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Note: The name of this article is conjectural. While an official name was technically given in the show, this page is named Elemental Water Dragon for convenience and consistency with other articles.
I just learned how to make a Water Dragon. I haven't even earned my Airjitzu suit yet.
Nya in "Infamous"

The Elemental Water Dragon is Nya's Elemental Dragon.


At some point after unlocking her True Potential, Nya successfully controlled her fear and used her powers to manifest the Elemental Water Dragon.


While heading to Stiix to confront Clouse, Nya summoned the Elemental Water Dragon, flying alongside her fellow ninja. However, she stopped by at the Ninjago hospital to tend to Nelson's leg injuries and presumably used the dragon once more to arrive at Stiix.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 6: Skybound


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