“What is that thing?”
“It was supposed to be in your honor, son, but do you like it?”
Jay and Ed

The Fangpyre Robot[1] was a Serpentine weapon. It was a massive green Ninja robot made by Ed as an honor to his son, Jay.


Ed started working on it prior to Snakebit. It could have possibly been worked on six months to one year before Snakebit since it is big.


When the Fangpyre battled the Ninja in Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk, they attempted to turn the fight in their favor by biting a statue that Ed was making in Jay's honor. The Fangpyre venom transformed the sculpture into a fully functional robot, which immediately began attacking the Ninja with its large nunchucks. Jay defeated the robot by commandeering a Fangpyre Wrecking Ball and using it to knock the robot off its feet.

Shadow of Ronin (non-canon)

When the Ninja arrived at the Ed & Edna's Scrap N' Junk pursued by Fangpyre, Ed and Enda decided to rebuild the Mechanical Ninja to protect the junkyard.


The robot was very large in size and primarily green in color, with the exception of its red, snake-like eyes and pink-purple nunchucks. After being rebuilt, it was blue and gray, with yellow-tinted hands and purple nunchucks.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Video Games


  • The Fangpyre Robot is one of three Serpentine machines in the TV series without a corresponding set. The other two vehicles are the Serpentine Bus and the Serpentine Train (although it did have a planned set, the idea never reached full production).
  • The Fangpyre Robot may be the TV series equivalent of the Fangpyre Mech set, which never actually appeared in the show and did not closely resemble the Fangpyre Robot.




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