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“Whoa, I feel... different. Like, like, I can punch through... anything.”

The Earth Punch (also known as lava arm[1]) is a special Earth ability that Cole was able to unlock during the Day of the Departed. When active, Cole's hands will glow bright orange, his arms will have orange magma running up them, and, in the current version, his scar will reappear and glow orange.


Day of the Departed

During Cole's fight with Master Yang, Cole managed to gain vigor and courage once his friends arrived to try and help him. After knocking Yang back, Cole unlocks his Earth Punch powers. Dodging Yang once again, Cole is then able to smash the Yin Blade into pieces with his Earth Punch, freeing Yang's students from their imprisonment.

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

While helping clean up the museum, Cole's hands turn orange after pushing a wheelbarrow, with Jay asking if he has gotten used to being human again.

Cole later uses the Earth Punch several times during the ninja's fight with Acronix at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, and even uses them to grab and help up Master Wu before he fell to his death.

The Hatching

While fighting a Vermillion warrior outside the Borg Store, Cole uses his Earth Punch to shatter the warrior into its component snakes. Horrified about this, Cole says it was an accident before watching the Vermillion warrior reshape itself back to normal.

A Time of Traitors

On the way to help Kai and the museum, Cole and Jay bail from the Ultra Stealth Raider to rescue several people being escorted away by several Vermillion warriors. While Jay wishes that the rest of the team was here, Cole introduces his hands to him, introducing them as "righty" and "lefty." However, while using his punch to try and fight the Vermillion, Cole's hands began to become out of his control, making him unwillingly damage some of the nearby areas and allowing the Vermillion to escape with their prisoners.


While training with Jay at the Temple of Airjitzu, Cole, angered by Jay's silly conspiracies on where the people went, uses his Earth Punch to ground-pound the ground, knocking Jay back and causing the floating piece of land that the temple was on to tremble.

Secrets Discovered

When Lloyd asks if Cole has his Earth Punch under control, Cole says he has before beginning to punch the air with his hands before accidentally punching a hole in a wall, which reveals Krux's secret breeding laboratory.

Pause and Effect

After Cole and Jay blow their cover after rescuing the workers, Cole uses his Earth Punch to clear a path to help escape. He also uses the Earth Punch to knock back a Vermillion warrior while defending the exit of the Vermillion Swamps.

Sons of Garmadon

Because of the design changes, Cole's Earth Punch was slightly changed. When active, it recreates an orange version of the scar he previously had. It also leaves behind a magma trail whenever Cole uses Spinjitzu while his punch is active.

The Jade Princess

While training with the other ninja in the Royal Palace, Cole helps encourage Lloyd to "be tough" when asking out Harumi by demonstrating his Earth Punch and doing Spinjitzu.

Snake Jaguar

Cole attempts to use his Earth Punch to open his cell, but he cannot due to it being made of Vengestone, causing him to injure himself.

Dread on Arrival

Cole uses his Earth Punch to break the gears on the mechanism for the cages containing Lloyd and Misako at the Temple of Resurrection. He would soon use it to break open Lloyd's cage for him.

True Potential

Cole uses his Earth Punch to break the door to free him and the others after it was locked by Lloyd on the Destiny's Bounty.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

Cole uses his Earth Punch to create a hole in a street in Ninjago City, which causes Garmadon's Colossus to fall into it.



Cole used his Earth Punch to close a cave to save Wu and himself from Stormbringer.

March of the Oni


Cole used his Earth Punch to help barricade the door from the Oni.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Wasted True Potential

Cole used his Earth Punch during training with Master Wu but failed since he has been lazy lately.

The Belly of the Beast

When Cole was about to be attacked by one of the giant beetles, he used his Earth Punch to stop it.

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

Cole used his Earth Punch to lift up a pillar while he and the others were exploring in the pyramid.

Ninja vs Lava

Cole used his Earth Punch to move an obstacle in order to escape the pyramid from the lava.


Cole used his Earth Punch during a battle with the Pyro Vipers in Ninjago City and the Ninjago Museum of History.

Under Siege

Before they were getting to battle the Pyro Vipers, Cole helps encourage the others for their battle by demonstrating his Earth Punch to show how determined he is.

The Never-Realm

When the ninja saw the frozen Formlings in the Never-Realm, Cole used his Earth Punch to try to break one of them free but failed.

Fire Maker

When the Blizzard Samurai attacked the Great Lake, Cole used his Earth Punch against most of the Samurai and Grimfax.

The Traveler's Tree

Cole uses Earth Punch to save Boma and Uthaug from falling off the mountain.

Krag's Lament

Cole uses Earth Punch to trap Krag underneath a stalactite, but upon learning what happened to his kind, he uses it again to free him.


Cole uses his Earth Punch to free the Land Bounty in order to distract Boreal from catching up to Nya.

Master of the Mountain

Into the Dark

Cole attempted to use his Earth Punch against the Re-Awakened, but due to fighting in a Vengestone mine, he is unable to activate it.

Dungeon Crawl!

Cole used his Earth Punch which revealed a way to escape Rock-Bottom.

Masters Never Quit

Cole used his Earth Punch to open the doors to the Heart of the Mountain. Later, the Earth Punch was used to light up the entire temple. He then used his Earth Punch to perform the Spinjitzu Burst, but is unable to.

The Ascent

Cole used his Earth Punch to activate the Stone Mech which was used to drag the mine carts to the surface and fight the Lava Monster.

The Son of Lilly

The Earth Punch was seen during Cole unlocks Spinjitzu Burst.

The Island

The Gift of Jay

Cole attempted to use his Earth Punch to break out of the Keepers' prison but to no avail.

The Virtues of Spinjitzu


Cole used his Earth Punch to manipulate a stalactite above to drop down on the Lava Monster.

User's abilities

  • Supernatural Strength - The user can transform their arms into magma/molten rock,[2] giving the user superhuman strength, allowing them to destroy most things with one punch, excluding Vengestone, Ice corrupted by a Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, and an unknown material used by the Keepers for keeping prisoners.[3][4][5] If the user is inexperienced, they may not be able to control it. Back in Season 7, Cole could activate his Earth Punch by using his mind. Later in Season 8, he can now activate his Earth Punch ability by punching his fists together.
  • Levitation - Cole was accidentally able to levitate while he was trying to control his Earth Punch.


In "Day of the Departed" and Season 7, Cole's hands and the outer side of his arms would develop a bright orange magma appearance that would follow from his hands to his shoulders, as well in the current version the scar on his head, while the rest of his arms became a see-through smoky gray color. In Season 8, the color has changed to more of a bright yellow rather than orange. In Season 11, the color has now changed to a soft mix between the two.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

The Island

The Virtues of Spinjitzu


  • The Earth Punch variant of Cole is called "RX" in minifigure form, but this name is not canon to the show.[6]
  • This ability was called "Earth Punch" in Season 7 (specifically "The Hatching" and "Secrets Discovered") and "lava arm" in Season 8 (specifically "True Potential").
  • The ability is exclusive to the Earth element.[7]
  • The ability is simply explained as being "next level Earth awesomeness."[8] The ability is also special because Cole "found it deep inside while he was still a ghost".[9]
  • In "Day of the Departed," Cole gained a green scar when he transformed back into a human via the Rift of Return. As of Season 8, the scar is orange and appears only when Cole uses his Earth Punch.
  • Cole is the first Master of Earth to have this ability.[10]


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