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Not to be confused with the actual desert.
Whatcha reading, Zane?”
“A travel book about the region we're entering. It is called the Desert of Doom. My data files are incomplete on this subject.

Desert of Doom is a travel book that was read by Zane when he and the other ninja were heading to the Desert of Doom.


A Rocky Start

During their journey to the pyramid, Zane reads a book about the Desert of Doom which highlights a create called Beohernie.

While eating at an oasis, Zane continued to read about a mirage which can be founded in deserts.

The Belly of the Beast

Cole was holding the book when Lloyd heads outside to talk with Cole and Kai.

Awakenings (flashback)

One of Zane's flashbacks include him at the oasis with Desert of Doom in his hand.



Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


  • It is unknown how Zane was able to obtain the book.


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