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Elemental Masters   Elemental Powers    
“They were the First Spinjitzu Master's guardians, each endowed with an Elemental Power that has passed down through generations.”
Garmadon, to the ninja, in "The Invitation"

Elemental Masters are warriors who have mastered the many elements in the island of Ninjago. The First Elemental Masters originally served as guardians to the First Spinjitzu Master, and their powers have been passed down for over a hundred generations,[1] so the elemental powers could continue to be used to protect Ninjago from all evil forces.

During the First Serpentine War, the Elemental Masters of the era allied to protect the citizens from the Serpentine. However, thanks to Chen's careful manipulation, they became divided and were scattered across the world for years. Ironically, it was Chen's Tournament of Elements that brought their descendants together to form a new Elemental Alliance against the threat of the Anacondrai warriors.

When Clouse freed Nadakhan from the Teapot of Tyrahn, the deceptive Djinn sought revenge on the ninja for the destruction of his home realm. Using the Djinn Blade, Nadakhan imprisoned all the Elemental Masters in the weapon,[2] except Jay, Nya, and Skylor, who fought against the Sky Pirates. Jay eventually made his final wish, which reversed all the recent events, causing the Elemental Masters to be freed from the Sword of Souls.

After the Fall of Ninjago, most of the Elemental Masters from the Tournament of Elements returned to help fight the Sons of Garmadon and Garmadon himself by joining Lloyd and Nya's Resistance to save Ninjago City.


An Elemental Master's power is passed down from parent to child. If the parents are both Elemental Masters, the child is either born with one or the other of the parents' powers. When a child inherits their parent's power, the parent loses their element.[3] For the most part, there cannot be two masters of an element at once, the one known exception being the Time Twins, who are twin brothers.

If twins are born to an Elemental Master, both children might inherit the element, but the powers are split between the two (as shown by Acronix and Krux having different abilities from the same power).

It is also possible for an Elemental Master to willingly pass their power to someone who is not their descendant, as the former Master of Ice gave his powers to Zane, a Nindroid.

If an Elemental Master dies before they pass on their power, it may find a new host.[4]

Those related to the First Spinjitzu Master appear to not lose their powers upon their children gaining theirs, as Lloyd and Garmadon have powers at the same time. Their powers are not truly "elements," nor are they Elemental Masters in the same sense the others are.

Elemental Essence Powers

Golden Power

Golden Power is related to the powers of Creation, originally used by the First Spinjitzu Master. It is the opposite of Darkness. It is usually seen as a stronger form of Creation and Energy and is thus a combination of the four main elements (Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Ice). Unlike Creation, the Golden Power is used primarily for offensive energy attacks and making "constructs" that appear to be mostly made of energy rather than matter. Although, the user is also able to create and control large amounts of the four main elements. Its Spinjitzu is bright gold as it's associated with the color gold, and corresponds with the Golden Dragon. Unlike Lloyd, Master Wu and Garmadon aren't able to use the Golden Power, as their powers are not as refined as his.


Creation is the opposite of Destruction and is one of the remaining essences of the First Spinjitzu Master. Its Spinjitzu is a dull gold (as opposed to Golden Power's brighter gold Spinjitzu), which is the color it is associated with and corresponds with the Elemental Creation Dragon. It is composed of four of the six main elements (Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning). It can also grant the power of Materiokinesis, giving the user the ability to create and manipulate both organic and inorganic matter, and using it for multiple purposes or as Master Wu said while describing the Tornado of Creation, "create something, out of nothing." As demonstrated with the Tornado of Creation, the ninja creating things like a massive Ferris Wheel, a gigantic slingshot, and the Ultra Sonic Raider. Also, the user can manipulate the four main elements, due to creation being composed of them.


Energy is one of the most powerful elemental powers in Ninjago and is one of the remaining essences of the First Spinjitzu Master.[5] It is the element with the most potential, as its master is destined to become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. It grants the user Ergokinesis, manifesting itself as the color green. It allows the user to shoot powerful energy projections, create an energy force field, summon an energy motorcycle, and enhance the energy of objects (turning them green on occasions). Its Spinjitzu is green and corresponds with the Energy Dragon.


Darkness is the opposite of Golden Power (in some cases it represents evil and shadow). It corresponds with the Overlord and the Island of Darkness and is associated with the color dark purple. It allows the user to control/manipulate darkness (shadow), to shoot powerful purple blasts, propel themselves forward (often through the air), and to create a field of absolute darkness. A form of it made up the Great Devourer's venom, which then coursed through Garmadon's veins, corrupting him.


Destruction is the opposite of Creation. It is an essence of the First Spinjitzu Master and is composed of the four main elements and possibly influenced by Darkness. It is the opposite of Creation and is purple in coloration. It gives the user control over destructive energy and mastery over dark magic.

Elemental Masters, Their Descendants, and Elements

Main Elements


Fire is one of the Elements of Creation and one of the main elements. Its Spinjitzu is orange and red, it corresponds with the Sword of Fire and the Fire Dragon, and is generally associated with the color red. It can grant the power of Pyrokinesis, allowing the user to shoot fireballs, propel them upward, and melt matter, like the element of Ice.

  • First Elemental Master of Fire
    • Over a hundred generations


Ice is one of the Elements of Creation and one of the main elements. Its Spinjitzu is light blue and white, corresponds with the Shurikens of Ice and the Ice Dragon, and is generally associated with the colors light blue and white. It can grant the power of cryokinesis, allowing the user to freeze enemies solid, create strong ice constructs (like escape routes), or to extinguish fire(s).


Lightning is one of the Elements of Creation and one of the main elements. It is the element of electricity—with some ties to the wind as well—and it is generally associated with the color blue. Lightning has blue Spinjitzu and corresponds with the Nunchucks of Lightning and the Lightning Dragon. It can power and sometimes overload electrical devices/systems, and electrocute enemies.

  • First Elemental Master of Lightning


Earth is one of the Elements of Creation and one of the main elements. It represents rock, dust, and other minerals of the ground. Earth's Spinjitzu is brown, it corresponds with the Scythe of Quakes and the Earth Dragon, and it is associated with the colors brown and black. It grants the power of Geokinesis, and it can be used to cause earthquakes and fissures as well as immobilize enemies. manipulate the dust, move the tectonic plates, and generate chasm and fractures and in some cases control the sand and possibly the lava as well. It grants the user the power of Spinjitzu Burst.

Secondary Elements


Water is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the colors aqua and light blue and related to Ice. It gives the user the powers of hydrokinesis that can allow the user to control the water, create a water shield, spheres, and blasts and generate tidal waves.

  • First Elemental Master of Water
    • Over a hundred generations


Metal is a secondary element in Ninjago. It is related to Earth (the metal is found in the earth), associated with the color silver. The user can use it to become entirely metal, increasing their resistance to attacks and elemental powers. It also increases the power of their attacks when in their metal form, and also augments his or her height slightly.

  • First Elemental Master of Metal
    • Over a hundred generations
      • Past Elemental Master of Metal


Light is a secondary element in Ninjago, not associated with a specific color (similarly to the spectrum of light itself or maybe yellow). It allows the user to project a beam of light and can be used defensively by turning the user invisible. In this temporary form, the user can evade attacks easily and even retreat. It can be revealed with dust.

  • First Elemental Master of Light
    • Over a hundred generations
      • Past Elemental Master of Light


Speed is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the color white. It is used to go to extreme speeds, surpassing the fastest things in the world. This element also allows the user to evade attacks very easily and to land blows of their own with great efficiency.


Smoke is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the color light gray. It is used to evade attacks and obstacles. If it is offensive, the user can counterattack with a flurry of attacks. It can also be used defensively to teleport around, avoiding hits, and confusing the enemy.

  • First Elemental Master of Smoke
    • Over a hundred generations
      • Past Elemental Master of Smoke


Mind is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the color gray. It allows the user to read other people's minds and predict their next moves, useful for evading attacks. It can also be used offensively to give the enemy a headache, and also to control another's mind.

  • First Elemental Master of Mind
    • Over a hundred generations
      • Past Elemental Master of Mind


Gravity is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the color maroon. It allows the user to levitate in the air, as well as move objects and people around in it. This can be used to counter projectiles, by manipulating gravity so they fly back to the caster/shooter.


Nature is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the colors jade/green and brown. It allows the user to create plants for trapping enemies or make a route to escape and even connect with nature. It can also be used to defend oneself by creating a plant to block a projectile shot at the user.

  • First Elemental Master of Nature
    • Over a hundred generations
      • Past Elemental Master of Nature


Sound is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the color cyan (but is otherwise colorless). It allows its user to create sound beams to attack a direction they aim at. This can also be used to create many noises and to manipulate one's voice to sound like others.


Poison is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the color bright green. It is used to create poison and toxic clouds with special effects like Serpentine venom. The toxic clouds enable the user to poison the enemy as well.

  • First Elemental Master of Poison
    • Over a hundred generations
      • Past Elemental Master of Poison


Shadow is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the color black. It allows its user to become a shadow, and to create more shadows of themselves ready to attack the enemy. It can also be used to teleport via shadows.


Form is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the colors violet and purple. It allows the user to shape-shift into another human. This allows the user to become a friend of the enemy and is useful for sneaking into places to go undercover.

  • First Elemental Master of Form
    • Over a hundred generations


Amber is a secondary elemental power used in Ninjago, associated with the color orange. The user can copy any Elemental Master's power. This allows the user to control every element (without much experience at first), which would be useful for combat and stealth.


Wind is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the color dark green. It can grant the power of aerokinesis, enabling flight and control over wind, as well as creating strong wind gusts, generate powerful tornadoes, vortexes, launch blast of air, balls, burst, and able to fly using the wind itself as well.

  • First Elemental Master of Wind
    • Over a hundred generations


Time is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the colors orange/amber, green, red, and blue. With it, the user has the power of Chronokinesis, allowing them to speed up, stop, reverse, and slow down the flow of time.

  • First Elemental Master of Time


  • Many of the Elemental Masters have been released in sets: Tox and Paleman were released in the Ultra Agents sets; Karlof, Griffin Turner, and Skylor were released in the Tournament of Elements wave; Morro was released in the Possession wave; Shade and Ash were released in a 2017 battle pack; Acronix and Krux were released in the Hands of Time set wave, and Neuro was released in a Toys R Us exclusive minifigure pack. As of now, Chamille, Bolobo, Jacob, and Gravis have not been released in sets. Ironically, Chamille and Jacob were the two Elemental Masters Tommy Andreasen said he would like to see made into minifigures.[6]
    • The four Elemental Masters that do not exist as physical minifigures were the elemental masters that did not return in Hunted.
  • It was previously unknown how Zane was an Elemental Master, him being a Nindroid without any biological connections to an Elemental Master.
    • An unidentified Elemental Master, whose clothing indicates his origins are related to cold temperatures, can be seen in the flashback from "Spellbound."
      • In Season 7, it is revealed that this previously unknown Elemental Master was the Master of Ice during the Serpentine War. Somehow he gave Zane his Ice, as revealed in "Snake Jaguar."
  • A dull gold-colored Dragon appears in a flashback in "Spellbound," being ridden by an unidentified Elemental Master. The dragon's appearance strongly resembles that of the Gravity Dragon, yet its rider is not the Elemental Master of Gravity. According to Tommy Andreasen, this Elemental Master is most likely the Master of Form taking on an appearance.[7]
  • All of the main colors (red, orange, yellow, green, bluepurple, gray, black, and white) correspond with at least one element.
    • In addition, every element corresponds with at least one color (be it main or not), except for Light.
  • Acronix and Krux are the only Elemental Masters that had their powers stolen permanently and are the only two with the same elemental power.
  • Elemental Masters likely age differently than normal humans.[8] This can be observed with former Masters Ray, Maya, and Krux. Ray and Maya appear relatively young due to having their powers for a long time before losing them after the births of their children. Krux was stripped of his powers for over forty years, rendering him a normal human, and thus he is an old man in the present.
  • In Episode 74: Lost in Time, the past elemental masters refer to each other by their elements rather than their names.
  • Some of the elements that Elemental Masters wield come from the Dragons. The First Spinjitzu Master was born of the Oni and the Dragons, and therefore, had both their respective powers (Destruction from the Oni, and Golden Power/Creation from the Dragons). When the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago, he empowered his two sons with two of the strongest elements; his younger son, Wu, was gifted with Creation, and his older son, Garmadon, was granted Destruction.
    • Before his sons, he presumably empowered a select group of humans with all the other elements he had at his disposal (i.e Poison, Metal, Fire). Firstbourne controls every element of her beloved spawn (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, and Wind). It is unknown why Dragons of any other elements do not exist.
  • When asked who would be the last Elemental Master standing in an attempt to wipe all of them out, Tommy Andreasen said it would be Ash or Paleman, as "they are hard to nail."[9]
  • It would seem that when an Elemental Master dies while still in possession of their element, the element goes on to find a new host.[10]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, they were toying around with a character named Rayne who would have been the Elemental Master of Water. In addition, they would have appeared in Season 4.[11] However, the idea was scratched "[m]ostly because there were other fun ideas and the idea was too ‘big’" and "[i]t wasn’t needed."[12]
  • A number of Elemental Masters (Gravis, Shade, Chamille, the Elemental Master of Gravity, Cole's Grandfather) use versions of face or torso prints from other LEGO themes or previous ninja suits.



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