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“I bet Cryptor never expected me to use his Destructoid to destroy his Nindroid army.”
Nya, "Vehicles and Mechs"

The Destructoid is a large Nindroid machine used by General Cryptor.


The Art of the Silent Fist

When the Nindroids and an infected P.I.X.A.L. located the Techno Blades at Garmadon's monastery, they used the Destructoid in their pursuit as the ninja escaped from the area. The Destructoid managed to destroy the ninja's vehicles.

Enter the Digiverse

When Pythor and the Nindroids attacked Borg Tower, they brought along the Destructoid to cut through the security door.

The Titanium Ninja

As the Golden Master reigned destruction on New Ninjago City, General Cryptor drove the Destructoid around. At one point he encountered Nya emerging from the wreckage of her mech and the two began to fight. Once Cryptor became distracted with Min-Droid, Nya commandeered the Destructoid and drove it to the Temple of Fortitude to fend off Nindroid Warriors while the ninja donned Stone Armor.


  • Arm-Sword - One arm on the Destructoid harbors a large, silver, slicing sword used in battle against enemies.
  • Saw-Blade - The other arm terminates in a large spinning saw, also used in battle.
  • Disc-Shooters - There is a small disc-shooter near the control center of the Destructioid, armed with three Nindroid discs.
  • Chopping Blades - The Destructoid sports two more blades at the bottom of the front of the vehicle; when it is being driven, these blades move in a chopping fashion.



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