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Dragon Cam is a stop motion web series made by LEGO that shows the activities the ninja, the Dragons, and the Dragon Hunters do when they are not shown on screen. The series takes on a more humorous tone than the main series. It had started live streaming on LEGO's YouTube channel on September 14, 2018. It stopped live streaming on YouTube sometime in December, but is still available to watch on the LEGO website.


Watch the LEGO NINJAGO Live Dragon Cam, an epic 24-hour livestream with mighty dragons, evil Dragon Hunters and all the hilarious stuff the Ninja do behind the scenes.


One clip involves Wu coming up to a hanging switch and pulls it, turning day into night or vice versa.


Camera One

  • Jay faces the camera while polishing and unpolishing his teeth, declaring it his completely original cleaning technique.
  • Kai feels sand in his pants before taking them off and starts shaking them out, feeling embarrassed at the same time.
  • The ninja hide in different spots to avoid being seen by the Dragon Hunters.
  • A movie scene involving a cowboy is being filmed before Cole comes up to the director to tell him that they're on the wrong set, causing him to stop the scene and apologises.
  • Lloyd practises wood breaking before inviting Zane, who was curious, to join him, but he declines.
  • The ninja and Wu play hide and seek with Jay noticing they're in obviously noticeable hiding spots and walked away, annoyed.
  • The ninja and Wu do beach activities.
  • Kai drives the Destiny's Wing before stopping when he realises that he forgot pizza and turned back around to go get it.
  • Jay asks Lloyd what his favourite martial arts movie is. He replies that it's Enter the Dragon, but is unable to get the last word. Stormbringer tries to tell them it's Dragon, but Jay blows her off and she leaves, annoyed.
  • A tumbleweed passes by.
  • Cole looks at his phone while walking until he crashes into a rock.
  • Fire Dragon passes by, knocking the camera before Wu immediately straightened it back upright.
  • Cole knocks at something before a door suddenly opens up, revealing the background to be a backdrop before he heads in and closes the door.

Camera Two

  • Stormbringer passes by as some Dragon Hunters immediately pursue her. They later run away as Stormbringer pursues them.
  • Stormbringer moves around in a circle before stopping upon getting tired and takes off.
  • The Dieselnaut breaks down and a wheel comes off, forcing Faith and Muzzle to tow it.
  • A pizza deliverer arrives before taking off after being scared by something, losing his pizzas, as Slab came up to them and eats them.
  • Kai, Daddy No Legs, and Wu have a tea party, which was briefly interrupted by Wu's tea slurping.
  • The Dragon Hunters exit the Hunter Copter as ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ plays.
  • Fire Dragon cuts the cheese.


Camera One

  • Lloyd and Zane move along the desert with Zane acting as a GPS.
  • The ninja, Wu, Faith and Chew Toy watch Ninjago with Jay, Cole and Nya expressing their likeness to the show.
  • Jay and Cole walk along before wondering if they're being watched before they see the camera and take off.

Camera Two

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  • Cole and Zane have their original hair pieces.
  • Contrary to Hunted, Lloyd and Nya are in the Realm of Oni and Dragons.
  • Jay's cleaning technique of "Polish on, polish off" is most likely a reference to Mr. Miyagi's "Wax on, wax off" technique from The Karate Kid.


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