“But that sword is meant for—it's meant for the king.”
“Take it. It holds the life force of our forefathers, and all its enemies that have fallen from its blade.”
Nadakhan and Khanjikhan, "Enkrypted"

The Djinn Blade, also known as the Sword of Souls, was a powerful weapon. Its origin dates back centuries along the line of kings in Djinjago. Nadakhan was given this weapon by his father when Djinjago collapsed.

The sword had the power to trap souls within it, either by causing people to wish themselves into it or by merely striking them down, who are then presumably subjected entirely under the owner's command. Due to the blade's ancient origins, it can be safely assumed that thousands of souls are trapped within it.

Once the blade was passed down to Nadakhan, he used the weapon to trap the Ninja and the other Elemental Masters[1] to create a new Djinjago by tearing Ninjago apart, using the souls' strength within it to lift several tons of land into the air, forming sky islands to create an artificial Djinjago.

Due to Jay's wish causing the events of Skybound to not occur, the sword was destroyed during the collapse of Djinjago due to Nadakhan never arriving to retrieve it.


At an unknown point in time, the Djinn Blade came into existence and would come into possession of each Djinn King, absorbing the souls of their enemies, before finally ending up in Khanjikjan's possession. As per tradition, when a Djinn King dies he leaves his soul and his magic in the Djinn Blade.


Upon his arrival in the collapsing Djinjago, Nadakhan was given the Djinn Blade by his father as a means of recreating the realm and also due to his impending status as the new Djinn King. Nadakhan then used the Sword to transfer Clouse, Misako, and Wu from the Teapot of Tyrahn to the Sword.

Misfortune Rising

After tricking Kai into using his three wishes, Nadakhan absorbed the Red Ninja's soul into the Djinn Blade. Powered by another soul, the Sword was used to rip massive chunks of land out of Ninjago, slowly recreating Djinjago in the process.

On a Wish and a Prayer

Nadakhan would unveil the works of the Djinn Blade to his crew through the reconstructing Djinjago. Later, he would trap Zane inside it after forcing him to wish it all away.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

During the Sky Pirates' ruse to trick Jay, he was sent to retrieve the Djinn Blade, only to find a decoy in its place instead.


Nadakhan would use the Djinn Blade to call upon Zane's Ice, freezing the deck of the Misfortune's Keep. Cole would use his second wish to remove the Djinn Blade from Nadakhan's possession, only for Flintlocke to give it back to his captain. Later, Clancee would trap Cole and Lloyd inside the Djinn Blade by wishing for it all to go away for the two of them.

The Last Resort

When Flintlocke questioned Nadakhan's intentions, the latter briefly used the Djinn Blade to call upon Kai's Fire as a show of force.

Operation Land Ho!

Nadakhan would continue to use the Djinn Blade to finish the construction of Djinjago, allowing him to commence with the wedding. Later, when he attempted to escort Nya to the wedding, she convinced him to leave it behind, allowing Jay to steal it.

After regrouping with his team of ninja replacements, he proceeded to be struck and sucked into the Djinn Blade by Echo Zane. Inside the Djinn Blade, Jay would rescue Wu, Misako, Kai, Zane, Lloyd, and Cole, freeing them in the process, before escaping, narrowly avoiding being dragged back inside by a vengeful Clouse.

The Way Back

Jay used the Djinn Blade to absorb one of the Sky Pirates' souls and would continue wielding it in combat. During his final battle with Nadakhan, he'd attempt to use Clouse's Magic to defeat Dilara, only to be interrupted and later drop the Sword. Later, while Jay cried over Nya's death, Nadakhan picked up the Djinn Blade and attempted to attack the Lightning Ninja with it, but after Jay used his final wish, he dropped it.

As a result of Jay's final wish erasing the events of the season, the Djinn Blade was left back inside the crumbling Djinjago in Khanjikjan's possession, and without Nadakhan to take it, was destroyed or lost following the realm's collapse.

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

After the reconstruction of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, a mural was painted to depict the major historical events the ninja have ever faced. On one of the murals, the Djinn Blade can be seen in Nadakhan's possession.

The Darkness Comes

While the Ninja view the new murals on the interior walls of the monastery, Nadakhan can be seen holding the Djinn Blade in one of the murals.


While Lloyd looks through the murals, trying to discover the key to defeating the Oni, the Djinn Blade is seen with Nadakhan holding it in the Season 6 mural.


Museum Description

The Djinn Blade, also known as the Sword of Souls, is the weapon of the royal house of Djinjago. Upon the realm's destruction, the king passed it on to his son, Nadakhan. The sword has the unique power to trap spirits within its blade, allowing the wielder to use their life force to increase his own power. It holds the spirits of Nadakhan’s forefathers and all those who have fallen before the blade. Nadakhan set out to capture the ninja by manipulating them into making wishes that went terribly wrong. He eventually trapped Cole, Kai, Lloyd and Zane in the sword, along with Wu, Misako and Clouse (the latter three were originally trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn, but when the Teapot is destroyed, their spirits travel into the sword). They were later freed from the sword by Jay.


  • Soul Absorption/Soul Trapping - The Djinn Blade is an ancient, powerful artifact that is able to absorb the souls of its victims by striking them down, or else having them wished inside it; However, victims whose souls are taken through the conventional method are able to escape the sword alongside others, regardless of how they ended up within the weapon.
  • Dimensional Storage (Container Imprisonment/Sword Imprisonment) - Inside the Djinn Blade is a strange pocket dimension where time is slowed down, filled with countless floating green crystals, many of which slowly encase its prisoners' souls until they're eventually trapped for all eternity.
  • Power Bestowal - Upon absorbing the souls of a victim, the Djinn Blade bestowed its user the abilities of its prisoners, with the Blade's known powers including Magic/Dark Magic, Spinjitzu, Airjitzu, Creation, Fire, Ice, Energy, Earth, Lightning, Speed, Poison, Metal, Smoke, Mind, Sound, Light, Shadow, Form, Nature, and Gravity, a Djinn King's powers (minus the wishes), the natural abilities of Ghost Warriors (Teleportation, Invisibility, Intangibility, Possession, and Levitation) and most likely other powers as well. It didn't have Golden Power, Amber, Water, Wind, Time, Forbidden Spinjitzu, Destruction, and Darkness.
  • Dimension Creation - If the Sword is powered up by the Souls absorbed inside it, The Sword is able to recreate The Destroyed Realm Of Djinjago.

All of the known abilities once possessed by the Sword of Soul's victims include:



LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 6: Skybound

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Video Games


  • The weapon is called the Sword of Souls by Khanjikhan and Nadakhan in two episodes and the Djinn Blade by Nadakhan, Dan Hageman, and Soto in four other episodes.
  • While the Djinn Blade is the collectible weapon of the Skybound sets, only one appears in the show. Each sword has a different colored blade, along with the face of one of the Ninja or Master Wu at its hilt. 
  • For the spring 2016 sets, each sword was exclusive to the set it was in. However, when the summer 2016 wave came out, 70593 The Green NRG Dragon included the Kai sword, and 70594 The Lighthouse Siege came with the Lloyd sword. 70591 Kryptarium Prison Breakout didn't come with any sword and is the only Skybound set to do so. 
  • Kai was the first Ninja to be trapped inside of it.
  • Djinn Blade's main use may be to create a new Djinjago if the original is destroyed.
  • As a tradition, a Djinn King leaves his soul in the sword when he passes away.
    • Khanjikhan was the only King not to enter the sword at the time of his death and his soul was sent to the Departed Realm.
    • Nadakhan also couldn't follow the tradition because he was reimprisoned.
  • The blade of the Djinn Blade is the same LEGO piece as the Elemental Blades and Kozu's Departed Blade in the sets.
  • In the sets, Nya is trapped in the Djinn Blade, whereas in the TV series, such an event never occurred due to her value to Nadakhan.
  • The Master Wu sword in the sets is the only collectible version in the sets that doesn't have a transparent blade.
  • The Djinn Blade's powers are almost very similar to Katana's Soultaker sword from DC comics, as both Swords can trap the souls of their victims.
  • A possible earlier idea for the Sword involved the victim's souls being sucked out of their bodies, leaving them as lifeless husks.[2]
  • The Djinn Blade allows the user to summon an Elemental Dragon of its prisoners' elements, but it would be a different entity because it has a different owner.[3]


In LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu



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