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The Elemental Mind Dragon is an Elemental Dragon unleashed after an Elemental Master of Mind is able to face their fears.


The Day of the Dragon

Neuro unlocked his Mind Dragon along with the other Elemental Masters to get back to Ninjago in order to stop the Anacondrai Cultists.

The Greatest Fear of All

In anticipation of the incoming noodle trucks, Neuro was forced to summon his Mind Dragon and pursue one of them when they split up, scattering their forces across Ninjago and forcing everyone to deal with the threat individually. However, his efforts would be for naught upon discovering only a single driver within, with Chen taking advantage of the distraction to seize Jamanakai Village. He lost control of his dragon and collapsed on the ground.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Ninjago: Decoded


  • With Neuro unlocking his dragon, he must have gotten over his fear of heights hinted at in "Spellbound" in order to fly the Dragon.
  • In "Spellbound," an unknown Elemental Master is shown riding a very similar dragon, though it's unknown what his Elemental Power was.


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