realm was subsequently flooded and destroyed, causing all of the cursed residents to be destroyed and sent to the Departed Realm instead, including Morro, Chen, the Ghost Warriors, the Anacondrai Cultists, and Garmadon. The only "survivor" was Clouse, who managed to saw his way out of his cage and escape, but somehow lost his mortal body and became a ghost.

The Way Back

Seeking to reunite with his love Delara, Nadakhan used one of his infinite wishes to bring her soul back from the Departed Realm, placing it inside of Nya's body. Later, when the Djinn was struck with the venom of the Tiger Widow, his power faded, causing Delara to be sent back to the Departed Realm.

After Nya was killed by the Tiger Widow venom, Jay used his last wish to reverse all events that had transpired since their escape from the hospital, thus erasing Nya's death and returning her soul from the Departed Realm.

Following the return of the Djinn Blade to Djinjago, its apparent destruction alongside its realm of origin would release the souls of Khanjikhan, his predecessors and their enemies, sending them to rest in the Departed Realm instead.

Day of the Departed

On the Day of the Departed, Yang used the catalyzed magic of the Yin-Yang Eclipse to enhance the Yin Blade, tricking Cole into using its abilities to cut a rift from the Departed Realm to Ninjago for him to return. Using the Yin Blade's magic, Yang was able to bring back the souls of Samukai, Kozu, Cryptor, Chen, Morro, two Stone Swordsmen, two Stone Scouts, three Nindroid Warriors, Eyezor, and Zugu from the Departed Realm, placing their spirits in statues modeled after their original bodies.

With the Yin Blade's magic only being able to keep the souls in Ninjago with the power of the Yin-Yang Eclipse, Yang instructed the resurrected villains to use the Departed Blades to switch places with their enemies, sending them back to the Departed Realm instead once the eclipse ended. Despite the efforts of the resurrected souls, however, all were defeated by the ninja and sent back, with Morro, in particular, having instead made peace with his former master and enemies by telling of what's occurred, before letting his soul go on unheeded to the Departed Realm of its own free will.

Dread on Arrival

Harumi uses the three Oni Masks to create a portal to the Departed Realm in order to resurrect Lord Garmadon at the Temple of Resurrection, which was created out of the remains of the Royal Palace. From within the portal, the sounds of Garmadon's spirit becoming mortal can be heard. However, the ninja were able to stop the ritual before its completion, closing the portal. Despite this, however, the ninja's efforts were in vain; Garmadon had returned to Ninjago after the temple was left abandoned and the Sons of Garmadon were arrested.

Two Lies, One Truth

Struggling with the good that remains within him, Lord Garmadon reveals to Harumi that his true motivation for reaching his True Potential is to defend Ninjago against a new darkness. During his time in the Departed Realm, he witnessed a frightening "everlasting night", and fears that it will threaten the world his father created as well.

The Kaiju Protocol

While attempting to create a portal to the Never-Realm with a strong dose of Traveler's Tea, Wu and P.I.X.A.L. accidentally open a portal to the Departed Realm, and The Preeminent comes out of it. P.I.X.A.L. defeats the Preeminent and drags it back to the Monastery where they send it back to the Departed Realm.


Little is known about the realm, but the portion of the Departed Realm seen in "The Kaiju Protocol" is a dark, dreary-looking world. Although most of the realm has never been seen and there are parts that look different, there is a forest full of old trees that is inhabited by the Preeminent.[2] Close to the ground throughout the realm is a green mist that follows the beings who leave the realm.



All the other djinns are in the Departed Realm, except Nadakhan, who is the last survivor. He is currently imprisoned in the Teapot of Tyrahn.

Ghost Warriors

Anacondrai Cultists

  • Chen (formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)
  • Zugu (formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)
  • Eyezor (formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)
  • Kapau
  • Chope
  • Sleven
  • Krait

All the Anacondrai warriors are in the Departed Realm, except for Clouse, who is a ghost after escaping the Cursed Realm, and eventually got himself banished to the Underworld. Chen's daughter, Skylor, and an associate of the Warriors, the Mechanic, are still alive.


Almost all of the Season 3 Nindroids are in the Departed Realm, except two that are alive and under arrest at Kryptarium Prison, four Nindroids stored in the Borg Tower vaults and some who were reprogrammed and became Cyrus Borg's Security Droids. Three of them were resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, but they are now departed once more.


Stone Army

  • Kozu (formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)
  • Stone Warriors
  • Stone Swordsmen (two were resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)
  • Stone Scouts (two were resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)
  • Stone Warriors museum merchandise

All of the Stone Army are in the Departed Realm except at least one or two Giant Stone Warriors, who may be the last survivors. One is currently in Kryptarium Prison, and the other one, if not the same warrior, is trapped in a sinkhole under the Ninjago Museum of History.


  • Samukai (formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)





Oni/Dragon Hybrids

Oni/Dragon/Human Hybrids

Sky Folk


  • All the Re-Awakened are in the Departed Realm.



Shadow creatures



  • The Preeminent (formerly resurrected accidentally by P.I.X.A.L. and Wu, now departed once more)
  • Hazza D'ur (formerly resurrected by the Skull of Hazza D'ur, now departed once more)



Day of the Departed

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


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  • The Departed Realm was first revealed as an official realm in "Day of the Departed."
  • If ghosts remain in Ninjago for too long without a vessel, they will begin to depart and will then be sent to the Departed Realm.[3]
  • The Departed Realm has by far the most deceased souls of any realm.
  • Though the realm is populated by many people, in "Day of the Departed," the villains resurrected by Yang did not know each other beyond their interactions from when they were alive.
  • It is the only confirmed realm which the Realm Crystal cannot open a portal to get to.[4]
  • It is unknown if this realm will ever be visited, although technically several characters have made it their place of permanent residence, off-screen.
  • It may be impossible for a being's spirit to ever truly die, as even "deceased" beings like cursed ghosts and skeletons go on to the Departed Realm if their bodies are destroyed (cursed ghosts formerly simply returned to the Cursed Realm, until it was destroyed).
  • It is unknown if the Grasslands where the First Spinjitzu Master appeared with Lloyd are located in the Departed Realm.
  • It is unknown whether residents of realms besides Ninjago, specifically the Cloud Kingdom and Chima, go to the Departed Realm upon death.[5]
  • It's likely a djinn could grant a wish to bring someone back from the Departed Realm.[6]
  • It's possible that P.I.X.A.L. went to the Departed Realm when she was deleted from Zane's hard drive in "On a Wish and a Prayer" before the events were undone in "The Way Back."[7]
  • Being imitations of the ninja, the evil ninja lacked souls and thus would not have gone to the Departed Realm upon destruction.[8]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Samukai's spirit would hardly appear human.[9]
  • In the Czech dubbing for Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, it is called the Hidden Realm in "Questing for Quests" and the Dark Realm in "The Kaiju Protocol."


Day of the Departed

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


Foreign language Translation
Czech Říše zesnulých
Skrytá říše (E100)
Temná říše (E121-E124)
German Verwunschenes Reich
Polish Kraina Umarłych
Russian Мир Ушедших




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