“The Energy Cubes will allow me to open a portal between this realm, and the realm of the maker, so I may confront him.”
Unagami to Jay in "The Temple of Madness"

Energy Cubes were orange cubed objects in Prime Empire. Whenever a player lost all four lives, they would be transformed into Energy Cubes and collected by aerial drones that used to belong to Unagami. They were used by Unagami to construct the Manifestation Gate.


I am Okino

An Energy Cube was created anytime a player lost all four of their lives. They were shortly picked up by an aerial drone.

The Speedway Five-Billion

Scott turned into an Energy Cube after sacrificing himself.

Later on, Kai and Cole turn into Energy Cubes after they decide to sacrifice themselves in the race.

Stop, Drop and Side Scroll

At Terra Technica, a highlight reel showed Kai and Cole turning into Energy Cubes.

Inside Terra Domina, Lloyd turns into an Energy Cube after losing all of his lives.

The Prodigal Father

The Mechanic mentions using the Energy Cube of fallen players to create the Manifestation Gate.

The Temple of Madness

Nya turns into an Energy Cube after Sushimi hits her with his malice. Later, Jay gets into the Throne Room of Unagami and discovers all of the Energy Cubes. When Nya's Energy Cube is placed into the stack, the Manifestation Gate is completed and a portal to Ninjago is created. It was revealed that Unagami created the gate to find his creator, Milton Dyer, to confront him for shutting him done.

Game Over

Once Jay has managed to get and Unagami and Dyer to make amends, all of the energy cubes turned back into the trapped players, including the other Ninja, and they make their way home.

List of (Formerly) Cubed Players


LEGO Ninjago

Season 12: Prime Empire


  • NPCs like Okino or Racer Seven cannot be cubed as they are part of the game and not players.
  • Nya's Energy Cube was the last Energy Cube Unagami required to build the gate.
  • Jay and Zane are the only Ninja who didn't get cubed at any time throughout season 12, with Jay being the only ninja not to get cubed in Prime Empire and Zane not being able to enter Prime Empire.


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