The Electrocobrai are special mini snake/electric eel hybrids that acted as power sources for both the Nindroids and the Overlord Virus. They come from the Ninjago City Aquarium, and are very rare. Pythor is the only Serpentine known to have a history of using them.



A hooded stranger comes to Borg Tower where he uses Electrocobrai to reboot the Digital Overlord. The Electrocobrai are then used by the hooded stranger and the Overlord to repower the Nindroid army.

The Curse of the Golden Master

The hooded stranger (known now to be Pythor P. Chumsworth) breaks into the Ninjago Aquarium, and steals another batch of Electrocobrai. They are used to reboot the Nindroids, and later used to power a tracking device inside the Falcon to track Lloyd and Master Garmadon.


  • They power the Nindroids using a capsule filled with water that is plugged into their backs.
  • Despite Pythor being known to have a history with them, the first time he's seen using them is during Season 3.
    • However, it may be that he had used them prior to the releasing of the Serpentine.
  • Their name is a compound, with "electro" meaning "electric," and "cobrai" relating to or vaguely meaning "snake."



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