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“Ha! It's two dragons in one!”
Jay in "Wishmasters"

Elemental combination dragons are Elemental Dragons formed using more than one element.



The Hydroelectric Dragon was created in when Jay and Nya were the only Ninja who weren't trapped in the Djinn Blade. After falling off the Misfortune's Keep, they weren't able to summon their own dragons for their battle with the Sky Pirates had weakened them. They came closer, and started holding hands, forming a fusion ball of Water. The Hydroelectric Dragon had been created; Nya stated that water and electricity do mix, and Jay responded with a snicker.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

Ray and Maya instructed Kai and Nya to use their Elemental Powers to summon the Fusion Dragon. By shooting blasts of their elemental powers towards the Dragon Blade, they were able to do so. Later, they rode the Fusion Dragon back to the Vermillion Base. Kai, Nya and Wu rode the dragon into the Time Vortex.

Lost in Time

Just as Acronix and Krux were deciding whether to finish off Wu or Garmadon first, Kai and Nya summoned the Fusion Dragon once more and rode into battle with the Iron Doom. They tried to take the Reversal Blade but failed. The Iron Doom knocked the Fusion Dragon and caused it to steer out of control. The Iron Doom then shot eggs at the Fusion Dragon. Realizing that the Past Reversal Blade was still in the woods, Nya jumped off the dragon. With only one person controlling the Fusion Dragon, it started to fade and Kai began to lose control. Kai slammed the dragon into the Iron Doom, causing it to lose balance. Just as the Iron Doom was about to travel into the future, Kai tried to attack and stop the Iron Doom getting away, but the Iron Doom dodged the attack, causing Kai to fall. Using the Past Reversal Blade, Kai, Nya, and Wu brought back time to when Kai was still on the Dragon. Kai steered it towards Nya and Wu, who leaped back onto the Dragon. They then steered the Dragon into the Time Vortex.

Known elemental combination dragons


Combination Dragons are able to harness the original elemental powers from which they were made.


Combination Dragons may require more energy to sustain as they are made from more than one element.[1]



Season 6: Skybound

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Ninjago: Decoded


  • The Hydroelectric Dragon has one head, while the Fusion Dragon has two.
  • Nya is participated in the creation of both known combination dragons.
  • The Dragon Blade is needed to create Kai and Nya's dragon, because unlike water and electricity, water and fire do not combine naturally.[2]
  • The Ultra Dragon is also a dragon that possessed multiple elements and was formed from multiple individual dragons, but it is not an Elemental Dragon.



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Elemental combination dragons

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