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This article is about the Elemental Fire Dragon. For the original Fire Dragon, see here.

The Elemental Fire Dragon one of the many Elemental Dragons in Ninjago. It is a deep red and fire orange metaphysical creature able to summoned by an Elemental Master of Fire.


The Day of the Dragon

After Kai unlocked his Fire Dragon by facing his fears, he traveled with Skylor to Chen's Palace and motivated the other Masters to do the same.

The Greatest Fear of All

Kai used his Dragon to fly back to Ninjago. Later, Kai used his Dragon again to fly to Kryptarium Prison.

Winds of Change

Kai used his Elemental Dragon to help the other Ninja capture a Fangfish that had been terrorizing a coastal village. He later used it to ride back to Wu's new tea shop, Steep Wisdom. Unfortunately, when Morro took control of Lloyd, the Ninja lost their elemental abilities, and thus. their dragons.


Public Enemy Number One

The Attack

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