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Not to be confused with Golden Power, another power with similar properties also used by Lloyd.
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“It's some kind of energy, or green light! I dunno, like all our Elemental Powers rolled into one! Who can say?”

Energy[1] (also referred to as green power[2] or Power[3]) is an elemental essence[4] in Ninjago. It is a variation of the combinations of the original four ninja's Elemental Powers. Energy is generally associated with the color green and corresponds with the Energy Dragon.

Users' abilities

  • Ergokinesis/Dynakinesis - The user is able to manipulate and generate energy. This Elemental Power makes the user able to create powerful beams as explosions and use the power as a matter to generate force fields or control their power levels to increase or suppress their attacks.
    • Energy Amplification - The user can enhance the energy of the objects and people, also changing their color.
    • Energy Construction - The user can summon an object (usually a vehicle) made of solid energy, powered by the user's energy.
      • Energy Shield Construction - The user can make a shield of pure energy, capable of blocking various attacks.
    • Energy Propulsion - Some users of energy can concentrate enough energy to propel upwards and fly temporarily.
    • Energy Punches - The user is able to supercharge their hands with energy in order to have more power in physical attacks.[5]
    • Energy Aura - The user can create an energy aura around themselves for protection from direct contact.[5]
    • Energy Blasts - The user can release energy over a specific target area causing great damage and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force.
      • Energy Ball Projection - The users of this ability are able to create green balls of energy that they can use as part of a melee attack or as a way of transportation (indirect propulsion) and destroy a ghost.
      • Energy Beam Emission - The user can project concentrated beams of energy for a range of damage strengths. The result of the beam could be concussive, dispersive, or explosive.
    • Elemental Manipulation - The user's strength is derived from the combination of the four elements of Creation (Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning), but depending on the situation, they cannot use the elements on their own.
    • Energy Healing - The user can heal themselves or others by using energy.
      • Purification - The user can erase the Dark Matter corruption from others.
  • Spinjitzu, Airjitzu and Forbidden Spinjitzu - The user can do Spinjitzu, Airjitzu and Forbidden Spinjitzu. Anyone can do Spinjitzu and Airjitzu with immense skill, but the user can do Energy Spinjitzu, Airjitzu and Forbidden Spinjitzu.
  • Elemental Shield - The user can create an Energy elemental shield to reenter the atmosphere at high velocity.[6]
  • Green Fire - The user can create and control green-colored fire.[7][8]
  • Green Lightning The user can create and control green-colored lightning.[9]
  • Elemental Dragon - The user can create an Energy Dragon.
  • Vehicle Creation - The user can create a green motorcycle out of thin air.
  • Vehicle Modification - The user can modify any vehicle and change it to one's desire.

Notable uses

Curseworld, Part II

When Lloyd returned from the Cursed Realm, he confronted Morro one last time and attacked with an Energy Blast, knocking the ghost warrior back.


After Lloyd freed himself of his Vengestone chains, he used an energy blast to destroy the other Ninjas' chains. Once they escaped the "Hole," he used another energy blast to destroy the door.


After Cole wished for vengestone to make their powers stronger, Lloyd charged at some pirates until it became uncontrollable and was forced to break the chains with his power.

The Way Back

When the Ninja were confronting Nadakhan, Lloyd aimed at a pillar to distract Nadakhan for Kai and Cole to attack, only to fail until Jay distracted Nadakhan for Lloyd to hit Nadakhan with an Energy blast.

The Message

When entering the ice cave, Lloyd uses Energy for light. He then uses it again to power up the Titan Mech.


The symbol of Energy on some of Lloyd's gis is that of a dragon. The symbol likely represents Lloyd as one of Ninjago's protectors, just as dragons are said to protect certain objects or buildings in folktales.

Notable users

Staff of Elements




  • The Ninja have stated that Lloyd is more powerful than all of them combined.[10]
  • Aside from Water, Energy seems to be one of the only two Elements that are capable of harming ghosts alongside Fire, as when Lloyd and Morro were fighting between the realms, Morro was seen being knocked back by Lloyd using the power of Energy.
  • Lloyd can manipulate all forms of energy, for example, electrical and thermal.
  • In several seasons, Energy's symbol is the head of a dragon. This can be explained by the fact that Energy, Creation, and Golden Power were passed down from the First Spinjitzu Master, who was half-dragon.
  • The ability to become stronger from the presence of the other ninja is exclusive to Lloyd, rather a trait inherent to Energy.[11]
  • Lloyd's power is rarely named nor is he ever called "Elemental Master of Energy" in the show. The one time Lloyd or any character directly calls his power "Energy" is when he summons his Elemental Dragon while leaving Chen's Island. Tommy Andreasen said that in his opinion, calling Lloyd the "Master of Energy" would be incorrect and is not something that has been said in the show.[12][13] However, Lloyd does call himself the "Master of Energy" in his "Meet the Ninja" video, the subtitle for his section in the play guide for Choose the Path is "Lloyd (Green Ninja/Master of Energy)", and a video on calls him "The Elemental Master of Energy".[14]
    • Chen called Lloyd the Master of Power in "Ninja Roll," implying "Power" is another name for Lloyd's elemental essence. However, Andreasen said that "Master Chen was a criminal and a liar. His word is hardly anything to consider canon,"[15] implying that "Power" is not an accurate term either.
    • The vagueness of what exactly Lloyd's green power is meant to be is alluded to when Cole struggles to explain what it is in "The Oni and the Dragon."
  • As of Season 8, Lloyd occasionally moves his hands in a circular motion while charging attacks.
  • Lloyd's green eyes from Season 8 onward are connected to his powers, as his eyes become black when he loses them. This was originally hinted at in the first chapter of the non-canon novel, Way of the Departed, where Cole says "Lloyd’s eyes have started changing after Master Wu went missing. He trains alone so intensely, and he is really connecting with his powers ... whatever it is."
    • Tommy Andreasen also said, "Strange things happen to your body when you hit puberty. I guess that’s especially true for an Elemental Master."[16]
  • In "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," the ninja retain their powers after Lloyd loses his. This is a direct contrast to "Winds of Change," when the ninja's powers disappeared when Morro possessed Lloyd. This change is most likely due to the passage of time and Lloyd's growth causing the ninja's powers to became more independent from him.[17]
  • It is currently the only elemental essence besides Golden Power not to be controlled by Garmadon in some way.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the power is unique to Lloyd because he is "The only natural born son in the lineage of FSM [First Spinjitzu Master]... with a propecy to defeat the dark lord."[18]
  • According to Andreasen in April 2022, he hopes they will never find the true meaning of Lloyd's element since it "would make it less special."[19]
  • According to Lloyd in "Five Thousand Fathoms Down," his powers wouldn't be much help underwater.


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