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The sea. It's so loud. So powerful.

The Endless Sea (also known as the Endless Ocean[1] or the Great Ocean[2]) is the sea that surrounds every island and landmass in the world of Ninjago. The sea existed long before the First Spinjitzu Master created the land of Ninjago, and that was where Wojira ruled with the full power of Wave and Storm. Wojira was then defeated by Nyad and in a few millennia she was destroyed by Nya. Because of this, they both had to merge with the sea.



The Endless Sea features many fish and other water creatures, including starteeth, leviathans, fangfish, and other creatures. It also used to be a safe haven for pirates, including Captain Soto and Nadakhan.

The depth of the sea varies drastically. At some points, the water is shallow enough to reach the bottom in a moment.[3] Other areas such as Hollow's Trench are deep enough to sink creatures as large as the Preeminent.[4]

It is possible for an Elemental Master of Water to merge with the Endless Sea. However, this act is irreversible and permanent, and costs the user their humanity.


Prior to the series

After leaving from the Realm of Oni and Dragons, the First Spinjitzu Master went to find a new home. Once he did, he found a world that was inhabited by a sea serpent named Wojira, who used her amulets to take control of violent thunderstorms and the Endless Sea, causing the world she lived in to be in chaos. During a battle against Wojira, Nyad merged herself with the Endless Sea to pry the two amulets from Wojira's head, causing her to fall into a deep sleep while the Endless Sea became calm and peaceful for thousands of years.[5]

Rise of the Snakes

Never Trust a Snake

Upon waking up, the ninja and Wu did some stretches while sailing the Endless Sea. When Wu realized his students weren't paying attention, he had them train until they could solve his riddle. When there was trouble at Darkley's, the group left the sea.

Tick Tock

Zane tests his breath-holding record at the bottom of the sea.

Legacy of the Green Ninja

Pirates vs. Ninja

Two hundred years ago, Captain Soto's crew sailed on the Destiny's Bounty looking for the Dark Island. When No-Eyed Pete crashed into Ninjago's shores, the ship sank, killing its inhabitants.

In the present, Garmadon's crew flew above the sea to chase after the Ultra Dragon. When Garmadon summoned the pirates, they flew away from the sea to Ninjago City.

The Stone Army

Lord Garmadon and the four remaining Serpentine generals fly over the Endless Sea to try to find Dark Island. After searching all day, Skales pushes Garmadon into the ocean so he can become the new Serpentine leader.

The Last Voyage

On the way to the Dark Island the ninja found the lighthouse which was being guarded by the Leviathan. Zane eventually freed the beast using Starteeth to bite through its chains.

The Last Hope

The ninja used their Elemental Powers next to the Endless Sea's shore. Later, the ninja fell down the cliff, splashing in the sea.

Return of the Overlord

The Stone Army reached the coast in order to fire Dark Matter in Ninjago.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

With no way off the island, Kai suggests they swim but backed out after the water reached his chest.


The Curse of the Golden Master

When Lloyd reaches the cliff, the Overlord forces him to stay or Garmadon will be dropped into the sea. He had Wu drop him anyway, as he's of no use to them.

Enter the Digiverse

The Nindroid MechDragon plunges into the sea, where the Overlord emerges as a physical form.

Codename: Arcturus

In the sea, Pythor and the Nindroids swam toward the MechDragon, where the Overlord is located.

Tournament of Elements

The Invitation

The ninja wait at the docks for a ferry to pick them up to sail to Chen's Island.

Only One Can Remain

After traveling across the sea, the Elemental Masters arrived at the island.

Ninja Roll

Nya, along with Dareth, secretly boarded Chen's ferry to find the ninja.

Spy for a Spy

Dareth was captured by the Anacondrai warriors when he almost fell into the sea.


Chen's blimp flew over the Endless Sea to fly above the island, where the remaining Elemental Masters have to find Nya.

The Day of the Dragon

To make sure that no one can get off of Chen's Island, Bolobo uses his Nature powers to sink Chen's ferry into the Endless Sea.

The Greatest Fear of All

The Elemental Masters flew over the sea to reach Ninjago Island.


Winds of Change

The ninja were flying in their Elemental Dragons when a Fangfish encountered them, so they got the idea to make the "catch of the century."

Ghost Story

In a dream, Kai tells Lloyd he'll take care of him right before a Fangfish jumped out of the ocean and subsequently devours the latter.

Stiix and Stones

Hoping to find Ronin, the ninja arrived on the docks, where a fisherman is pulled into the sea. Later, the ninja help complete the dock but didn't get paid when they ruined it.

Kai chased Morro to the sea for the scroll, and had to be picked up by Ronin.

Grave Danger

The ninja traversed under the sea using R.E.X. to reach the tomb. Meanwhile, Wu, Misako, and Nya landed the Bounty above the tomb's location, with Soul Archer and Bansha not far away.

Curseworld, Part II

Lloyd commanded the ninja take out Stiix's support beams to drop the Preeminent into the sea. When the Ghost Warriors supported her by surrounding her with houses, the Preeminent chased everyone to Hollow's Trench, destroying her.



Near the sea's shores, Nadakhan used the Realm Crystal to bring back his crew.

Later, Captain Soto told the ninja about trapping the Djinn during their fight on the sea.

Misfortune Rising

After Lloyd and Cole flew over the sea on their Dragons, they failed to find the Misfortune's Keep on Gypsy Cove. They assumed it was repaired and took off to sea.

On a Wish and a Prayer

The ninja set sail for the Tiger Widow Island on a yacht. They eventually crash the boat due to a powerful storm.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

The remaining ninja built a raft to get off Tiger Widow Island. It starts to break apart, but Ronin and the detectives rescued them after realizing that the ninja are not criminals.


Jay and Nya made the Hydroelectric Dragon before they could fall into the sea.

The Last Resort

In order to hide from the Sky Pirates, Jay and Nya had to row a boat on the ocean to the lighthouse. There, they discovered Echo Zane.

Dark Island Trilogy

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 1

Ronin and Misako sailed the Endless Sea from Ninjago to the Dark Island.

Prior to The Island

While helping the Ninjago City Police capture the ecapsed Kryptarium inmates, Ronin soon realised he could use the escaped inmates as a way to get more money. So he and his criminal group sailed the Endless Sea and travel to the Island of the Keepers. By using a boat that resembled Wojira to travel to the island, Ronin and the escaped criminals tricked the Keepers into giving them their money and resources every week.[6]

While trying to find Wojira's resting place, Kalmaar discovered that Wojira was in a temple at the Tartarus Trench and told his father about it, but was forbidden to go there by his father. Ignoring his father, Kalmar got Benthomaar to swim through there by tricking him that he wanted to make a fresh start.[7]

Once they went to the Tartarus Trench, Benthomaar and Kalmaar swam passed the vents and eels and made it to the Temple of Wojira. However, Kalmaar revealed to him that all he said before was a lie and told him to go.[7] Eventually, Kalmaar later stole the Wave Amulet from the other Merlopians, allowing Wojira to regain possession of it.[8]

The Island


The Keepers of the Amulet

The Keepers took the ninja across the Lightning Lagoon to take them to Mammatus.

The Gift of Jay

The Tooth of Wojira

When Jay was about to "Wojira", Zane made an ice bridge so the ninja could cross the Endless Sea and fight off the monster.


The Call of the Deep


Five Thousand Fathoms Down

The Wrath of Kalmaar

Long Live the King

Escape from Merlopia

The Storm Amulet

Riddle of the Sphinx

Master of the Sea

The Calm Before the Storm

Assault on Ninjago City


Nya merges with the Endless Sea as Nyad did before her to draw out the sea water from Jay's lungs, as well as to fight Wojira.

The Turn of the Tide

After defeating Wojira, Nya (in her NRG water form) says goodbye to the ninja and dives into the ocean. Later on, she is seen happily swimming alongside some whales.



Animal life



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Dark Island Trilogy


  • The Endless Sea caused the demise of multiple characters.
    • The Preeminent's drowning caused the Cursed Realm's destruction, which resulted in the deaths of the Anacondrai warriors (with the exception of Clouse) and Garmadon.
    • The Ghost Warriors were dissolved.
    • Her drowning also caused the destruction of Djinjago and all of the Djinns (except for Nadakhan).
  • Deepstone is found and mined at the bottom of the sea.
  • The name suggests that Ninjago and the Dark Island, apart from smaller islands scattered around, are the only landmasses on the planet.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the Police Commissioner, Tommy, and Simon were able to get back to Ninjago and escape the sharks from "The Last Resort" with the help of giant sea turtles in the Endless Sea.[9]


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