Pythor with skales at falcon's vision

Falcon Vision was developed by Zane as an extension of his bond with the Falcon. Due to their similar origins, Zane has control over the Falcon, and later discovered that he could also see through his winged companion's eyes at will.


Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Zane first used Falcon Vision when the Ninja were trying to track the Serpentine during the early stages of their hunt for the Fangblades. Using the Falcon's eyes, Zane discovered Pythor P. Chumsworth and Skales near the Mega Monster Amusement Park.

All of Nothing

When the Ninja attacked the Serpentine's Underground Fortress, Zane was attacked by a Venomari Soldier who spat venom into his eyes. To counter the effects of the Venomari's venom, Zane switched to Falcon Vision, allowing him to see through the venom-induced hallucinations and fight off his attackers.

The Last Voyage

Zane used Falcon Vision to follow the Falcon's observation of the Island of Darkness until the Stone Army disabled the mechanical bird.


The Falcon Vision was used to locate Lloyd and Master Garmadon.


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