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Farewell the Sea

(In a warehouse, Miss Demeanor and a henchman discover crates of Vengestone.)

Henchman: See, is all here. Two tons of Vengestone.

Miss Demeanor: Jackpot! Woo hoo, the boss is gonna love this. Pay him, boys!

(A henchman bites a piece of Vengestone, then whistles to the other henchmen. Two exit a car with a suitcase, when shurikens land in front of them and explode.)

Miss Demeanor: What are you waiting for? Get 'em!

(The henchmen search for the attackers, but are taken out one by one. A team of five ninja leap off a crane.)

Miss Demeanor: I've been waiting for another chance against you!

(The ninja land in front of her.)

Miss Demeanor: What the ninblooey? Who are you guys?

Orange Ninja: Wherever there are criminals!

Fuchsia Ninja: Wherever there are convicts!

Teal Ninja: Wherever there are felons! You will find us! We are!

New Ninja: The New Ninja!

Miss Demeanor: Are you flippin' kidding me? I bust my butt, dedicated my life to crime, carried around a highly combustible gas tank strapped to my back, and this is the respect I get?! I don't even get the real ninja?

Teal Ninja: Look out, Orange Ninja!

Orange Ninja: Flip! Thanks for the warning, Teal Ninja!

Miss Demeanor: Teal's not even a primary color!

Pink Ninja: Ninja, charge!

Miss Demeanor: This is beneath me! I refuse to dignify your presence with combat! Send the real ninja next time! (She leaves on a truck.)

Orange Ninja: Darn! She escaped!

Teal Ninja: We'll get her next time. Remember, ninja always keep trying!

Police Commissioner: Uh, who're you guys?

Teal Ninja: We are⁠— (they strike a pose) The New Ninja! (He tries to leap to ground, but is stuck.) New ninja! (He drops a teal smoke bomb and the team disappears.)

Police Commissioner: New Ninja? What, what happened to the old ninja?

(In the Hangar bay at the Monastery, P.I.X.A.L., Zane, and Cole are fixing their vehicles. A news report comes on the TV.)

Gayle Gossip: This was the scene last night, where a Vengestone smuggling operation was thwarted by a group of heroes calling themselves the "New Ninja".

Cole: What?

Gayle Gossip: Newly elected mayor Ulysses Norville Trustable issued this statement earlier today.

Ulysses: It's been a year since anyone's even seen the ninja. And frankly, whenever they do show up, they cause millions in property damage. So I say it's about time we had some new heroes. (A cat walks across his desk and he sweeps him off.) Ahem, not now, Mr. Fuzly Fuzly. Maybe these guys will be less destructive.

Cole: (He turns off the TV.) Less destructive? Can you believe what the Mayor said?

Zane: Yes, and he is right. The odds of the new ninja exceed our capacity for property damage is highly unlikely.

Cole: How can you say that so calmly?

Zane: I deactivated my emotion meter.

Cole: You did? What for?

Zane: After Nya's disappearance, I found my productivity decreasing. This was due to an unwanted emotional reaction. Grief. By switching my emotion meter off, I improved productivity 230%.

Cole: Turning yourself into an emotionless drone isn't the solution!

(He leaves angrily and goes to the library.)

Cole: Uh, Master Wu?

Wu: Darn it! Ugh. I thought perhaps there would be some clue to bringing Nya back in the scrolls of Quanish the Elder, but Quanish was a fool!

Cole: If there was an answer here, you would've found it already. You've read these scrolls a dozen times.

Wu: I should have gone with Misako to the Library of Domu. They have a larger collection.

Cole: Master Wu, I think we need to get the team together. I've got a bad feeling about this Vengestone stuff.

Wu: Vengestone? What Vengestone?

Cole: Last night, they busted another Vengestone shipment. And we still don't know who's behind it.

Wu: Hmm. That is worrisome. Vengestone's only practical purpose is to negate Elemental Power.

Cole: Exactly. Anyone who's collecting Vengestone has to be up to no good!

Wu: You have a point. Perhaps we should get the team together.

(At a dojo, Kai is training a group of children.)

Kai: Okay everyone, fall in! Better get it right this time!

(Outside, the Destiny's Bounty arrives. Zane and Cole slide down and enter the dojo.)

Kai: First position, go! Second position, go!

(He takes out a cardboard cutout of Kalmaar.)

Kai: Greet your opponent!

(The students bash the cutout to pieces, screaming.)

Cole: Holy cow!

Zane: That seems excessive.

Kai: Nice! Remember, kids, in a real fight, we don't greet our opponents. What's the best defense?

Students: To obliterate your enemy before they see you coming!

Kai: Exactly! Class dismissed. See you next week.

Cole: What are you teaching these kids, Kai?

Zane: I do not recall Master Wu teaching us to "obliterate our enemies before they see us coming".

Kai: I'm preparing these kids for the real world. There's bad guys out there and they don't play fair. Or do I have to remind you what happened to Nya?

Cole: The, sea thing. Even Benthomaar has given up hope to find her. He sent a message that he's returned to rule Merlopia. Good for him, I guess.

Kai: Now what's up? I got a kindergarten class in half an hour and they're like a pack of ravenous wolves. I gotta prepare mentally.

Zane: We are assembling the team to look into a Vengestone smuggling operation.

Cole: We could use your help. Unless you'd rather deal with the wolf pack?

Kai: (He immediately races to the door.) Let's go.

(In the city, Lloyd is cleaning windows. He lowers the lift to clean another when Kai and Cole open them.)

Cole: Hey, buddy! How's it going?

Lloyd: Cole. Kai. What are you doing here?

Kai: We're getting the team together to look into this Vengestone thing.

Zane: We could use your help.

Lloyd: Sorry. I've got a lot of windows to do. I appreciate the visit, but I really gotta get back to work.

(He lowers the lift again. Kai and Cole pop out of adjacent windows.)

Kai: Lloyd, c'mon, buddy! You gotta snap out of it!

Cole: Yeah! Whatever happened to "Ninja never q⁠⁠—"

Lloyd: Don't say it. Just don't! I don't wanna hear that! I'm - I'm done! Okay? I can't be responsible for anyone ever again. I just do windows now.

Kai: What now?

Cole: Give him some time. Maybe we'll have better luck with Jay.

Gayle Gossip: (on a TV) I don't care if your roommate keeps you up at night, we're live! Plans are underway for a candlelight vigil to mark the sacrifice of Nya, the Elemental Master of Water, who saved Ninjago City exactly one year ago today. How many will turn out in her honor? City officials are unsure, but this reporter for one, will be there.

(At the lighthouse, Cole knocks on the door. The ninja gasp when it is opened.)

Kai: Jay? What happened to your face?

Jay: Time, ravages us all.

Kai: Uh, Jay? Why are there half full water glasses everywhere?

Jay: They're half empty.

Cole: Okay, but why?

Jay: So I can talk to Nya.

(The others gasp.)

Jay: Nya became one with the ocean, remember? Which means she's connected to all water everywhere. Which means part of Nya is inside that water glass. And that one, and that one, and that one, and th⁠—

Kai: Okay. Okay, okay. We get it.

Jay: (to a glass of water) Nya, the guys are here. What? Oh, okay. I'll tell them. She says, "Hi."

Cole: Would you excuse us for a second, Jay? (to the others) What's wrong with him?

Kai: (whispers) I think the cheese slid off Jay's cracker. What do we do?

Zane: I will attempt to reason with him. Jay, Nya merged with the sea. Those cups are filled with tap water. Thus they cannot be connected to Nya. Your grief is impairing your judgement. You should return to the monastery.

Jay: No thanks.

Kai: So much for reason.

Cole: Jay, the people of Ninjago need us. Somewhere out there, right now, a villain is plotting something with a ton of Vengestone, and we gotta stop him! What do you say?

Jay: No thanks.

Kai: Way to go, Cole.

Jay: I'm not going anywhere. Everybody else might have forgotten Nya, but not me.

Kai: Nobody forgot her, Jay.

Jay: Yes, they did! It's only been a year since Nya disappeared, and it's like nobody cares anymore! They just, moved on with their lives, but Nya's still gone. And nobody even remembers!

Cole: Jay, we'll always remember.

Kai: Nya was my sister. I'd do anything for her. But she's not here.

Zane: Please come with us.

Jay: I can't. I'm sorry.

(The three turn to leave when Cole notices something through the window.)

Cole: Jay, you gotta see this!

Kai: It's amazing!

Jay: What is it?

(Out on the ocean, dozens of small lanterns from the candlelight vigil float towards the lighthouse. Jay gasps as he runs to the shore, picking up a lantern)

Lloyd: It's beautiful.

Cole: You came.

Kai: What changed your mind?

Lloyd: Nya wouldn't want us to quit. If she saw us like this, she'd kick our butts and tell us to get back to work.

Jay: (He rips off his beard.) Ow! That hurt.

(The five put their hands together in a circle.)

Lloyd: So what do you say? For Nya?

Ninja: For Nya.

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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