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“A mech. But unlike any mech I've ever seen. It appears to be made of stone?”
“Perhaps the builders of this place used it to build the Temple.”
Master Wu and Fungus, "Masters Never Quit"

The Fire Stone Mech was a mech that was kept in Heart of the Mountain. It is assumed by Fungus that it was used to build the Temple and was used by Cole to help Wu, Vania, and the Upply escape the Dungeons of Shintaro.


Masters Never Quit

While at the Heart of the Mountain, the crew spots an old mech and Wu realizes it's made out of stone. Plundar tries to operate it, but there are no controllers.

The Ascent

The Upply install wheels at the bottom of the mech so the mech could push the mine carts. Cole has issues activating the mech until realizing it uses Elemental Energy. Despite activating it, he has trouble balancing the mech due to the wheels.

They are able to get the mech onto the tracks, so he begins using the mech to push the mine carts. However, they encounter a Magma Monster and Dire Bats which distracts Cole. While fighting the Magma Monster, Cole pulls out a sword and cuts the tentacles. He then spots the mine carts about to head into the lava, so he is able to save the people inside as well as destroy the Magma Monster.

The mine carts and the Fire Stone Mech make it to the surface with the mech becoming inoperable after the lava overheats the controls. Description

Team up with Hero Kai, Hero Cole, Hero Nya and the Fire Stone Mech as they battle dark and evil forces in the bowels of Shintaro. The Fire Stone Mech is a powerful weapon, armed with two giant swords and powered by the ninjas to help them escape captivity in this dark underground world. Jump into the mech's cockpit and fire its stud shooters to blast your way to freedom!



LEGO Ninjago

Season 13: Master of the Mountain


  • The physical LEGO model of the Fire Stone Mech appears to be a Fire and Earth themed mech, whereas the show depicts it as a mech made entirely of stone. The color scheme of the model closely resembles the mech after it was covered by lava in the episode "The Ascent."
  • This is Cole's second mech.
    • Compared with his Earth Mech, the Fire Stone Mech is the largest one used by Cole.


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