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“When I realized it wasn't something in front of me that held me back, but something inside me, I found a deeper power. A dragon power.”

Elemental Dragons (also known as Power Dragons[1]) are metaphysical creatures created by the Elemental Masters. They are the physical manifestations of the powers of their Elemental Masters,[2] and by conquering and controlling their fears, the Masters can summon their respective dragons at will. Conversely, the dragon will instantly vanish if its Master loses control of his or her fear.

The Elemental Dragons have powers similar to that of their respective Elemental Master, and they can fly, making them useful transportation. If multiple Masters are under extreme duress or danger, their Elemental Dragons can merge together into a combination dragon wielding both of its component elements. As a result of their emotional and physical relations to their Elemental Masters, each Elemental Dragon is unique to its summoner.[3]


Legacy of the Green Ninja

Island of Darkness

After the ninja grant Lloyd the Elemental Powers they'd just regained, the heroes do battle with the Stone Army, using their Elemental Blades. Lloyd summons the Golden Dragon to dispatch their foes from the Temple of Light.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

Lloyd used his Golden Dragon for the first time, against the Overlord in the final battle after becoming the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master.

After the Final Battle

Sometime after the Final Battle, Lloyd used the Golden Dragon to stop the Venomari from burning down a village.

After defeating them, Lloyd made his Golden Dragon disappear and tried to land on the Ultra Dragon, only for it to go towards another direction. Lloyd re-summoned his Golden Dragon and followed the Ultra Dragon to the Spirit Coves.[4]


The Surge

Lloyd arrived in New Ninjago City, riding the Golden Dragon, in order to aid the ninja. After the Digital Overlord takes control of the city, the ninja flee with the Techno Blades, as Lloyd, saddened by his uncle's sacrifice, follows on his dragon.


After failing to create a bridge, out of a mountain, with his Golden Power, while trying to perfect his power as the "Ultimate Spinjitzu Master," Lloyd summons the Golden Dragon to create a bridge of gold for him and his father.

Codename: Arcturus

After Lloyd returns the ninja's Elemental Powers, at the Temple of Light, thus giving up his Golden Power, he is no longer able to summon the Golden Dragon. Though he does retain an Elemental Dragon, it doesn't appear until much later.

Tournaments of Elements


Zane dreamed of the Titanium Dragon chained in a cave. He tries to escape and is about to be eaten before being woken up by P.I.X.A.L.

Spy for a Spy

Zane found himself in another dream about the Titanium Dragon, only to be awoken by Cole.


Lloyd unleashed the Energy Dragon while he was free-falling onto Chen's Island by facing his fear of falling.

The Day of the Dragon

Lloyd used his to travel the island to find Skylor after the ninja were alerted of Chen's plan. As he did so, Karlof stated to an amazed Griffin Turner he wishes he could do that.

When Zane fell into a cave completely identical to the one in his dreams, he saw the Titanium Dragon again. He tried to use his powers to force it back, though his Ice went through it, in addition to P.I.X.A.L. trying to tell him it was in his head. Upon accepting he is now the Titanium Ninja instead of the White Ninja, Zane acknowledges the dragon wasn't real. P.I.X.A.L. told him his power was rising as he unlocked the Titanium Dragon.

At the same time, Kai and Skylor were captured and Kai witnessed as Chen used his daughter as the power source he needed to complete the spell, effectively turning the both of them, as well as Kapau and Chope (in addition to Garmadon and the other Anacondrai Cultists) into Anacondrai. Accepting Skylor's new form and learning her feelings for him are mutual, Kai unlocked the Elemental Fire Dragon and used it to escape.

When the Cultists escaped and headed off to Ninjago, Lloyd attempted to follow them on his own as he was the only Elemental Master with a dragon. However, Zane, Kai, and Skylor returned, telling the Masters it was fear and doubt that prevented them from unlocking their dragons. With this, the twelve remaining Masters unlocked their Elemental Dragons and used them to return to Ninjago City.

The Greatest Fear of All

Riding a day after Chen, the Elemental Masters returned to Ninjago City to find the Anacondrai Cultists haven't attacked. While the ninja, Nya, Garmadon, and Skylor headed for the Samurai X Cave, the other masters took off on their dragons to keep watch. The ninja then used their dragons to fly to Kryptarium Prison to find Pythor and back. When Chen's trucks approached Ninjago City, Shadow led the masters to summon their dragons and prepare to take them head-on, only for the trucks to divide to conquer. The masters split up to intercept a truck each while the ninja also took on a truck. After Skylor realized the trucks were pulling the masters away from the people, Master Wu ordered them to stop the trucks. When they did, they saw the trucks were empty and lost their dragons out of fear.

The Corridor of Elders

Without their dragons, the ninja and the Masters took the trucks and returned to the Samurai X Cave. According to Gravis, almost everyone lost their dragons; despite this, they still managed to defeat the cultists when Garmadon had himself banished to have them cursed.


Winds of Change

The ninja used their Elemental Dragons to track down and capture a giant fish that was terrorizing a nearby fishing village. Later, when they were using their powers to help advertise Wu's new tea shop, an unusual wind storm unexpectedly took them away. It was that night they learned the reason: Morro, the late Elemental Master of Wind, had possessed Lloyd, and was thus able to suumon a corrupted version of Lloyd's Energy Dragon.

Ghost Story

Morro pursued the de-powered ninja on the possessed Energy Dragon in the air, and managed to ground the Destiny's Bounty along with taking Wu's staff which contained clues to the First Spinjitzu Master's tomb.

Stiix and Stones

After Morro unlocked Airjitzu, he summoned his dragon and used it to pick up Soul Archer before flying away from Stiix.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

After it began to rain, Morro summoned his dragon to move onto the next clue.



Since joining to be the newest ninja on the team, Nya as the Water Ninja is seen to have successfully created her Elemental Water Dragon.

Public Enemy Number One

The ninja rode their Elemental Dragons to the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

Misfortune Rising

Upon receiving a letter that his father passed away, Jay used his elemental dragon to fly to Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

In an attempt to find the mainland, Lloyd uses his Energy Dragon to search the vast ocean away from Tiger Widow Island . In the end, even he cannot sustain the energy for an extensive time and barely manages to return to the island with the remaining stranded ninja.


When Lloyd enabled Jay and Nya to escape from Nadakhan, the two ninja were unable to materialize their Elemental Dragons due to Jay's injuries and Nya's fear for him. When they locked hands during their fall, however, their trust in each other replaced their fear and their combined powers created a hybrid dragon, allowing them to escape.

Operation Land Ho!

Jay summoned his dragon to find allies to help him stop the wedding. He would later summon it to chase after Sqiffy and Bucko before they could warn Nadakhan. However, he was forced to let Bucko go and used his dragon to reach the land going up to Djinjago.

The Hands of Time

The Attack

In spite of warning from his friends, Lloyd summons his Elemental Dragon, in order to take out the Vermillion, attacking the temple, from below.

As his friends warned, Lloyd is scared, causing his dragon to disappear. As he follows, Kai summons his Elemental Dragon to save him, but is unable to make it fast enough. Fortunately, Samurai X saves him in its mech.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

Kai and Nya created the Fusion Dragon to traverse through the Boiling Sea. Later, when Kai and Nya needed to escape the Boiling Sea, they summoned the Dragon again.

After the Vermillion left the ninja fall into the Sea, the Dragon was summoned to save them.

Lost in Time

To help aid in the battle, Kai and Nya used their dragon. However, Nya jumped off to retrieve the Reversal Blade. Without her, the Dragon disappeared. It reappeared once they reversed time, and Kai, Nya, and Wu follow the Time Twins into the vortex.

March of the Oni


When Lloyd met the First Spinjitzu Master in the Grasslands, he also found out that he was with the Golden Dragon.

The Splinter in the Blind Man's Eye

When Quanish the Elder met the First Spinjitzu Master in the Grasslands, the Golden Dragon was also present.

Known Elemental Dragons


  • Being an extension of the owner's person, each Elemental Dragon is a different entity depending on the user.[3][5]
  • All of the ninjas' Elemental Dragons, including Wu's, have appeared in at least one set, except for the Elemental Water Dragon and the Hydroelectric Dragon. However, some may see the dragon from 70602 Jay's Elemental Dragon as the Hydroelectric Dragon rather than the Elemental Lightning Dragon, and the 2016 Character Encyclopedia seems to view it as such.
  • The Golden Dragon was the first Elemental Dragon to be shown in the TV series. Fittingly, its scale with its owner compared to that of other Elemental Dragons and their masters shows that it is the largest of them all.
  • Jacob appeared in a cameo in "The Corridor of Elders" with the other Elemental Masters. Tommy Andreasen stated "They picked him up", indicating he did not unlock his dragon like the rest of them.[6]
  • A dull gold-colored dragon appears in a flashback in "Spellbound," being ridden by an unidentified Elemental Master. The dragon's appearance strongly resembles that of the Gravity Dragon, yet its rider is not the Elemental Master of Gravity.
  • Two minor weaknesses in using an Elemental Dragon, as revealed in "The Greatest Fear of All," is when the user is shown to have great fear, they will lose control of the dragons. The other is shown in "My Dinner With Nadakhan," is that the energy to sustain the dragons comes from its respective master. If he or she uses it for too long on one trip, his or her own energy will run out and the dragon will vanish. As another consequence, the Elemental Master must wait for a time before his or her energy is restored.
  • In "Wishmasters," Jay and Nya create the very first hybrid Elemental Dragon: mix of their Water and Lightning powers to create a Hydroelectric Dragon possessing both elemental qualities.
  • Skylor, Morro, Acronix, and Krux are the only Elemental Masters who haven't unlocked their Elemental Dragons on-screen or have been said to have done so. In Morro's case, he used a corrupted version of Lloyd's dragon, but never his own, as he is not "a person who rests in himself and has overcome this fears".[7]
  • According to The Book of Spinjitzu, Elemental Masters can only unlock their dragons after unlocking their True Potentials.
  • For the purpose of preventing the ninja from being too overpowered, Elemental Dragons are not used in Sons of Garmadon or Hunted.[9] No canon explanation is given in the show, though it is implied to be connected to Wu's disappearance as given in the non-canon novel, Way of the Departed, possibly meaning that the ninja could not conjure their dragons because they were too afraid they wouldn't be able to find Wu.
    • On September 11, 2019, Tommy Andreasen said in a tweet that at some point the reason why the ninja no longer use Elemental Dragons might be explained.[10]
    • The same was done for Airjitzu.
    • As of Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, it would seem that the ninja (at least Lloyd, Nya, and Zane) have fears holding them back, as seen by their reflections in the Mirror of Fears in "The Explorers Club." This would presumably prevent them from using their Elemental Dragons once more.
  • In "Green and Gold" and "Endings," the design of the Golden Dragon is different than what it was in Legacy of the Green Ninja and Rebooted.
  • In "Operation Land Ho!", Dareth jumped from a building hoping to conjure an Elemental Dragon, yelling "Where are you, brown dragon?" before Ronin caught him.
  • An Elemental Dragon most likely ages with its rider, as seen with Master Wu's dragon.[11]
  • Up until Skybound, the reigns of the dragons were generally the same color as the dragons themselves. However, with The Hands of Time, the reigns changed to be a light gray color, though this was only seen on Lloyd's and Kai's dragons, as no other dragons besides the Fusion Dragon were seen in the season.
  • Unlike regular dragons, these dragons do not have a gender, as they are "just pure element."[12]
  • The term Elemental Dragon has also been used for other dragons who have Elemental Powers, such as the ninja's orginal dragons and Boreal.[13][14]
  • The Elemental Dragons seem to be semi-sentient, as when Kai flew down to catch Lloyd and was attacked by the Vermillion, the dragon turned its head and flicked its tail to get Kai back to the reins.




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