“Ever since I saw my mother's locket, I felt her presence. She's connected to this place somehow. I . . . I can feel it.”
Cole, to Wu, about Lilly
"Dungeon Crawl!"
Season 13, Episode 10
Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 10
Air date July 16, 2020 (Australia)
October 11, 2020 (US)
Written by Kevin Burke
Chris Wyatt
Directed by Daniel Ife
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"Dungeon Party!"

Dungeon Crawl! is the tenth episode of the thirteenth season, and the 154th episode overall of LEGO Ninjago. It aired first in English on July 16, 2020, in Australia. It aired in the US on October 11, 2020, paired up with "Dungeon Party!".


Cole leads the Lowly and Princess Vania and Wu in a series of fruitless efforts to find a way out of Rock-Bottom.

Extended: Cole leads the Lowly and Princess Vania and Wu in a series of fruitless efforts to find a way out of Rock-Bottom. Wu tells Cole about a legendary Temple of Earth Elementals known as the Heart of the Mountain. Surmising that the Temple is actually real, Wu guesses that it might be hidden in Shintaro Mountain and urges Cole to try and tap into his elemental powers to find a way out.


In a flashback, Cole heads to Lilly's bedroom, who is very ill. Cole hugs her mother and wishes she wasn't sick anymore. Lilly then asks why Cole got in trouble at school, and Cole explains that a bully was picking on the little kids, and Cole wanted to stand up for what was right. He then apologizes for getting into a fight with the bully, but Lilly is proud of her son and tells Cole to always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust.

Back at the present, the Upply, Cole, Wu, and Vania explore the caves. Plundar complains about the fact they've already explored the area many times, but Fungus tells Plundar that it doesn't hurt to explore it again. They end up reaching a dead-end, so they head back. Once again, Plundar complains about walking so much that Vania argues that Cole is actually trying to help.

They head back to Rock-Bottom, where Cole's frustration for not finding a way out causes him to get upset. Wu poses a question to Cole, and he talks about feeling his mother's presence ever since discovering the necklace. He then questions why her mother would ever be down here. Wu tells Cole that Lilly was even more powerful due to being the closest to the Earth, and instead of the Skull Sorcerer trying to bury Cole as deep as possible, Cole has the possibility to find his true Elemental Powers. This gives inspiration to Cole, who tries to find his true powers.

Cole concentrates and his hands begin to glow. Suddenly, the immense rocks start to float and Cole uses a robust Earth Punch to discover a hidden cave underwater. Everyone follows Cole's lead as they swim inside the cave. While swimming, Cole helps out Vania who gets scared because of a skeleton, and Wu when a rock lands on him. Despite the trouble, everyone makes it out alive.

The Upply, Cole, Wu, and Vania then encounter a lava pond and three tunnels at the end. Wu instructs Cole to touch the ground and the Earth reveals the tunnel across the lava is the correct path. As usual, Plundar complains about having to cross through lava, and Cole isn't happier with the option, but it's the only way. Concurrently, Korgran claims he drinks lava for breakfast and scoops up lava with his cup, but Plundar corrects him by saying he drinks juice. Suddenly, the mug catches fire and Plundar gets scared of the lava.

Cole reminds his team what they are here to seek which is to stop the Skull Sorcerer and save everyone underground. He asks Plundar what he's going to do, so he rolls his dice which forces him to take a chance along with everyone else.

While everyone else is crossing the lava with the provided rocks, Adam uses the ceiling to get through. Before they could cross to the other side, Cole senses danger which proves to be correct when the Lava Monster rises from the lava. Its tentacles attack the group, so Korgran uses his ax to cut the tentacles, but the Lava Monster grows more in replacement. Cole then uses his upgraded Elemental Powers to move rocks and use them to attack the Magma Monster. He also orders Wu to deflect the lava balls from the Lava Monster and for Fungus to distract the beast with his Ice magic. Finally, he instructs Plundar to get a boulder that Adam climbs for. The Lava Monster attempts to burn Plundar, but Fungus uses his magic to freeze the monster. Adam then pushes the boulder and huge rock lands on the Lava Monster causing it to sink.

Safe from danger, Cole utilizes the robust Earth Punch to block the path just in case the Magma Monster decides to return. As Cole is leading, Plundar approaches Cole and apologizes to him for being so harsh. Cole accepts the apology, but the group knows they have a long task ahead of them.



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Locations Featured


  • Narrator: Cole
  • A dungeon crawl is a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinth environment, battling various monsters, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and looting any treasure they may find.
  • This marks Lilly's first appearance in-person.
  • This marks the first appearance in-person of Lou since "Pause and Effect."
  • This episode marks Jay, Nya, and Lloyd's longest string of not making appearances, being absent for five straight episodes.


  • When the Magma Monster appears, Cole's scar glows. It would disappear in the next scene.



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