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“This is what I wanted, to see your father's return and for you to lose everything.”
Harumi to Lloyd in "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago"

The Fall of Ninjago is the event in which the Sons of Garmadon successfully took over Ninjago City.


After Garmadon succeeds in freeing the evil Jade Princess Harumi, and taking control of Kryptarium Prison, The sons of Garmadon lure Lloyd to Kryptarium Prison, where Garmadon defeats him and strips him of his powers. While defeating his son, Lord Garmadon unlocks his True Potential and gains full access to his Destruction powers. This allows him to create an evil rock colossus which is controlled by his power called Colossus. Lord Garmadon then returns to Ninjago City and his Colossus crushes the Destiny's Bounty. This seems to kill the original ninja, as well as baby Wu, but they escape to the Realm of Oni and Dragons using magical Traveler's Tea given to Jay by Mystake. In the process of this, Lloyd is defeated by Harumi while she wears the Oni Mask of Hatred. He is forced to watch the Destiny's Bounty get crushed by Lord Garmadon's Colossus. He is crushed by the thought of his friends being dead. Lloyd jumps into a riverboat using a parachute, similar to what Mr. E had done earlier.


  • This is the first major event in which the ninja did not defeat their enemy, because Garmadon and Harumi successfully defeated the ninja and separated them.


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