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This topic is considered non-canon because it takes place in a separate universe from the TV series and movie.

Enter the Ninjago is a short released as a DVD extra for The LEGO Movie.


The president of Hollywood enters Emmet's apartment and shakes his hand to thank the Master Builder for giving him his life story. The president then reveals that the guys in the writers' room decided to make a couple of changes to the tale and shows Emmet the moment where he takes out the robots with his crazy driving. Except in this version, it is in fact the Green Ninja who defeats the robots.

Emmet expresses confusion and the president introduces him to Lloyd who in turn decorates Emmet's double-decker couch in an oriental style. The president then reveals that ninjas by themselves were outdated by six seconds so he shows Emmet the scene where he attaches the wheel to his head, except in this version, Lloyd enters on a skateboard and places the wheel on Emmet's head. Emmet then questions if he in fact saves the day, but the president expresses surprise that he hasn't lowered the master build's exceptions enough. He shows Emmet the clip of him falling only for Lloyd to swoop in and cut the battery.

Emmet expresses confusion as to why they didn't just make a movie about ninja instead of changing his life story to which the president considers to be a great idea and proudly introduces the "Ninjagos" and shows Emmet a trailer for a movie called The SUPER-CRUNCHY NINJA SKATEBOARD PARTY MOVIE WITH PRATFALLS SLASH PHYSICAL COMEDY AND CUTE FURRY ANIMALS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE. Emmet is shocked by the trailer.

The screen then turns black and a plaque claims the movie was a box office bomb and that it led to Hollywood being financially destabilized.


  • The short's name is most likely based on the 1973 martial-arts film, Enter the Dragon.
  • This could have been created to tease the then-upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie.
  • Lloyd and the four Ninja appear in their ZX forms in this short.



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