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“As you know, the Sixteen Realms are interconnected and the balance affects us all. When one falls, another falls apart. Every action has a consequence.”

Enkrypted is the third episode of the sixth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 57th episode overall. It aired on January 9, 2016, in Asia, and on June 23, 2016, in the United States on Cartoon Network.


Falsely imprisoned, the Ninja are at their lowest point, but they find an unlikely friend in an old enemy. Meanwhile, Nadakhan rescues his marooned crew and gains a new perspective, along with a new mysterious plan.[1]


The ninja are in Kryptarium Prison, escorted by Warden Noble and locked in shackles made of Vengestone to prevent them from using their elements and Cole's ghost abilities. They immediately attract the attention of the enemies they imprisoned including the Mechanic, a man with a cybernetic arm and former employee of Master Chen, who wants spare parts from Zane. Dareth later visits them and informs them that the Realm Crystal has been stolen and that he baked a cake for them with tools inside, only to realize that Cole, due to his habit, has eaten it. With no other way of helping them, Dareth leaves them.

They soon have lunch and Captain Soto overhears them talking about a djinn, especially Nadakhan. He tells them how they can only defeat them using the venom of the Tiger Widow on Tiger Widow Island, however, the ninja have a fight with the other inmates until the guards break them up before Soto has a chance to tell them the location of The Tiger Widow Island. Soon, the Mechanic and some other inmates come to the ninja. Cole calls him a fourth tier bad guy, which starts a food fight. During the fight, the Mechanic and two other prisoners capture Zane to take him apart. As the others fight, they realize both Zane and the Mechanic are missing. Before the Mechanic could take out anything, P.I.X.A.L. shot out bolts of electricity, causing the Mechanic to go flying. Zane joins the others only to be sent to the "Hole" with his friends for starting the food fight. Soto quickly tells Lloyd to help break him out if he wants to know where the map is before noticing his the fork that he has been using for a peg leg is missing.

After rounding up his crew, Nadakhan and the Sky Pirates had a party until they decide to visit Djinjago, however, the place is breaking up since the Cursed Realm, its sister counterpart has been destroyed. Nadakhan's father gives him the Sword of Souls, telling him that it can trap one's soul. He also asks Nadakhan to avenge Djinjago. Nadakhan then leaves his homeworld with his pirate crew.

Meanwhile, the ninja are sitting together in the "Hole" in Kryptarium, put there by Warden Noble for starting a tussle during lunchtime. Lloyd uses Soto's fork that he took during the food fight to untie himself and frees his friends with his Golden Power. As their elemental powers are back, they manage to escape, taking Captain Soto with them, who is now using a trumpet for a peg leg, alerting the guards. After they got out of the prison through the sewers, Soto tells them that the map with the location of the Tiger Widow Island is on a lantern, but the lantern is situated on board of Nadakhan's ship, Misfortune's Keep. Soto also states that Nya is a spitting image of someone he knows but does not tell who.

In the meantime, the pirates keep repairing the ship. After Clancee brings a newspaper and coconuts to Nadakhan, the latter sees a picture of Nya on the front page of the newspaper and compares it with one he has of Delara. Flintlocke tells Nadakhan that the restorations are going just as planned and that Misfortune's Keep will fly soon.











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  • After saying that no-one likes Cole, a cook says "What's Earth anyway," as Earth does not exist in the Ninjago universe.
  • The title is a pun on "encrypted" and "Kryptarium."
  • This episode marks the first physical appearance of the Sky Pirates, although only Flintlocke, Dogshank, Doubloon, Monkey Wretch and Clancee. The rest of the crew is introduced in later episodes.
  • The music played in the background of the Misfortune crew's song is reused several times in the next episode as the main pirates' theme.
    • This also marks the second time Pirates have sung in the series. The first was when Captain Soto's crew sung an incoherent song in "pirate language" in the flashback of the season two episode, "Pirates vs. Ninja."
  • This episode reveals that Vengestone prevents a ghost's ability to phase.
  • The lantern Nadakhan holds at the end of the episode is the lantern with the map to Tiger Widow Island.
  • The episode marks the first appearance of Wyplash in the television series, though he had appeared prior in two of the mini-movies.
  • After the prison fight, Lloyd can be seen concealing a fork in his hand and pocketing it, having just taken it from Soto's leg, foreshadowing the next scene in which he would use the fork to break out of his chains.
  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of Khanjikhan. His and the Mechanic's voice actor, Michael Antonakos, also joins the voice cast.
    • While Khanjikhan is simply credited as "Djinn King" in this episode, his name was later revealed in "The Way Back."
  • The events of this episode were soon erased due to Jay's final wish in "The Way Back."
  • This is the Mechanic's first appearance unless one considers him to be one of Soto's pirates, which was hinted at by Tommy Andreasen.[2]
  • This episode reveals that Delara looks identical to Nya.
    • However, they are not related.[3]
  • A recurring theme in this episode is, "Actions having consequences," referring to the unintended consequences of the ninja's actions. The Mechanic says, "By my observation, actions have consequences. And you have to pay," when explaining how the ninja inadvertently put him out of business by defeating Master Chen; Khanjikhan says, "Every action has a consequence," when explaining how the ninja inadvertently caused the destruction of Djinjago by destroying the Cursed Realm; and finally, Nadakhan says, "Actions have consequence," when deciding to avenge his home world by creating a Djinjago and destroying Ninjago in the process.
  • The reveal of Djinjago's destruction and the realms' inter-connectivity was first hinted at in an interview with Dan and Kevin Hageman, where they implied that there may be consequences to destroying a realm.[4]
  • When Soto says that the other prisoners have all the weapons and the ninja are chained, Cole responds, "Yeah. Sounds like it's almost a fair fight." This is nearly repeated in "Day of the Departed": when battling Yang's students in the special, Cole says, "This isn't a fair fight. I'm handcuffed. [...] So you might want a few more guys." In-universe, it could make sense that Cole would reuse this line, considering the events of Skybound take place in an alternate timeline that Cole does not remember by the end of the season.
  • Cole and Jay refer to Fritz Donnegan and his famous catchphrase, "Fear isn't a word where I come from." This was likely done to remind the audience of the character before the reveal in the following episode that Cliff Gordon, the actor who played Fritz Donnegan, was Jay's biological father.
    • Cole intentionally misquotes Fritz Donnegan, replacing "Fear" with "Fair," just as Lloyd did at the end of "Child's Play."
  • Unlike all the other prisoners, who wear gray undershirts, the ninja's undershirts in their uniforms are their respective ninja colors.
    • Cole: Black
    • Jay: Blue
    • Nya: Crimson
    • Lloyd: Green
    • Kai: Red
    • Zane: White
  • The prison numbers on the ninja are based on the set numbers for Season 6.
  • The prison escape scene pays homage to The Shawshank Redemption.


  • In the ninja's mugshots that Nadakhan looks at, Jay's arms are black and Cole is not a ghost.
  • The Ninja's faces appear slightly off/altered in their mugshots.
  • When the pirates sing "Misfortune's Keep," Vincent Tong's voice can be heard even though he does not provide the voice of any Sky Pirates at the time of this episode.
  • Throughout the entire episode, Cole's voice lacks his ghostly tone. This is carried over in "Wishmasters".
  • When Dareth talks to the ninja, taking a closer look reveals his mouth isn't moving in his reflection.
  • When the prison chef complains to Cole, Jay's eyebrows are missing his reflection of the spoon.



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