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This article is about something not canon to either the storyline of the TV show, Ninjago, or The LEGO Movie franchise.

“He has one of the Elemental Forges—wild, untamed and dangerous artifacts.”
Master Wu about Ronin having the Lightning Forge

The Elemental Forges were powerful elemental objects in the world of Ninjago.


Shadow of Ronin

At some point, Ronin managed to find the Lightning Forge, and used it to attack the Ninja and Nya in the Floating Ruins (after they had destroyed the new power source of the Nindroids) and thus, forced them to flee.

Later, the Ninja separated to obtain the Ice and Fire Forges. Meanwhile, however, Ronin got his hands on the Earth Forge, and then attacked the Ninja again to collect the two remaining Forges. After he had collected all of them, he then began to search for the Primal Fulcrum to complete his plans.

The Forges were later seen again, when they were placed on the Fulcrum by Ronin, thus creating a portal to the Cursed Realm.

Later when the Ninja were face to face with Ronin once more, he used the remaining power of the Forges to create a large elemental golem around himself and faced the Ninja in their final battle. The Ninja managed to destroy the weakened Forges one at a time until Ronin was left powerless, and was thus forced to flee the now collapsing portal.


The Elemental Forges are very powerful and also very dangerous objects. Whoever holds one of the Forges can then manipulate its elements, in a manner similar to an Elemental Master. The user can also use their power to construct a large elemental form to use in combat.


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