“With just enough air, we can now support our elemental shields.”
Lloyd to the ninja

Elemental shields are an ability used by the ninja, and while it can presumably be used by all of the other Elemental Masters, most will never use it due to the specific situation it requires.[1] As the name suggests, the ability surrounds the user in a protective bubble made of elemental energy, strong enough to survive any number of intense situations. This even includes being able to survive orbital impacts by absorbing the force of entering an atmosphere at nearly 6 million feet per second.


The Green Ninja

After escaping on the Bounty, the ninja fear of Lloyd's and Kai's demise until what at first appeared to be a meteor coming out of Torchfire Mountain. As it gets closer Kai (who just unlocked his True Potential) is seen using his elemental shield, protecting both him and Lloyd from the blast.

The Titanium Ninja

When Zane overheats while powering the rocket ship flying back to the planet Ninjago is on, Lloyd shows the other ninja the elemental shield technique to allow them to survive entering the planet's atmosphere. The other ninja quickly follow Lloyd's example, using the shields to escape the exploding rocket and land in New Ninjago City.


  • Cole's shield is pure black and gray energy, with no hint of the brown, green, or orange colors seen in his other Elemental Earth abilities.
  • It's unknown how Lloyd knew of this ability, because due to its specificity the ninja would likely not have used it before.



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