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“It gives me great pleasure to present this ship from the people of Ninjago City to the ninja, in thanks to their years of dedicated service.”
Police Commissioner to the citizens of Ninjago City in "The Darkness Comes"

Destiny's Bounty 2.0 is a large airship used by the ninja and their allies as their main headquarters. Some time after the Golden Master's defeat, Wu and Nya redesigned and rebuilt the original ship after its destruction. The ship was used to fight Chen's followers at the Corridor of Elders, and later when the ninja set off to find an ancient tomb and claim the Realm Crystal.

Shortly after, when Nadakhan fought the ninja, the Bounty was seized by the police and was destroyed in New Djinjago's collapse—though this was undone by Jay's final wish. On the Day of the Departed, Wu and the ninja used the Bounty to access the old monastery, and later the Temple of Airjitzu—which became their new base. During the battle with the Time Twins and the Vermillion, the Bounty was shot down and crashed in the desert beneath the temple.

After Wu was lost to time, the Bounty was reconstructed once more, and it was used to fight the Sons of Garmadon. During the battle with the Colossus, the Bounty was caught and crushed to pieces. The original ninja and Wu used Traveler's Tea to escape, with the ship's cabin being sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons along with them. The Dragon Hunters went on to use parts of the vessel to make their own vehicles.

After the Sons of Garmadon's fall and in the process of repairing the city, the city of Ninjago rebuilt the Bounty from blueprints that Rufus MacAllister somehow obtained.

However, it was damaged again by the Dire Bats until it was rebuilt by the Winged Guards of Shintaro.



Tournament of Elements

The Invitation

Not long after Zane's believed demise, Wu and Nya began planning to rebuild the Destiny's Bounty, and created blueprints at Garmadon's monastery.


Nya and Wu officially began construction on the vessel at the Samurai X Cave. At one point, Misako arrived with news that the ninja had gone missing. Nya departed in the D.B. Express, leaving Wu to take over the reconstruction.

The Day of the Dragon

Wu reported to Nya that the Bounty was nearing completion, and that they planned to use it to bring the Elemental Masters back to Ninjago from Chen's Island.

The Greatest Fear of All

While the Elemental Masters chased after Chen's noodle trucks, Wu ordered Nya to ready the Bounty if the worst-case scenario comes to pass.

The Corridor of Elders

The Destiny's Bounty 2.0 was finally completed and was used on the Anacondrai warriors to stop them from taking over Ninjago.


Winds of Change

When Morro attacked Steep Wisdom, Wu ordered Nya and the ninja to flee in the Destiny's Bounty.

Ghost Story

The ninja used the Bounty to escape from Morro that was after of the staff of the First Spinjitzu Master but Morro shut down the Bounty, crashing in the Forest of Tranquility. It was later used to return to Steep Wisdom.


The Earth Mech, ElectroMech, Ice Mech, and Fire Mech were loaded into the Bounty's cargo hold and the ninja, Wu, Ronin, and Misako set off toward the Wailing Alps.

Kingdom Come

After the ninja reached Cloud Kingdom, Nya landed the Bounty on the side of the mountain and locked their recent prisoner Ghoultar in a Deepstone prison aboard the ship. After the ninja returned in pursuit of Morro, Ronin flew the Bounty into the action while Nya manned the guns and Wu used the anchor to bring the ninja onboard. Once they secured the Sword of Sanctuary, the ninja flew the Bounty back to Steep Wisdom.

The Crooked Path

When chasing Ronin, the ninja boarded the Bounty but found out it was a trap.

Grave Danger

When Master Wu, Misako, and Nya wait the ninja's return on the Bounty, they was attacked by Soul Archer and Bansha, who also have a boat, but Nya made a wall of water and protected they from the ghosts' attacks.

Curseworld, Part I



While on the Bounty, Wu trained Cole how to turn invisible with his ghost powers, Nya takes her anger out on sparring bots, and Zane and Jay plays a game of chess. Lloyd calls them to the bridge so Wu can inform them that Clouse bought a train ticket for Stiix.

Later, Misako arrived to Stiix with the Bounty to save the ninja from being captured. However, the Bounty itself was captured with Misako still in it.

Misfortune Rising

Zane and Kai attempted to recover the Bounty from a junkyard but were chased out by a guard and his dog.

With his home realm incidentally destroyed due to the Cursed Realm's collapse, Nadakhan used the Djinn Blade to excavate large portions of Ninjago's landmass and elevate them in the sky, in an effort to rebuild Djinjago. One of the first, if not the first chunk of land that Nadakhan levitated was a junkyard which housed the Bounty after it was confiscated by the police.

On a Wish and a Prayer

The Sky Pirates use Misfortune's Keep to help rebuild Djinjago in the skies of Ninjago. At one point, Nadakhan briefly points out the piece of land containing the Bounty, which greatly excites Clancee, seeing the ninja's (as well as their old rival's vessel) is now in their hands.

The Way Back

With Nadakhan's Djinn power temporarily drained, chunks of Ninjago that had risen to the sky had begun to collapse onto what remained of Ninjago itself. It is possible that the chunk containing the Bounty, if the Bounty was still intact (and not ravaged by the Sky Pirates), had collapsed onto Ninjago to be destroyed.

Day of the Departed

On the Day of the Departed, Wu flew the Bounty to the ruins of the Monastery of Spinjitzu to honor his father. After Morro warned him of Yang's plan, the two used the Bounty to return to Ninjago City where they met up with the other ninja. They then flew the Bounty to the Temple of Airjitzu, though due to extreme winds, they were unable to get close. When the rift closed, it sent a shockwave causing the Bounty to crash next to the temple.

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

When the ninja raced back to the Bounty, time skipped by a minute, causing them to suddenly appear on the Bounty. They flew to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to see Acronix.

The Attack

Nya suggested they use the Bounty to fly over the Vermillion Army, but they started hurtling boulders at it.

Secrets Discovered

Nya and Kai arrived at the Bounty to fix the scanners. However, they can't fix it. They abandoned it to join the ninja at the museum.

Sons of Garmadon

The Jade Princess

Lloyd and Harumi escape the Sons of Garmadon aboard the Destiny's Bounty, which Lloyd had to kick start to get running before going to pick up the other ninja.

The Oni and the Dragon

The ninja decide to stay on the Destiny's Bounty since the Temple of Airjitzu is too out in the open.

Snake Jaguar

Nya prepares a bike for Zane while Harumi tries to make herself useful.

Dead Man's Squall

After grabbing an incapacitated Zane, Lloyd makes the decision to go to Dead Man's Squall, to hide from the Sons of Garmadon since they're after the Baby. As they discuss about the Wu's blanket that has the map to Primeval's Eye, a mechanical spider that Mr. E had placed inside of Zane shorts out the power and Samurai X, who is then possessed by the Quiet One. Samurai X takes out the thrusters, making the Destiny's Bounty crash land in Primeval's Eye.

The Quiet One

The ninja attempt to repair the Destiny's Bounty, and as they do so, they discover that the baby is actually Wu. They were then able to get it online, but discover that Harumi is the Quiet One. The Sons of Garmadon soon hold them captive on the ship.

Game of Masks

The Sons of Garmadon use the Destiny's Bounty to head over to the Oni Temple and wait for Harumi to return with the Mask of Hatred. Seeing her successful and a crab monster attacking them, Ultra Violet convinces Harumi it would be the best time to take the Bounty, which she does so. Lloyd tried to stop them, but ends up captured as they fly off, leaving the ninja and Wu behind.

True Potential

The ninja were able to recover the Bounty following the Sons of Garmadon's arrest. It was clear that Lloyd wants the ninja to go to Kryptarium Prison to confront Garmadon, but the others object and they reluctantly agree. Later, Lloyd disables the navigation system and organizes a meeting down below, but it turned out to be a ruse as he locks them in a room and goes to the prison himself. After they get out, thanks to Cole, they try to contact Lloyd, but he destroyed his console while ignoring their pleas. Once they manage to reenable the navigation system, they see that Harumi has hacked all the cameras in the prison so the whole world views Lloyd and Garmadon's battle.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

When Lloyd escaped Garmadon with Baby Wu, Harumi pursued him, until the ninja arrived with the Bounty, trying to keep it from hitting skyscrapers. As Harumi caught up, Lloyd flung Wu aboard, and the Bounty was force away, leaving Lloyd with Harumi. However, the ship was grabbed by the Colossus. The Bounty was ultimately destroyed by Garmadon's Colossus. Half of it, the entire rear, were teleported to the Realm of Oni and Dragons with Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane, and Toddler Wu.



The ninja, now trapped in the Realm of Oni and Dragons, did their best to salvage the parts, Jay using one as gaming console. However, when the ninja were captured by Dragon Hunters, the Bounty was hauled away as well.

Iron & Stone

When explaining to Iron Baron about where he found the ninja, Heavy Metal said they had "fortifications," referring to the ruins of the Destiny's Bounty. The ninja later see the remains at Dead's End, where they say it belonged to them, to no avail.

March of the Oni

The Darkness Comes

When Cole, P.I.X.A.L., and Zane arrived at the harbor, they watched as Cyrus unveils the rebuilt ship.

Afterwards, they brought the ship back to the monastery, where they find Faith was hurt. She mentioned that darkness swept over her home realm and that she barely escaped. Wu points out it might be the Onis' doing and the ninja head to the Bounty to prepare.

The ninja drove the Bounty to the city to save some of its citizens. They then drove it to Kryptarium after Lloyd said Garmadon might be able to defeat the Oni.

Into the Breach

Once the ninja are airborne again, the ninja discussed if they could trust Garmadon. Meanwhile, he turned the engines off, and the Bounty starts plummeting toward the ground. The Ninja hanged on until Zane got to the emission switch on time. He then asked Lloyd to make sure Garmadon doesn't cause any more trouble; he followed him in the cabinet and discussed the photos.

Zane then asked that everyone meet up at the bridge, where Garmadon proceeds to tell the ninja about how the Oni were able to enter Ninjago. They used the Realm Crystal and he would be able to go inside the dark cloud to destroy it due to being an Oni, but he would need a weapon. Lloyd then argues that they can't just let him have a weapon then let him walk away unsupervised. Since Lloyd is part Oni, he claimed would also survive the darkness and decided to go with him.

When they arrived at Borg Tower, the ninja handed Garmadon a sword, but he started attacking them to activate his powers. He jumped off, and Lloyd followed. After watching Lloyd on his head cam, they heard signals coming from NGTV and decided to help the people trapped there. They flew off, while P.I.X.A.L. decided to stay behind in case the two needed assistance.

The Fall

The ninja found the source of the distress signal at the NGTV building. Jay and Cole went out to help the people, but once they were about to leave, Nya accidentally turned the thrusters the wrong way. This caused Cole's rope ladder to snap as the ninja watched him fall. Kai tried to turn the ship around, but Zane convinced him otherwise. Instead, they went to save P.I.X.A.L., Lloyd, and Garmadon as the Mech ran out of fuel.


The ninja returned to the monastery via the Bounty.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Questing for Quests

The ninja dock the Bounty in the middle of the road when they are traveling to the Ninjago City Police Station, leaving a large crack due to the anchor. Later, they docked it at Kryptarium.

Prime Empire

Dyer Island

The ninja use the Bounty to travel to Dyer Island.

Master of the Mountain


The ninja and Wu use the Bounty to travel to the Kingdom of Shintaro. Along the way, they are attacked by the Dire Bats which break off the sails. However, the Winged Guards of Shintaro arrive just in time and lift the ship themselves. They then transport it to the Kingdom of Shintaro.

Into the Dark

The Bounty flies into the city before making a stop near the Shintaro Palace.

The Skull Sorcerer

The Bounty was right next to the Shintaro Palace when Vania was asking Chompy for advice.

The Son of Lilly

Not long after Vania was made queen, the Winged Guards of Shintaro recover the sails and reattach them to the Bounty before the ninja and Wu leave the kingdom. Wu then chose to let the wind guide them to their next destination.


Destiny's Bounty 2.0 bears resemblance to the original Bounty. It has a dragon figurehead, sails, and thrusters. Additionally, the interior contains living quarters.

After the Colossus destroyed the Bounty, the ship was rebuilt using the original blueprints. However, due to an error, the thruster lever was wired backwards and had to be relabeled.




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  • The official name was revealed in a comic in a LEGO Club magazine.[citation needed]
  • The design of the Destiny's Bounty 2.0 in Season 8 to Season 12 is inspired by its counterpart from The LEGO Ninjago Movie. In Season 13, the Bounty has an updated design based on its Legacy version that looks more similar to the original Destiny's Bounty. Neither of these design changes are explained in the show but Tommy Andreasen said the reason for this change is that "the on-screen Bounty looks like the one which is currently available to obtain and play with".[1] This may indicate that, like the ninja's design changes for Season 8, there is no real explanation for this within the world of the show.
  • As seen in a concept art, Zane's bed isn't in the cabin. This may be caused by the fact that as a Nindroid he doesn't need sleep.


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