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“Elemental Power comes from within, like courage. Sometimes it wanes, sometimes it waxes, but it cannot be stolen.”
Sorla to Kai, "Fire Maker"

Elemental Powers are ancestral powers used by the Elemental Masters in the realm of Ninjago. They allow users to control specific elements. For over a hundred generations, Elemental Powers have been passed down so that the new Elemental Masters can continue using them to protect Ninjago from the many forces of evil. Many Elemental Masters have reached their True Potential.

Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Ice are considered the "elements of Creation" and are sometimes referred to as the "main elemental powers".[1]

Elemental essences

Elemental essences[2] are powers that aren't considered 'elements' in the conventional sense and instead are what remains of the power of the First Spinjitzu Master.[3] The users of these abilities are generally not referred to as Elemental Masters, with the exception of Lloyd.

Golden Power

Golden Power is an elemental essence formerly used by Lloyd. A user of Golden Power can shoot golden blasts and rays, use golden Spinjitzu, and summon the Golden Dragon. It is the power used by the First Spinjitzu Master to create Ninjago and thus can be used to move mountains.[4] Golden Power corresponds with the color gold and has a relationship with Energy.


Energy is an elemental essence used by Lloyd. This element allows the user to shoot energy blasts and beams and manipulate a mysterious green power that is a combination of the original ninjas' elements, minus the actual abilities of them. Lloyd can also use Energy Spinjitzu and Airjitzu. This element has a relationship with Golden Power and corresponds with the color green.


Creation is an elemental essence used by Master Wu and others using the Tornado of Creation and Mega Weapon, as well as Garmadon after reaching his True Potential. It allows the user to create anything. Wu can use this power to summon his Dragon, but besides this he does not use his power much because he knows not to overuse it.[5] Creation corresponds with the colors white and pale gold.


Destruction is an elemental essence used by Lord Garmadon. It allows the user to destroy anything. Garmadon was also shown to be able to generate lightning, presumably using Destruction.[6] After being purified of evil, Garmadon ceased to use this power, repressing it by using the Art of the Silent Fist as an alternative in combat.[7] Upon his resurrection, he began using this power again. Destruction corresponds with the colors black and purple.


Darkness is an elemental essence that is used by the Overlord. It allows the user to manipulate dark forces and evil itself. It associates with the colors dark purple and black.


Elements of Creation


Fire is an element, currently used by Kai. This element allows the user to shoot fireballs. Kai can also do Fire Spinjitzu and Airjitzu. Fire corresponds with the colors red, orange, and yellow.


Lightning is an element, currently used by Jay. This element allows the user to shoot lightning bolts. Jay can also do Lightning Spinjitzu and Airjitzu. Lightning generally corresponds with the color blue. It also occasionally has a yellowish/greenish color to it.


Earth is an element, currently used by Cole. This element allows the user to make earthquakes. Cole can also do Earth Spinjitzu and Airjitzu. Earth corresponds with the colors black, orange, grey and brown.


Ice is an element, currently used by Zane. This element allows the user to freeze things. Zane can also do Ice Spinjitzu and Airjitzu. This element has a relationship with Water. Ice corresponds with the colors white and light blue.

Other elements


Water is an element, currently used by Nya. This element allows the user to command and control the power of Water. Nya can also do Water Spinjitzu and Airjitzu. This element has a relationship with Ice. Water corresponds with the colors gray, aqua and light blue.


Metal is an element currently used by Karlof. The user can turn his or her body into completely metal, giving them enhanced strength and durability. Metal associates with the colors silver/gray.


The element of mind is Neuro's element and lets the user read other people's minds, predict what they are planning, and send mental messages. It associates with the color gray.


Nature is an element used by Bolobo. It has the power to trap enemies with vines and connect with nature. Bolobo wields the staff known as the Staff of Nature, which can manipulate plants. It associates with the colors jade/green and brown.


Time is an element used by the Time Twins, Acronix and Krux. This element branches off into four different abilities: Pause, which allows the user to temporarily pause time around them or just pause select people, Slow-Mo, which creates a sphere of energy around a person or object causing them to be slowed down, Fast Forward, which can be used to speed ones self up, and Reverse, which can be used to reverse time to a certain moment or just a person/object. When Acronix and Krux attempted to use their powers on Wu and Garmadon, the four abilities of Time were absorbed by the Time Blades. It associates with the colors copper/amber, blue, red, and green.


Amber is an element used by Skylor. It lets the user mimic other Elemental Powers. It associates with the color orange.


The element of wind was used by the now-deceased Morro to manipulate wind/air and clouds, fly via aerokinesis (whom of which can generate as well), and spin around like a tornado. It associates with the color dark green.


The element of form is used by Chamille and lets the user shape-shift themselves into other people to remove markings, such as tattoos. It associates with the colors purple and violet.


Speed is an element used by Griffin Turner. It gives the user super speed, agility, and reflexes. It associates with the color white and light red.


Light is Mr. Pale's element and lets the user become invisible or manipulate light. It associates with the color white or can be colorless.


Shadow is an element currently used by Shade. It allows the user to travel in shadows. It associates with the color black.


Smoke is an element that is currently used by Ash. It allows the user to turn into smoke. It associates with the color pale gray.


Poison is an element currently used by Tox. It allows the user to manipulate poison. It associates with the color light green.


Gravity is an element currently used by Gravis. It allows the user to manipulate Gravity. It associates with the color maroon.


Sound is an element currently used by Jacob Pevsner. It allows the user to control sounds and voices. It associates with the color teal or can be colorless.

Imagination (non-canon)

Imagination is an element that allows the user to imagine or create whatever they want. It associates with the colors blue and azure and is used by Wu and Neido in the LEGO Universe video game.


The use of Elemental Powers goes well beyond use in combat or bypassing obstacles. For example, an Elemental Master can manifest his or her very own Elemental Dragon by overcoming his or her fear. If said master shows fear, the dragon shall vanish.

Furthermore, if two Elemental Masters show strength against their fears, together, they can combine their two dragons into one, as seen with the Hydroelectric Dragon. The Dragon Blade can also create a combination dragon, as seen with the Fusion Dragon. The former can only happen with elements that are naturally compatible, which is why the Dragon Blade was needed in the latter case.[8]

Elemental Powers can be used for various spells, such as the Anacondrai transformation spell or in conjunction with the healing tea Mystake gives Lloyd.[9]

Some Elemental Power users have been shown to generate material only tangentially related to their elements, as seen when the Elemental Masters instantly regained their regular clothing when their powers were returned to them after the Staff of Elements was destroyed,[10] or when Jay and Lloyd "upgraded" vehicles, as seen with the Jungle Raider and ElectroMech respectively.[11][12]

Elemental reactions can be created and used to draw in other power users.[13] This is the primary method the Dragon Hunters used to attract dragons.

If an element nearby corresponds to an Elemental Master's element, they can use it to their advantage. For example, Nya used the surrounding water of the Endless Sea to drown the Preeminent.[14]

It seems that some elemental powers only allow the user to transform into the element and use it to change their body rather than control or produce it. These elements include Metal, Light, Smoke, Form, and Shadow.

Elemental Masters can also create elemental creations, which are weapons or seemingly living creatures made out of an element.


Just as Elemental Powers have many uses, many materials, techniques, or weapons can disable, store, or manipulate it. These include:

  • Vengestone - is a material that stops Elemental Powers from working, usually used in chains, cuffs, or cages to keep Elemental Masters from using their powers to escape captivity. Interestingly, Vengestone does not keep dragons from using their powers. Its only effect on the dragons seem to be that it is strong enough to keep them from escaping, or it may weaken their powers.
  • Blue Crystal- Is a material from the Crystal Caves on Chen's Island, can be combined with Chronosteel to absorb more than one Elemental Powers. Chen's Staff of Elements contained this crystal and Chronostell to use it's power to steal the power of fighters defeated in Season 4.
  • Chronosteel - Is a powerful metal that can absorb Elemental Powers. Forging with it is physically and mentally draining. With it, Ray and Maya forged the Time Blades to steal Acronix and Krux's powers.
  • Dragonbone Blade - The Dragonbone Blade can attract and absorb Elemental Powers thrown at it.
  • Magic - Aspheera was able to use her knowledge in sorcery and Spinjitzu to steal Kai's elemental fire power and use it for her nefarious purposes,[15] though he was able to regain it on his own with the help of Sorla,[16] meaning this method is not permanent as some of the others are.
  • Ice - While corrupted by the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, Ice can dampen other Elemental Powers similar to Vengestone and it can also cancel out the shapeshifting abilities of the Formlings.[17]

Connections between elements

The four "main" elements have had a significant connection with the elemental essences, specifically Creation and Golden Power.

Lloyd was only able to tap into the Golden Power after the ninja channeled their four elements to him in the Temple of Light, while the ninja gained the Elemental Blades as a replacement for their innate powers[18] (though they still retained their powers to some degree, as the Techno Blades channeled their respective elements).[19]

The ninja were finally able to control the powers within themselves when they returned to the Temple of Light and Lloyd returned their powers,[20] but a power-link remained between Lloyd and the four, meaning they'd lose access to their powers should Lloyd be compromised in some way.[21]

Some time after this, Lloyd became unable to use his powers after his battle with the resurrected Garmadon, yet the ninja kept their powers.[22] This could mean the power-link between them and Lloyd had since disappeared, due to the passage of time and Lloyd's growth.[23]

In a broader sense, elements are not always mutually exclusive categories and can overlap in some cases.

Garmadon was shown to control electricity,[24] presumably using Destruction, though it's possible he was in fact channeling the element of Lightning due to the connections between the elemental essences and the four elements of Creation.

Morro was able to create lightning[25] as a combination of his ghost power and Lloyd's power,[26] despite lightning being Jay's element and Lloyd no longer having access to the other ninja's powers at that point.

Nya was able to learn to control ice during the ninja's time in the Never-Realm despite ice being Zane's element.


  • Currently, 25 Elemental Powers or essences are known, of which 24 are canon for the show. Of these, 20 are Elemental Powers (19 for the show) and 5 are Elemental essences.
  • It is seemingly implied that all Elemental Powers are necessary to complete the Anacondrai transformation spell, with Kai and Chen referring "all the power" and Chen boasting about having "Every elemental power".[10] However, the spell does not require Wind, Water, or Time. According to Tommy Andreasen on Twitter, only elements listed in Clouse's Book of Spells were needed.[27]
    • It can be assumed the spell only requires active Elemental Powers, as Morro had been banished to the Cursed Realm, Nya had yet to unlock her Water power, and Acronix and Krux, along with the Time Blades containing their power, had been lost to time.
  • Not all elements originally conceived were used in the show, while some were thought or used in other media but were not officially used until later.
    • Magnetism, Crystal, and Sight were concepts for elements but were scrapped early on, with the Master of Crystal being called "Gazor".[28][29] Sand and Animals were not thought of as ideas for element.[30][31]
    • Water was originally used on the non-canon book character, Lar, before officially becoming Nya's element in Season 5. It was also planned for a character named "Rayne" for Season 4.[32] Time was thought of for Season 4 as well but was not used until Season 7.[33]
  • In Season 1, the ninja relied too much on the Golden Weapons to harness their powers, which limited their abilities once they lost possession of the weapons.[34]
  • Time is the only Elemental power to have more than two colors associated with it.
  • Gravity and Light are the only Elements to not have a colour associated with it.
  • Time may be the strongest element in all of Ninjago, as it took the whole Elemental Alliance, including Wu and Garmadon to defeat the Time Twins.[35]
  • It is worth noting that Golden Power and Creation are not likely to be the same power. This is because even Omega, the strongest Oni and their leader, is afraid of Golden Power, whilst being able to defeat dragons which have the elemental essence of Creation.
    • The comparison of Destruction and Darkness is also not known for certain, since Darkness in its power (not in the number of possibilities) should be equal to the Golden Power.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, "generally there is only one elemental master of each element."[36]
  • Brown Power does not count as a Elemental Power, because while Elemental Powers are inherited, this was nothing more than a temporary power gained from tea.
  • The Skulkin, Serpentine, and djinns do not have elemental powers,[37][38] though the Skulkin were affiliated with the four elements of Creation in promotional media and the Ninjago Spinners game.
  • When transformed into Anacondrai, Garmadon and Skylor were unable to use their powers because the tiny scales that covered their bodies were holding in the elemental radiation that is the basis for their powers.[39]
  • When asked which elements are the opposite of Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning, Tommy Andreasen responded, "Candy, ice cream, sand and eggs."[40]
  • A shapeshifted Nadakhan appeared to use Zane's ice power to freeze part of the Mega Monster Amusement Park roller coaster in "Infamous." Tommy Andreasen gave the explanation that it could be related to magic, which if true would mean djinn magic is able to imitate elemental powers.[41][42]
  • Time is a special case in Elemental Power succession, because the power of Time is easily divisible, allowing for it to be distributed among the Time Twins as different abilities from the same power.[43] In other cases, if twins were born to an Elemental Master, it is likely that only one would inherit the element.[44]
    • Amber and time travel are other ways for there to be more than one user of an element at the same time.
  • According to, "The elemental fighters actually radiate their powers a little bit all the time. It is when they can control that radiation and focus it that they can shoot flames, make plants grow or whatever their powers allow them."[45]
  • In "Stiix and Stones," Nya said powers can skip a generation, but this may be incorrect.[46]
  • In "The Last Voyage," Nya joked that Dareth's Elemental Power was "hot air," meaning "Empty talk that is intended to impress."[47] Dareth understood this to mean he commanded the wind, which was later revealed to be a real element possessed by Morro, while Dareth would temporarily gain the fake Elemental Power of "Brown."
  • It is likely that Darkness is not a remain of the First Spinjitzu Master's power, since he did not possess it or its aspects.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, some Elemental Masters can temporarily infuse their powers into objects.[48] One possible example of this can be seen with Zane's elemental ice shurikens.
  • All Elemental Powers were introduced in Tournament of Elements except the elements of Creation and elemental essences, which were introduced earlier, as well as Wind and Time which were introduced in Possession and The Hands of Time respectively.
  • Elemental powers can never truly be stolen from their elemental master as shown in "Fire Maker" where Kai regained his powers after Aspheera stole it from him. This can imply that there can be multiple instances of the same elemental power in different entities.
  • The concept for an unreleased set involved a scientist who worked on combining elemental powers in his lab.[49]
  • Elemental powers may have users in other realms, as Tommy Andreasen has stated that "The Phoenix[es from Chima] were the masters of fire." [50] Additionally, in "Awakenings," Jay assumed that the Ice Emperor was another Ice elemental.
  • Although Storm and Wave has slightly different characteristics than other Elemental Powers, The Book of Elemental Powers recognizes them as Elements.
    • However, Tommy Andreasen confirmed they are not elements. [51]
  • When asked if there are the Elements of Destruction, as opposed to the Elements of Creation, Tommy Andreasen replied that "Destruction is so much simpler than Creation. It can take you a month to create a statue and a second to destroy it."[52]



Foreign language Translation
Czech Síly živlů (pilot-S11)
Síly prvků/Síly elementů (S12+)
German Elementarkräfte
Polish Moce żywiołów
Russian Силы стихий


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