We have come to cause suffering and pain! And to end your civilization with the flames of torment!”
— An Elemental Cobra to Fred Finely in "Snaketastrophy"

The Elemental Cobras were giant snakes made of fireballs Aspheera conjured to attack Ninjago City.


The News Never Sleeps!

The Elemental Cobras are seen in Ninjago City after the fireballs hit the ground. Three Elemental Cobras attack P.I.X.A.L. but are ultimately defeated.

While Antonia and Nelson are delivering newspapers, the Elemental Cobras attempt to intervene, but the duo avoids them.

Sometime later, Antonia and Nelson head to Route 23, but realize it's destroyed. They then see an Elemental Cobra heading their way, so they make the risky gamble of jumping across it using their bikes. Both are successful and avoid being burned.


Fred Finely is reporting on the Elemental Cobras who spawn after touching the ground and are attacking the people.

A little later, Gayle Gossip reports on a Fur-Mart competition until an Elemental Cobra interrupts everything. Gayle then decides to follow the Elemental Cobra and see what it's up to.

While shooting a commercial, Smith Daryll is shooting a commercial about his car lot before an Elemental Cobra destroys everything.

Sometime later, Fred Finely is able to interview one of the Elemental Cobras and the large beast explains they are in Ninjago to cause suffering and pain.

Meantime, Gayle Gossips finds most of the Elemental Cobras surrounding Aspheera and one of the cobras showing Aspheera an advertisement for a scroll. Gayle Gossips reports on their findings, but she is caught by Aspheera who demands where the scroll is located. Vinny accidentally reveals the location and both are picked up by an Elemental Cobra.

When Fred Finely attempts to report again, another Elemental Cobra picks him up and is about to devour him, but the Ninja arrive and destroy the Elemental Cobra.

As Dan Vaapit is wrapping up, an Elemental Cobra storms NGTV's studio and causes chaos.


A couple of Elemental Cobras are recking havoc on Ninjago City before the Police Commissioner stops them. His crew sprays water on one of the Elemental Cobras; however, they destroy the fire hydrant and are surrounded. Luckily, the Ninja save the Police Commissioner and the rest of the officers.

Meanwhile, Aspheera and some Elemental Cobras head over to the Ninjago Museum of History where they find one of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu the same time the Ninja find it. A fight ensues between the Ninja and Aspheera's army with Aspheera claiming the scroll. She uses it to defeat the Ninja and leaves the Elemental Cobras to finish the Ninja. However, the cobras are defeated when Kai and Jake arrive and use the sprinkler system.

Ancient History

Aspheera looks on as the rest of the Elemental Cobras are causing chaos to Ninjago City.

In an effort to retrieve the scroll, Nya gains the attention of Aspheera and her army. Concurrently, Lloyd climbs on Fire Fang and attempts to steal the scroll back, but Aspheera realizes it and uses Spinjitzu to send Lloyd flying. Lloyd and Nya are then surrounded, but Zane comes flying in using his ShuriCopter and saves the two.

Under Siege

Aspheera and the Elemental Cobras head to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to seek revenge on Wu. However, P.I.X.A.L. activates the defenses which causes some of the Elemental Cobras to be destroyed. Nevertheless, Aspheera uses the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to banish the defenses to the Never-Realm.

While the Cole, Kai, Jay, Wu, and P.I.X.A.L. are able to retreat to their Hangar Bay, the Elemental Cobras ransack their monastery but are unable to find Wu.

The Explorers Club

Realizing where Wu is, Aspheera uses her Elemental Cobras to slam on the Hangar Bay's door.

Vengeance is Mine!

Eventually, the Elemental Cobras are able to break through the door. However, the remaining of the Elemental Cobras were destroyed.

Awakenings (flashback)

While Zane remembers who he is, he gets a flashback of the Elemental Cobras.


The Elemental Cobras appear like typical vipers. However, their frame is much larger than a human. While they are larger and bigger than a human, Fire Fang is still enormous compared to them. Furthermore, the Elemental Cobras are coated with mainly red as well as orange across its body. There is also fire that can be seen coming out of their heads.


LEGO Ninjago

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


  • Despite usually roaring and making hissing sounds, Elemental Cobras are able to speak, as they exhibit in "Snaketastrophy."


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