Not to be confused with the Dragon Blade.
“Uh, that's some blade you have there. Crazy how it repelled those powers.”
“Oh, yeah? Carved from Dragonbone. From a piece of the Firstbourne.”
Rocky Dangerbuff and Chew Toy, "Radio Free Ninjago"

The Dragonbone Blade is a mystical sword that is part of the complete Dragon Armor. It was made from a piece of the Firstbourne and stolen by Iron Baron when he crossed Oni land.


At some point in time, the Dragonbone Blade was created alongside the rest of the Dragon Armor. When the Dragon Hunters confronted the Firstbourne, Heavy Metal managed to steal the blade and later used it for hunting Dragons.


Radio Free Ninjago

Heavy Metal uses the blade to attract Kai, Jay, and Zane's Elemental Powers so that the Dragon Hunters can capture them.

Two Lies, One Truth

When Jay and Kai were fighting for water, Faith used the Dragonbone Blade to cut a small cactus for water.

The Weakest Link

While the Hunters chase Faith and the ninja, Iron Baron steals the Dragonbone Blade.

Saving Faith

Iron Baron uses the sword to threaten the ninja and Hunters. He eventually brought it along with him so he and Wu can journey to the Firstbourne's nest.

Lessons for a Master

Iron Baron used the Blade to make Wu keep walking to the Firstbourne's nest. Later, when the Firstbourne trapped Iron Baron in molten rock, Wu took possession of the blade.

Green Destiny

When the stranded ninja returned from the Realm of Oni and Dragon. Wu and his nephew, Lloyd, go to confront Garmadon as Wu held the Dragonbone Blade, which Garmadon recognized as being their father's sword, but he mocked his brother for believing just because he had the sword, he could match Garmadon's full powers, which Garmadon boasted as being above even their father's. During the fight, Wu lost the sword and was knocked off Borg Tower by Garmadon, who soon wields it against Lloyd before he is able to disarm him and used it himself. Lloyd was amazed at how the sword attracted his father's power before a repeat of clashing from Garmadon ended up making Lloyd lose the sword as it soon fell off the tower.


  • Elemental Attraction & Repulsion - The Dragonbone Blade can be utilized to draw elemental powers away from their intended target, as demonstrated by Heavy Metal.
    • Elemental Absorption - Once it attracts the element, it can absorb it into nothingness.
  • Breaking Vengestone Chains (non-canon) - According to the designer videos and the commercial for the Hunted sets, The Dragonbone Blade can free the Dragons by breaking the Vengestone Chains, although it didn't happen in the show.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 9: Hunted


  • The blade has similar effects to Chronosteel, but the difference is that while Chronosteel takes on Elemental Power completely, the Dragonbone Blade only attracts power.
  • While in the sets the blade always appears as part of the Dragon Armor, in the show this blade was stolen by Heavy Metal before, so it is not sought after with the armor, although it will be used later by the Dragon Master.


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