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I named it after us! Jay, plus Nya, equals Jaya! To pull it off, we need to do it together.

The Electric Jaya is a dancing technique created by Nya and named after her and Jay.


Prior to The Island

Nya practiced the Electric Jaya in secret and was excited to show it to Jay.[1]

The Calm Before the Storm

Nya called Jay to join her to play Dancy Pants in Benny's Arcade Emporium, and said she created a new dance move, the "Electric Jaya". They perform the move various times, and a crowd spawns. The game fizzles out, and the crowd cheers, as Jay and Nya "broke the game" by their dancing.



Season 14: Seabound


  • Nya named this dance the Electric Jaya, by fusing her name with Jay's. In real life, "Jaya" is used by fans as the name of the couple's relationship.




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