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Not to be confused with the episode of the same name.
Ah, yes. Terribly sorry. I shall immediately begin the years-long reactivation process. In the meantime, however, I'm afraid I must deny entry. This club is for members only.

The Explorers Club is a strict members-only club consisting of archaeologists managed by Cecil Putnam.

To get into the club, someone must have ten thousand hours of certified exploration time. Then, they can send in an application and it will take years for the members to examine it.


Prior to Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Decades ago, a man named Lord Belgrave attempted to enter the club by participating in a Trial By Sphinx, but failed.[1] Later on, Misako and Clutch Powers became members of the club.

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

When Clutch Powers discovered the pyramid in the Desert of Doom and refused to explore it, Cecil Putnam, the club's manager, called him to say that his club membership had been suspended.

The Explorers Club

When Lloyd, Nya, and Zane learned from Clutch Powers that the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu is in the club's archives, they immediately went there. Meanwhile, Smythe and Underhill listened to Percy Shippelton's adventures. The ninja wanted to take the scroll, but Cecil Putnam told them that only club members had access to the archive. When Zane unsuccessfully disguised himself as Clutch Powers with his cloak, they decided to break into the club. When they fell into the club's main room and were covered as maintenance workers, club members put on security guards. However, the ninja managed to break into the archive and find a scroll. However, they broke two terrariums with dangerous insects, which attacked club members after they left.

Prior to The Island

Shortly after the return of the ninja and Wu from Shintaro, Misako organized a mission to confirm her theory of an uncharted island and navigate the storm belt, and went with her friend Wu, fellow archaeologist Clutch Powers, and his interns to explore the island. However, their expedition was mysteriously lost and the Explorers Club was forced to cancel the membership of all members of the expedition.


After the expedition led by Misako was lost in the storm belt, Cecil Putnam visited the Monastery of Spinjitzu to hand over items emptied from her club locker to her family, because according to the club's rules, the membership of a member who is lost somewhere must be canceled.

Riddle of the Sphinx

Wu, Kai, Cole, Ray and Misako burst into the Explorers Club to retrieve the storm amulet after learning the one on The Island was a fake. The ninja and Wu then attempt to answer the Sphinx's riddle to enter the club. They then interrogate Clutch Powers for the Storm Amulet. Kalmaar also broke in to acquire the storm amulet, and a battle pursued.


A battle between half of the ninja team and Kalmaar pursues outside of the club. A hole is broken into the front of the Explorers Club






Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Season 14: Seabound


  • They store artifacts in their main building in Ninjago City.
  • The club has multiple rules and protocols, including:[2]
    • Acceptance into the club requires 10,000 hours of exploring. This is equivalent to about 416.67 full days or 1.14 years.
    • Explorers with suspended or revoked memberships are denied entry.
    • When a member ends up missing, their membership is either suspended or revoked pending survival, and personal effects are sent to family members.
      • They can be reinstated, which takes several years.
  • The logo of the club resembles a compass.
  • Each club member has their research stuff stored in the building.
  • Clutch Powers and Misako are the only members to have physical minifigures.
  • In "Riddle of the Sphinx" it is revealed that one way to get into the Explorers Club without being a member is to correctly answer the riddle in a Trial By Sphinx.
    • Those who do not answer correctly are punished dangerously.
  • The club laughs in the face of danger. This was a question on a test, most likely for a membership.
    • "Ho, ho, ho" is also accepted.






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