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“Control your fear. Don't let it control you. Center yourself.”
Garmadon in "Spellbound"

The Energy Dragon (also known as the Green Dragon[1]) is a metaphysical creature that Lloyd is able to summon at will after he faced his fears.


Tournament of Elements


When the remaining Elemental Masters of the Tournament of Elements and Garmadon were thrown out of Chen's blimp, there are not enough parachutes for all of the people, so Lloyd conjured his Energy Dragon so that his father can have the last parachute at the end and land safely a little time later.

The Day of the Dragon

During the search for Skylor, Lloyd activated his dragon, a feat that amazed Griffin Turner and Karlof (who wished he could so as well).

Later on, Chen and his army leave to conquer Ninjago as Lloyd volunteered to go alone as he the only one with a dragon. However, he learns that is not the case when both Zane and Kai appear on dragons telling everyone to overcome their fears to summon a dragon.

With this good news, Lloyd jumps out of Chen's Palace and activates his dragon with the rest of the Elemental Masters. Lloyd carries his father on his dragon to return to Ninjago to stop Chen and his army from conquering it.

The Greatest Fear of All

Lloyd chases after a noodle truck on his Energy Dragon, but he becomes too afraid of what actions have caused for many innocent people, making his dragon disappear, and causing him to fall to the ground.


Winds of Change

Lloyd used his Elemental Dragon to help the other ninja capture a Fangfish that had been terrorizing a coastal village. He later used him to ride back to Wu's new tea shop, Steep Wisdom.



Lloyd and the other ninja rode their Elemental Dragons to the Ninjago City Hospital.

Public Enemy Number One

Lloyd rode his Elemental Dragon to the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

Misfortune Rising

Lloyd and Cole rode their Elemental Dragons to Gypsy Cove in search of Nadakhan's ship, Misfortune's Keep.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

In an attempt to find the mainland, Lloyd uses his Energy Dragon to search the vast ocean away from Tiger Widow Island. In the end, even he cannot sustain the energy for an extensive time and barely manages to return to the island with the remaining stranded ninja.

The Hands of Time

The Attack

Lloyd decided to take the attacking Vermillion on, during their assault on the Temple of Airjitzu. To do so, he rode his dragon to the surface. After a little while, Machia sends out warriors with gliders to take him on in the sky. They overwhelm him and cause him to lose focus and his dragon.



  • This is the third dragon Lloyd has used in the series, following the Ultra Dragon and the Golden Dragon.
  • It seems that the Energy Dragon is a weakened version of Lloyd's Golden Dragon, manifesting through his innate Energy powers rather than the Golden Power of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. Notably, the dragon still retains golden elements on its body, such as gold-colored whiskers and an occasional transparent gold sheen on its wings, and its head is also similar to that of the Golden Dragon.
    • Other Elemental Masters get their own Elemental Dragons as well, and Lloyd sees the Golden Dragon again in "Endings," this time used by the First Spinjitzu Master. Seeing as the Golden Dragon is a power and technique rather than the same sentient being,[2] it would make sense that the Golden Dragon seen in the Grasslands is the First Spinjitzu Master's Golden Dragon while the Energy Dragon is what Lloyd's Golden Dragon became after Lloyd lost his Golden Power.
  • While Lloyd was possessed by Morro, his dragon became a corrupted version of itself.
  • The "NRG" in the dragon's set name, "The Green NRG Dragon," references the ninja's NRG variants from 2012.



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