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Their entire culture appears to be built around the hunting of dragons and exploiting their Elemental Powers.
Zane to Kai and Jay in "Iron & Stone"

The Dragon Hunters are a society led by Heavy Metal that used to be led by Iron Baron. They inhabit the Realm of Oni and Dragons and used to hunt the dragons to exploit their Elemental Powers with the use of Vengestone weaponry.

Though they're a malevolent group, the hunters also oppose and despise the ancient Oni and kill anyone suspected of being one. After the original ninja are sent to the first realm, the Dragon Hunters find and capture them, eventually discovering that they're Elemental Masters. During this time, they continue their purpose of hunting dragons. They adapted to living on the harsh plains of the Realm of Oni and Dragons, having lost limbs replaced by machines.

After learning Iron Baron lied to them and deceived them with stories about the Oni, they planned to revolt against him. After his defeat at the hands of Firstbourne, Faith became their leader and they no longer hunted the dragons. They are now allies of the ninja.



As time passed in the Realm of Oni and Dragons, a tribe developed into civilization, with Iron Baron becoming their leader. He was able to achieve this title by fabricating a story in which he and a few others ventured into Oni land and only he made it out alive. The rest of his kind began to fear these Oni and Iron Baron appeared as someone who would care for and protect them, unaware that Oni had long been gone from the realm and Baron had presumably killed his team.[1] The tribe built a village known as Dead's End, which would become their home.

From this, the tribe's culture became centered around the hunting and exploitation of dragons, the other dominant race of the Realm, whether this be for food, work, or entertainment. The greatest use for the beasts became using their Elemental Powers to lure in other dragons. Having learned of the First Spinjitzu Master who was born of both Oni and Dragon and thus had a bond with Firstbourne, the mother of all dragons (a story all children born in the realm are told), Iron Baron viewed the hybrid as a coward for fleeing the realm after failing to unite its races, and seeked to attract Firstbourne so he could wear the Dragon Armor in her nest and "control her to protect his fellow Hunters from the Oni.[2]

The best of the Hunters was a woman named Faith, a persistent believer in the First Spinjitzu Master (or someone of his lineage)'s return to wear the Dragon Armor and help the Hunters escape. Despite her skill, Iron Baron forced her to wear a mask to hide her gender. She also had to go under the name of Heavy Metal. Under this alias, she managed to steal the Dragonbone Blade, a sword that could attract Elemental Powers. Iron Baron also ended up getting caught up in an encounter with Firstbourne, losing an arm, a leg, and his dignity.[2]


A team of Hunters, led by Heavy Metal, were sent by Iron Baron to investigate a crash site on the edge of the realm. They discover the site at the edge of the south from a safe distance, and find the original four ninja, a still-aging young Wu, and the ruins of the Destiny's Bounty there (the former three having been teleported via Traveler's Tea from Ninjago). They would then proceed to prepare an ambush on the marooned strangers. While making preparations, Cole and Wu went off to find some food.

Once nightfall arrived, the Hunters started their ambush, and Jay, Kai, and Zane, after intercepting their communications channel and hearing of the ambush via the radio they just finished repairing, attempted to flee to safety from the area. However, due to the fog, they were unable to clearly see the Hunters or know which direction they are going in. The Hunters use the fog to their advantage and caught them one by one with their chain rifles, and then seized the Bounty wreckage.

With their mission successful, Heavy Metal's team have the three captured ninja blindfolded and chained before taking them back to Dead's End, while towing away the wreckage of the Bounty with the Dieselnaut. After returning to their home, Heavy Metal and her team of Hunters drag the three blindfolded ninja to Iron Baron's throne room. After arriving inside, the captive trio's blindfolds are taken off for them to meet Iron Baron, who mocks their peril before he and the Hunters start laughing sinisterly.

Iron & Stone

After being introduced, the Hunters interrogate the three kidnapped ninja, though they refused to divulge any valuable information. Seeing how they lie, Iron Baron immediately assumes that they're Oni, and has them taken to the Pit. As they are taken to the Pit through Dead's End, the trio see the Hunters' lifestyle and culture, as well as the ruins of the Bounty. Cole and Wu, having followed the Dieselnaut's tire tracks, infiltrated the Hunters by disguising themselves.

After being thrown into the Pit, the ninja are forced to battle the Earth Dragon Slab, and after some difficulty fighting him, they manage subdue the dragon by using chains Cole and Wu threw to them from the audience, as well as their Elemental Powers, inadvertently revealing themselves to be Elemental Masters. Having witnessed this revelation, Iron Baron orders some of the Hunters in the audience to apprehend them.

Radio Free Ninjago

The Hunters successfully apprehend the three ninja with Heavy Metal's assistance, who uses the Dragonbone Blade to absorb their powers, allowing her to chain them up.

Later, the Hunters, accompanied by an undercover Cole and Wu, then go out hunting, bringing along the three imprisoned ninja to use them as bait, and proceed to leave the area.

In the middle of the desert at nightfall, the Hunters relax and wait, and Iron Baron uses the three chained ninja to attract a dragon by turning on an electric device on their post to trigger an Elemental Power reaction in order to lure one. The devices manage to lure a Wind Dragon, and after a long chase, the Hunters successfully catch the dragon and ride it back to their camp.

How to Build a Dragon

After returning to Dead's End, the Hunters prepare to cook the captured Wind Dragon, while the three captive ninja are put into work labor. The undercover pair of Cole and Wu plot a rescue & escape, with the three enslaved ninja secretly helping by giving them supplies needed for their plan without the Hunters noticing.

Once nightfall comes, Wu uses a makeshift dragon that is meant to look like Firstbourne before the Hunters can cook the Wind Dragon alive as a distraction, but Iron Baron shoots it down with a chain rifle. Cole manages to free the three ninja.

Suddenly, the real Firstbourne appears and starts decimating everything in her path. Taking advantage of the chaos, Wu and the four ninja were then able to able to free the dragons the Hunters caught and escaped from the Hunters' destroyed settlement, while Iron Baron ordered the Hunters to prepare their vehicles, as they are going hunting for the ninja.

The Gilded Path

Faith betrays the Hunters and joins the ninja after learning of Wu being the son of the First Spinjitzu Master. As they rode on a Hunter vehicle to head to where the Dragon Armor is, they had to stop when they noticed Daddy No Legs and Muzzle approaching. Faith wears her headgear and chains up Wu and the ninja to make it look like she had captured them.

The pair of Hunters arrived, and Heavy Metal explains that she caught them and will be the one to take them to Iron Baron personally, and orders No Legs and Muzzle to leave. However, Muzzle notices a now-older Wu, and the pair gets suspicious. With the ruse blown, the Ninja and Wu flip the pair over with chains, allowing them to tie them up and take their vehicles to head off to find the Armor, leaving No Legs and Muzzle in the middle of the desert.

Two Lies, One Truth

The Hunters find the chained pair of Daddy No Legs and Muzzle, and they tell Iron Baron that Heavy Metal was responsible for their problem, much to the Baron's anger. Chew Toy uses his sense of smell to figure out the direction as to where the ninja have headed off to. They head to the direction after unchaining No Legs and Muzzle.

They chase the ninja and Heavy Metal via the Dieselnaut, the HunterCopter, and Destiny's Wings (hover vehicles that were built from the Bounty wreckage they previously seized), but lose them and end up crashing. However, unbeknownst to the ninja, Jet Jack managed to place a tracker on one of their vehicles.

The Weakest Link

Using Jet Jack's tracker, the Hunters follow the ninja to Oni land and start chasing them through the realm. During the chase, Iron Baron soon told the hunters to forget about Faith and prioritize in claiming Wu, who he discovered was the son of the First Spinjitzu Master. All of the Hunters also discovered Faith's true identity when she was without her headgear.

After a lengthy chase through a large cave, the ninja hijack the Dieselnaut, but Jet Jack manages to capture Faith, and in order for them to escape, she splits the Dieselnaut in half, and Wu and the Ninja fled in the front half of the vehicle.

Saving Faith

The Hunters buried a gagged Faith with only her head above and then themselves underground to ambush and capture Wu and the ninja. As they approached her, Faith tried to warn them about the trap by mumbling through her gag to no avail, and after Wu removes it, she berates them and tells them about the trap, but it is already too late.

The Hunters chain Wu, Faith, and the ninja to posts and celebrate their capture. Faith then proceeded to start telling them the truth about Iron Baron, leading them to believe it. Worried about them rebelling against them, the Baron angrily commanded them to be silent and threatened them should they turn on him.

The Baron turns on the electric devices on the captives' posts. However, this causes Wu to age a little and regain his memories, and then frees himself and starts fighting the Hunters. Iron Baron stops the fight and offers him a deal, if he helps him claim the Dragon Armor, then he will help Wu and the ninja return to their home realm. Left with no other choice, Wu accepts and goes with Iron Baron, leaving the Hunters to guard Faith and the ninja.

Lessons for a Master

The Hunters come to a mutual decision that Iron Baron does not care about them, and only cares about himself. Jet Jack releases the ninja and Faith, and they agree to take the Hunters to stop Iron Baron from getting the Dragon Armor.

Hope seems lost when they get to the destroyed bridge, but they instantly rejoice when Wu and the Firstbourne emerge from the nest.

Before Wu and the ninja leave for Ninjago, and after being told of Iron Baron's fate, Faith is elected as their new leader, with Jet Jack as second-in-command. They then watch as Wu and the ninja travel through the portal on their dragons, and when questioned where they are going, Faith says they're going to Ninjago.

The Darkness Comes

Faith and Firstbourne arrive in Ninjago where a wounded Faith tells Wu that everyone in the Realm of Oni and Dragon were petrified.


The Hunters were saved from petrification, and Faith stays in Ninjago till after the ninja celebrate their victory.

Known captured dragons

There are more unknown dragons they captured that escaped or were eaten.

Known Members

  • Iron Baron - He is the former leader of the Dragon Hunters, he is currently trapped in Molten Rock by Firstbourne and the Hunters turned their backs on him after learning that he lied in order to control them.
  • Heavy Metal - She is currently the leader. She inspired the Hunters to turn good after journeying with the ninja. She is the former general and second-in-command.
  • Jet Jack - She is currently the second-in-command. She has a mohawk and uses a jet pack.
  • Daddy No Legs - He is a hunter-general who has a "Spider No-Legs Mech" because he lost his legs. He also usually hangs out with Muzzle and understands his "Hmph" words.
  • Muzzle - He is a hunter that speaks in a muffled voice and is usually seen hanging around Daddy No Legs.
  • Chew Toy - He is the warm-up act for the crowds attending The Pit and also has an incredible sense of smell.
  • Arkade - A mechanic for the Hunters, he gives out parts and tools as determined by the slot machine on his chest.
  • Scar the Skullbreaker
  • Stalwart Dangerbuff
  • Otto Pilot
  • Talon (non-canon, a member from issue 41 of the Ninjago Magazine)
  • Nitro (non-canon, a member from issue 44 of the Ninjago Magazine)
  • "Rocky Dangerbuff" (undercover)
  • "Dangerbuff Jr." (undercover)


  • All known Dragon Hunters have a Russian accent.
  • Dragon Hunters used to hunt dragons with the intent of exploiting their Elemental Powers and eating them for food.
    • Creating an Elemental reaction lures in wild dragons.
  • The Dragon Hunters used to fear Oni, and they used to seek the elusive Firstbourne, who kept the Dragon Armor in her nest, to protect them from the Oni.
  • They also used to eat many of the captured dragons, explaining what they eat in the realm.
    • They may have also eaten the Ultra Dragon before using his bones as a throne for Iron Baron.
    • They might also use the dragons' Elemental Powers for protection from Oni or other rival clans.
  • They have a full society, with young children present as well.
  • Faith was always on the good side but merely faked being evil until the First Spinjitzu Master or his son would arrive to complete the prophecy. She later convinced her fellow hunters to become good.
  • The Dragon Hunters are the first villainous group to never capture Nya, due to her never meeting them.
  • The Dragon Hunters appear to have nicknames or titles instead of actual names, since their names appear to perfectly fit their abilities. Out-of-universe, this just appears to be clever, product-focused naming.
  • They may call themselves either the First People or the Dragon Keepers now.[3]
  • The Dragon Hunters, Blizzard Samurai, and the Keepers are the only villainous factions to never attack Ninjago so far.
  • According to Ninjago Magazine, there are still some Hunters who are seeking to free Iron Baron.[citation needed]
  • The Dragon Hunters are the second villainous faction who are now allies of the ninja, except one member (Iron Baron).
    • The first are the Serpentine except for Pythor, although he was an ally for a short period.




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