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“What do you say? For Nya?“
“For Nya.”
Lloyd, Cole, Kai, Jay, and Zane

Farewell the Sea is the first episode of the fifteenth season of Ninjago and the 181st episode overall. It aired on May 20, 2022 on LEGO's YouTube channel.


A year after Nya saved NINJAGO City and became one with the sea, each Ninja is dealing with the change in his own way. When Gayle Gossip reports that super villain Miss Demeanor is buying large amounts of Vengestone, Cole realizes that this is the perfect time to bring the team together and stop the villain's evil plan.

Will Cole be able to convince the other Ninjas in time to save NINJAGO City from Miss Demeanor?[1]


Miss Demeanor has settled a deal with a henchman over some Vengestone and is about to have him paid when a few explosive shurikens land in front of them. She demands all her henchmen to find them but later, the ninja take them out and make their grand entrance as the New Ninja. Disgusted with how she received newbies for all the crime she's done, she fires a few distracting flame balls while criticizing them before escaping with the Vengestone, telling them that she will not accept their presence and to send the real ninja instead. Soon, a few police cars and Gayle Gossip arrive. The Police Commissioner then sees them and asks who they are. The New Ninja declare themselves again before disappearing with a smoke bomb, leaving the Police Commissioner to wonder what happened to the old ninja.

The scene switches to show the Monastery has been neglected for a long time. Down in the Hangar bay, Cole, P.I.X.A.L., and Zane are working on their vehicles. On-screen, they overhear Gayle Gossip's report about the Vengestone operation, the New Ninja, and the mayor's statement about both Ninja teams after the original team wasn't seen for a year. When Cole hears how the mayor complained about how destructive they were, he shuts off the TV and asks the others if they could seriously believe what the mayor had said. But Zane simply tells him that the mayor is right and the new ninja would not be as destructive as they were. Surprised, Cole asks how he could say that so calmly and Zane reveals that he has turned off his emotion meter to avoid grief and increase his productivity. Cole angrily tells him that is not a solution before leaving to find Wu.

He goes to his room, where boxes of scrolls have been taken out, and sees Wu going over one in hopes of finding a solution to bringing Nya back. Cole tells him he would have found a solution already and informs him of the Vengestone crisis. They agree to get the team back together. Cole and Zane find Kai at a dojo, teaching kids to obliterate their enemies before they see them coming. They successfully recruit him back into the team, since he wants to avoid teaching kindergarteners, and go off to find Lloyd, who has become a window washer. When he comes down to their windows, they greet him happily and tell him the plan but Lloyd apologizes and says that he's got a lot of windows to do. Lloyd continues down and Kai and Cole pop through the window next to his set, asking whatever happened to "Ninja never quit". This causes Lloyd to snap back, saying that he can't be responsible for anyone ever again. The others watch him continue down and decide to give him time to reconsider while they visit Jay instead.

They find Jay at Lighthouse Island, where he has grown a beard and is talking half glasses full of water. They try to reason with him to return to the Monastery and invite him to join a daring Vengestone quest but he declines both, stating that everyone forgot and seemingly didn't care that Nya left. Unable to convince him to return, the team is about to leave when Cole spots something and tells Jay he has to see it. Jay is soon at the beach to view the many lanterns floating along the ocean, which were in memory of Nya, and grabs a nearby one as Kai, Cole, and Zane join him. They were followed by Lloyd, who had changed his mind, and told them that Nya would kick their butts if they gave up. Inspired, Jay forcefully tears his beard off as the others make a pact before he joins in: For Nya.














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  • Narrator: Jay
  • One of the members of Miss Demeanor's group wears similar armor as Karlof and speaks with a Russian accent, indicating he is Metalonian.
  • In the YouTube version of this episode, after a Crystal spider scanned the Commissioner, the screen fades to black, although some mechanical sound effects can be heard. However, in the version shown on TV and Netflix, the Crystal spider can be seen atop one of the containers.
  • Several months before this episode was released, Tommy Andreasen referenced Wu's lines about Quanish the Elderly multiple times on Twitter.
    • In July 2021, he stated about a figurine of an old man, "I wonder what scroll he’s holding! Could it be that of Quanish the Elderly?!?!"[2]
    • Sometime in the second half of 2021, he added the phrase to the end of his Twitter name, "Quanish was a fool!"[3]
  • During Kai's class, Jake can be seen.
    • His belt is red while the other students' are white, indicating he may be wearing it for inspiration, or he had been in Kai's class the longest.
  • Kai's cardboard cutout of Kalmaar is the same render Tommy Andreasen posted on Twitter in a tweet announcing his voice actor.[4]
  • Gayle Gossip can be heard telling Vinny Folson she doesn’t care if his roommate keeps him up at night.
  • The words on the candlelight vigil lanterns are Lorem ipsum written in Ninjargon.
  • Echo Zane and Tai-D are not present in the lighthouse for some reason.
  • When Kai asks about the half full glasses of water, Jay replies that they are half empty. This is a reference to the proverbial phrase, "Is the glass half empty or half full?."


  • One year has passed since the events of "The Turn of the Tide". During this time, the ninja have divided due to grief from losing Nya and reunite at the end of the episode.
    • Kai opened his own dojo to teach kids how to defend themselves.
    • Lloyd became a window washer in Ninjago City.
    • Jay retreated to Lighthouse Island, grew a beard, and seemed to go mad from depression, longing to connect to Nya again.
    • Only Zane and Cole remained at the Monastery with P.I.X.A.L. and Wu. However, Zane has shut off his emotions due to being unable to deal with his grief.
  • Sorla, the Mary Louise's captain, the Coast Guard, and Vinny appear as options in determining the identity of the Commissioner at the beginning of the episode.
    • This is the second episode Sorla has a short cameo while the characters should not know of her existence. The first is "The Explorers Club."
  • This episode marks the second time the ninja went their separate ways following the sacrifice of one of their members, the first being Zane and then Nya, and then reunite when a new villain emerges, with Chen being the first and then the Crystal King.
  • Lloyd's job as a window washer was foreshadowed in chapter 8 of The Splinter in the Blind Man's Eye, in which Clancee suggested window cleaning to Lloyd as a way of dealing with stress.
  • Benthomaar has succeeded Kalmaar as the ruler of Merlopia.
  • A painting in the lighthouse depicts Nya in her kimono from Let's Dance.
  • Jay is no longer wearing his smiley face pin, possibly an indication of his depression.


  • The Fuchsia Ninja is credited as "Fuschia Ninja".
  • Kai's hands remained yellow throughout the entire episode except when he opened his first window to interact with Lloyd which he is seen with black hands.



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Foreign language Translation
French Changement de cap
Korean 안녕, 바다야
Ukrainian «Прощавай, море»
Latin Spanish Adiós al Mar
European Portuguese Adeus ao mar


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