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Note: The name of this article is conjectural. While an official name was technically given in the show, this page is named Elemental Metal Dragon for convenience and consistency with other articles.
Metal Dragon make Karlof very happy, happy.
— Karlof in "The Day of the Dragon"

The Elemental Metal Dragon (referred to as the Metal dragon by Karlof) is an Elemental Dragon able to be summoned by an Elemental Master of Metal after facing their fears.


The Day of the Dragon

Karlof unlocked his Metal dragon along with the other Elemental Masters so he could get back to Ninjago in order to stop the Anacondrai warriors.

The Greatest Fear of All

Karlof summoned his dragon to face off Chen's army, who were in noodle trucks. He pursued one of the trucks only to find it empty and lost his dragon out of fear. He was then left stranded as the Anacondrai warriors invaded without any problems.


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