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“The Scrolls say there is a hidden temple on the island. If you find it, it will give the ninja pure elemental powers, powers that can destroy the indestructible army.”

The Elemental Blades are powerful weapons the ninja obtained at the Temple of Light to restore their Elemental Powers.


Island of Darkness

In order to combat the Stone Army, the ninja traveled to the Temple of Light, finding an elaborate engraving on the floor with their individual elemental insignias. When Lloyd struck the Instrument of Peace Misako had spoken of—a giant bell hanging above the floor carving—a bright light shone onto him and reflected onto the crystals nearby. The lights shone onto each of the ninja, giving them new suits and Elemental Blades.

As Lloyd became suspended in a light beam, the ninja sent him their powers through their new weapons. Once he fell to the ground, his full powers were unlocked, giving him a new suit of his own. When the Stone Army marched into the Temple, the ninja defeated them with ease using their new elemental powers.

The Last Hope

The ninja practiced their new Elemental Blades on the coast, where they blasted some coconuts.

Return of the Overlord

When the ninja returned, they used their Elemental Blades to encourage Lloyd to tell him that they were all in this together.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

The ninja returned to the Temple of Light and discovered a new chamber with four slots around the room. When the Elemental Blades were inserted into the slots, the center of the floor opened up, revealing the Golden Mech.

The Surge

Following the Overlord's defeat and the reconstruction of Ninjago City, the Elemental Blades appeared to no longer be in the ninja's possession; Jay mentions he misses the blades when the Nindroid crisis breaks out. It's possible that Master Wu hid the blades somewhere safe since they were still intact after the Overlord's defeat.

Day of the Departed

A replica of an Elemental Blade was created and wielded by a statue of Kozu in the Ninjago Museum of History.


Each of the Elemental Blades appears as a short golden stick detailed to look like a dragon's head (resembling one half of the Nunchucks of Lightning). A small gem is embedded in the hilt, color-coded to their wielder's element.

  • Kai's Blade is orange at the tip, fades to red near the hilt, and possesses a red emblem.
  • Jay's Blade is blue at the tip, fades to yellow near the hilt, and possesses a yellow emblem.
  • Zane's Blade is white at the tip, fades to gray near the hilt, and possesses a blue emblem.
  • Cole's Blade is green at the tip, fades to purple near the hilt, and possesses a green emblem.

When active, elemental energy bursts from the dragon's mouth and forms into a large, angular blade with a slightly jagged appearance. The slightly-fluorescent blade appears to be made of crystal, colored to resemble the ninja's respective element. In combat, the blades are surrounded by an aura of their respective element (Fire, Lightning, Ice, or Earth).


Kai using his Fire Blade.

Each Elemental Blade has elemental properties similar to the Golden Weapons:

  • Kai's Elemental Blade can generate and manipulate intense heat and fire, allowing it to shoot fire blasts, ignite nearly anything, and create a defensive barrier of fire.
  • Jay's Elemental Blade can manipulate lightning, generate electricity to electrocute others, and launch powerful lightning bolts.
  • Zane's Elemental Blade can generate frost and ice. It can freeze someone or something in place and shoot freezing blasts.
  • Cole's Elemental Blade can create earthquakes and seismic shocks. It can also create strong piles of sediment and stone.

The powers of the Elemental Blades appear to be even stronger than the Golden Weapons, as they are attuned to their wielder's natural abilities (but they also seem to be created mainly for fighting, noting that they are all blades). When combined, the Elemental Blades can also empower the Green Ninja, unlocking the abilities of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. They can also be used as keys in another part of the Temple of Light, unlocking the Golden Mech. descriptions

Legacy of the Green Ninja (2017 Museum gallery)

The Four Elemental Blades which contained the power of fire, ice, earth and lightning, respectively. The raw elemental power contained in the weapons was the only force that could stop the Stone Army. The ninja discovered them in the Temple of Light and wielded them in subsequent battles. They were also able to focus their powers through the blades to help Lloyd unlock the full abilities of the Green Ninja. In addition, the Elemental Blades acted as keys to unlock the hiding place of the Golden Mech in the Temple of Light. Their current whereabouts are unknown.[1]

Day of the Departed

The ninja team disposed of the Elemental Blades as soon as they returned to NINJAGO Island, but these were then recovered by a super fan who stopped going through Wu’s dustbins and started doing some real digging! He’s now setting up his own Ninja Museum, which hasn’t gone down well with Dr Saunders and the staff at the NINJAGO Museum of History.[2]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Day of the Departed


Video games


  • In the TV show, the hilts of the Elemental Blades resemble the Sword of Fire's hilt.
    • When the Elemental Blades return in the Ninjago: Legacy sets, the hilt closer resembles this piece.
  • Cole's blade is somewhat rainbow-colored. One possible explanation for this is the fact that some minerals from the earth such as opals are rainbow-colored.
  • The blade piece of the Elemental Blades has been reused many times since its debut, in both Ninjago and other LEGO themes.
    • The original blade pieces, minus Cole's and with the addition of a few new colors, were used on the Djinn Blade.
    • A translucent lime green blade is used for Kozu's Departed Blade.
    • Kai and Zane's blades appear in their Airjitzu Flyers.
    • thumbA samurai warrior in a painting from The Hands of Time depicting the Battle for All of Time wields a similar blade.
    • Zane's blade is used in several Mixels sets, though slightly recolored, as the piece used in Mixels sets are less transparent and lack the secondary ice effect inside of the blade. Specifically, it is used to represent Flurr's ice breath, Lunk's ice snot, and the exhaust of Snoof's ice jets.
    • Kai's Blade is used in some 2014 Hero Factory sets.
  • The Elemental Blades have occasionally appeared in other media despite their disappearance in the series:
    • In Nindroids, Cole ZX, Zane ZX, and Kai ZX are armed with their respective Elemental Blades.
    • The ninja, including, Nya and Lloyd are shown to have Elemental Blades in The Realm of Shadows.
  • The Elemental Blades resemble lightsabers from Star Wars. However, they can do more things, varying on what element the Blade is.
  • They are similar to Illuma-Swords from Starfarer.
  • The fate of the Elemental Blades is unknown, though a few possibilities have been given:
    • Tommy Andreasen suggested that the ninja got rid of their Blades after the events of "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master" because the ninja were wise about balance, they knew not to hold onto anything too powerful, and the Ultra Dragon may have taken the blades to the Spirit Coves to guard them there.[3]
    • Another possibility according to Andreasen is that the blades lost their power after the Overlord was defeated.[4]
    • A description stated that a super-fan of the ninja found the blades and tried to open his own Ninja Museum.[2]
  • Despite Misako claiming in "The Last Voyage" that the Elemental Blades could defeat the Stone Army, the Elemental Blades were never seen destroying the Stone Army, only immobilizing them.
  • Their interaction with the Stone Warriors is similar to the interaction of the Nexo Knights' weapons against Monstrox's Stone Monsters in Season 3 of Nexo Knights.


Promotional media

In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

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