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The Elemental Lightning Dragon is one of the many Elemental Dragons in Ninjago. It can only be summoned when an Elemental Master of Lightning user confronts their biggest doubts and fears and overcomes them.


The Day of the Dragon

After Chen escapes the island and travels to Ninjago City, Zane appears with the Titanium Dragon. He explains that they have to face their fears in order to summon an Elemental Dragon to stop Chen’s reign of destruction.

Winds of Change

Jay used his Elemental Dragon to help the other ninja capture a Fangfish that had been terrorizing a coastal village. He later used it to ride back to Wu's new tea shop Steep Wisdom. Unfortunately, when Morro took possession of Lloyd, the ninja lost their Elemental abilities, and thus their Dragons.

Misfortune Rising

Upon receiving a letter that his father passed away, Jay used his elemental dragon to fly to Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk.

Operation Land Ho!

Jay used his Elemental Dragon in an attempt to chase down a pirate spy.



  • This is the second dragon to be owned by Jay, the first being Wisp.


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