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First Spinjitzu Master   Wu and Garmadon's parents    
But a child arrived, born of both worlds. The child understood the power of both. Without one, you could not have the other. But when the Oni and the Dragon fought over which side the child should choose, the child abandoned their world to start a new one called Ninjago.
Mystake about the First Spinjitzu Master in "The Oni and the Dragon"

The First Spinjitzu Master was the creator of Spinjitzu and all of Ninjago. He was also the father of Garmadon and Wu, Misako's father-in-law, and Lloyd's paternal grandfather. He was born from the worlds of both the Oni and the Dragons, the warring sides of a seemingly never-ending conflict within the first realm. Unwilling to choose a side, he abandoned his original world to create a land in the realm of Ninjago using the Golden Weapons.

After defeating a dark entity of pure evil, the Overlord, and splitting the land into two halves (Ninjago and Dark Island), he empowered humans with Elemental Powers to become his guardians. Eventually, he fathered two sons, Wu and Garmadon, and entrusted them with defending the Golden Weapons. Shortly before his demise, he sealed himself into a tomb deep in the Endless Sea, where the Realm Crystal was also stored away.

After the Oni were vanquished by the efforts of the ninja and his sons, the First Spinjitzu Master summoned Lloyd to an unknown place in order to thank him for saving Ninjago.


Early life

The Oni, Dragons, and the First Spinjitzu Master.

Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master was born in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. There, he was a hybrid of both the Oni and the Dragons. At some point, he bonded with the mother of all Dragons, the Firstbourne. Together, they created the Dragon Armor, and sought to unite the two races of the realm, and end their long war.[3]

After the two sides refused to end the war, the First Spinjitzu Master realized that even he could not end the conflict between the two races and left the Realm of Oni and Dragons and went on to find a new home, [4] leaving Firstbourne behind to guard the Dragon Armor and hoping for his return.


The First Spinjitzu Master created the Realm Crystal to traverse all the Sixteen Realms, except the Departed Realm.

Eventually, the child finally found a world engulfed in chaos, caused by the sea serpent Wojira who ruled the sea and winds. With the help of the islanders and Merlopians, the First Spinjitzu Master engaged in battle with Wojira, but she was too powerful even for their combined efforts. Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water merged with the ocean and sacrificed her physical body to defeat her. The First Spinjitzu Master then gave the Storm Amulet to the leader of the islanders and the Wave Amulet to the king of the Merlopians. [1][5][6][7][8]


Forming Ninjago

Creating the Golden Weapons.

With the seas now calmed and the realm at peace, he forged the four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu in the Temple of Light using gold from the Golden Peaks. With the weapons, he created the island of Ninjago, including the Serpentine deep in the earth. The new land was in harmony for a while, but darkness eventually manifested to counterbalance the light of Ninjago. From the darkness came an evil creature called "The Overlord," who challenged the First Spinjitzu Master to battle for the fate of the world.

The First Spinjitzu Master fought the Overlord for a long time, with neither gaining the upper hand. Eventually, the Overlord created an indestructible army to aid him, nearly overwhelming the First Spinjitzu Master. To save the world from the grip of darkness, the First Spinjitzu Master used his powers to split Ninjago in two, destroying the Overlord's physical form and trapping the villain on an island what would come to be known as the Island of Darkness. This act balanced the forces of light and shadow, ensuring that the Overlord could never return to Ninjago.

The First Spinjitzu Master dividing Ninjago in two

With the Overlord defeated, the First Spinjitzu Master was able to seal away the dormant Stone Army in an indestructible tomb, which he buried deep beneath what would eventually become Ninjago City. At some point he traveled to the Island of Darkness to hide his Golden Mech in the Temple of Light, and gifted Elemental Powers to a select few to serve as their guardians, ensuring that their Elemental Powers would be passed to their descendants. At some point, he traveled to the Never-Realm and nearly found himself trapped there until he somehow found a way back.[9]


The First Spinjitzu Master fishing with his sons.

Throughout the course of the millennia, the First Spinjitzu Master grew old. Feeling his time would very soon come to an end, he fathered two sons who inherited his tremendous powers. The eldest, Garmadon, with power over the forces of Destruction, the power of Oni, and the youngest, Wu, a future teacher to some ninja, with power over the forces of Creation, the power of Dragons.[10] He taught them the art of Spinjitzu and how to harness their abilities, with the hope that the two would represent the balance.

One day, he went fishing with his sons and told the impatient boys to have faith after they didn't catch a fish. The First Spinjitzu Master was then pleased when Wu caught a big fish and told his eldest son to maintain faith.

First Spinjitzu Master creating the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu.

The First Spinjitzu Master would create two scrolls that contained secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu. It was most likely he who created the art in the first place. He deemed the Scroll too dangerous and when Wu and Garmadon returned home late, after initially questioning them, he soon sternly told them off when they wanted to read the Scrolls. He was furious with his sons when they disobeyed him and used the Scrolls to defeat Aspheera and hid the Scrolls.

The Book of Spinjitzu told a different story about the Scroll, where the First Spinjitzu Master caught Garmadon reading the Scroll and took it from him and ordered they never touch the Scroll. He apparently knew of its lure as he hid it from Garmadon as if he knew his elder son would want to read it again.

At some point after this, the he and his sons began living in the Monastery of Spinjitzu.[11] While he was looking over the Golden Weapons outdoors, Wu lost his katana in a sparring match with his brother. Knowing their father would get angry, Garmadon ventured over the wall to retrieve it. When Garmadon did not return, the First Spinjitzu Master got worried and went out to look for him, eventually finding his son near some bushes, wounded, and extremely ill.

The First Spinjitzu Master attempted to heal Garmadon's wound, learning that he had been bitten by a strange viper. Garmadon lashed out at his father by stating he hated him and blamed Wu for it as he was shocked by this behavior. Unknown to anyone at the time, the viper who bit Garmadon was the Great Devourer, and its venom would steadily corrupt Garmadon into a ruthless, power-hungry villain who wanted to make the world into his image.

The First Spinjitzu Master also told Wu of the Never-Realm once, where he described it as the most distant and coldest of all the Realms in creation and told him to never step foot in it, saying that no method from Ninjago that could allow for interdimensional travel could work there and noted even he was barely able to escape from the Realm.

At some point, he constructed a tomb underneath the Endless Sea to serve as both his final resting place and a sanctuary to hide the Realm Crystal from falling into the wrong hands. To ensure that only a true Spinjitzu Master would be able to find it, the tomb was guarded by three deadly traps which required the Sword of Sanctuary from the Cloud Kingdom to safely traverse. Before he departed, the First Spinjitzu Master promised to leave a clue leading to the tomb to his sons and inscribed three clues on his staff.

Presumed Death

When Wu and Garmadon were young men, the First Spinjitzu Master charged his sons with the duty to guard the Four Golden Weapons against those who would misuse their power. In his final moments, he sealed himself in his own tomb and died peacefully beside a waterfall, with the Realm Crystal in hand.


His remains would eventually be found centuries later by Wu’s pupils the ninja, who sought to protect the Realm Crystal from his first student, Morro. However, Morro would recover the crystal from the ninja[12] and would go on to unleash his master, The Preeminent, onto Ninjago.[13]

During the Day of the Departed, Wu returned to the ruins of the Monastery of Spinjitzu and drank a cup of Remembrance Tea in his honor.

In the Realm of Oni and Dragons, the First Spinjitzu Master's legacy is known by the Dragon Hunters. Upon learning that Kai, Jay, and Zane were Elemental Masters, Iron Baron deduced that they had been taught by the Master himself. Wu eventually begins regaining his memories, including one of his father teaching him and Garmadon how to fish, giving him the lesson to "have faith," which gives Wu the motivation to trust Heavy Metal. Furthermore, after fully regaining his memories, Wu reveals to the Dragon Hunters that he is the son of the First Spinjitzu Master, and Iron Baron takes advantage of the revelation, knowing that a blood relative will surely allow him to gain the Dragon Armor. After reaching Firstbourne's nest, Wu explains to Iron Baron that Firstbourne had seen the goodness in his father's heart, and therefore allowed him to ride her, unlike Iron Baron, in whom Firstbourne sensed darkness. Firstbourne eventually senses the goodness in Wu and allows him to wear the Dragon Armor, the same armor that his father wore during the war between the Dragons and Oni. Wu became the Golden Dragon Master and wore the armor in a final fight against his now-reborn brother Garmadon. After the final battle, Wu kept the armor, continuing his father's legacy.

The First Spinjitzu Master's legacy was not entirely good, however. After Garmadon was resurrected with the knowledge of darkness threatening Ninjago, having been reverted to his evil ways, he was so desperate to protect Ninjago that he hunted down his family to make sure they would not intervene in his quest to unite Ninjago and gain his full power. Garmadon even subconsciously modeled the Colossus after his father.[14] Although Garmadon was, in a twisted way, honoring his father's legacy by protecting all he had created, his actions caused more harm than good. Lloyd, the First Spinjitzu Master's grandson, would ultimately defeat Garmadon and Garmadon passed down the responsibility of defeating the upcoming evil to his son, therefore indirectly entrusting to Lloyd the task of protecting his grandfather's legacy.

The First Spinjitzu Master meets Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon.

After the ninja defeated the Oni, the First Spinjitzu Master summoned Lloyd to the Grasslands and proceeded to thank and praise him for having done so much for Ninjago, giving his grandson kind and complicated words regarding life and the future bowing before Lloyd. He offered his grandson a choice: he could come with him to the Grasslands and find peace and happiness or he could return to Ninjago and be the Green Ninja once again.

His grandson's hand reaching out to him.

Lloyd takes the latter option and the First Spinjitzu Master sends his grandson back to Ninjago by teleporting one of the petals from the Grasslands and having it float over Lloyd.


Although the First Spinjitzu Master's personality has yet to be fully revealed, it is made clear that he was a benevolent individual. His goodness was greatly respected by all who knew him. It is also very likely he was wise for Wu seems to have learned life lessons from him as shown in "The Gilded Path."

The First Spinjitzu Master also did not practice favoritism, as he loved both his sons equally and Wu continued to defend him from Garmadon's bitter belief that Wu was always his favorite. He also seemed patient and kind, gently lecturing Garmadon and Wu when they failed to catch even a single fish.

His impartiality is also demonstrated by choosing to side with neither the Dragons nor the Oni in their unending war with one another. This shows his compassion, as his hybrid nature would have tipped the balance of power, and possibly resulted in the outright genocide of either species.

Abilities and Traits

  • Golden Power - The First Spinjitzu Master was the first humanoid user of Golden Power, which was the source of his phenomenal power. Perhaps the most powerful character in the entire series, only being rivaled by The Overlord, the First Spinjitzu Master's power was sufficiently great to wield all the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu at once and Garmadon has stated that the power of the First Spinjitzu Master could move mountains. Even the Oni, including the Omega, who is shown to be more powerful than his older son with his full potential, still would not dare attack Ninjago until his power had disappeared. He also managed to single-handedly defeat The Overlord and his Stone Army eventually in a great war by splitting Ninjago in half, destroying the Overlord's physical body and leaving him trapped in the Island of Darkness and sealing away the Stone Army in an ancient tomb. He had fully mastered the use of all the four main elements: Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Ice and could bestow them to others, as he was the one who gifted the Elemental Masters with their use. From his heritage as a hybrid of both the powers of the Oni and Dragons, he could command the power of Creation (most notably as the Tornado of Creation), and the power of Destruction, which he had at the highest levels, as he was capable of creating something out of nothing while other users needed materials to create and his Creation powers were so great that he had the power to create an entire realm, having single-handedly created Ninjago, while his Destruction powers could be used to destroy and erase anything and surpassed even The Omega, the leader of the Oni.
  • Soul Control - Through currently unknown means, the First Spinjitzu Master was able to summon Lloyd's spirit to him after he had helped stop the Oni and was also able to return Lloyd back to the living world after finishing their talk.
  • Teleportation - While in his afterlife, the First Spinjitzu Master could teleport around while coaching Lloyd on the meaning of life and the future.
  • Longevity (Decelerated Aging) - Due to his Oni and Dragon heritage, the First Spinjitzu Master was able to live for several thousands of years. This trait was later passed down to his two sons, as they have lived for thousands of years. It is unknown if his grandson inherited this trait, as he is still very young.
  • Supernatural Combat - The First Spinjitzu Master was clearly an exceptional martial artist in both armed and hand-to-hand combat, having been the one to develop the martial art of Spinjitzu and he was known to have wielded the Golden Weapons masterfully. He had a Spinjitzu fighting style unique known to him alone (later learned also by Lloyd), which was called the "Golden Dragon". The First Spinjitzu Master was also a highly capable teacher, as, under his tutelage, both of his sons would become excellent fighters in their own right.
  • Enhanced Intelligence (Enhanced Wisdom) - The First Spinjitzu Master was known to be extremely wise and intelligent. His intelligence was displayed by how when the time came for him to die, in order to prevent anyone from traversing the Realms, the First Spinjitzu Master decided to hide the Realm Crystal in his tomb and cleverly encoded the clues on his staff and created three cunningly laid out deadly traps that the ninja had difficulty cracking. The First Spinjitzu Master was an exceptional weapon crafter, having been the one who shaped the Golden Weapons from the gold of the Golden Peaks before using the Temple of Light's powerful elemental energies to empower them. The First Spinjitzu Master was also equally capable of creating complex machinery as well as using them, as he was the creator of the Golden Mech and was able to use it without fail during his war with the Overlord.
  • Shapeshifting - Although never shown, the First Spinjitzu Master is half Oni and therefore able to shapeshift at will into any creature he desires.


The First Spinjitzu Master was the only one who could wield the power of the four Golden Weapons at once (until Dark Magic gave Lord Garmadon the same ability), and he likely wielded them all in combat. In "The Stone Army," he is pictured with a glowing sword of pure energy, similar to the Elemental Blades, though in reality he had been in the Golden Mech at the time.[15]

He piloted the Golden Mech in a battle against the Overlord. His relationship with the Golden Dragon is unclear, but he was likely either its original possessor or capable of summoning it.

Passively, the First Spinjitzu Master kept with him at least two staffs, one containing the clues to his tomb that was passed to Wu, and another made of gold that was placed in his tomb's second test.

It was revealed in "Radio Free Ninjago" that he co-created and wore the fabled Dragon Armor.

He also created the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu, which enhances the elemental power of the wielder. However, it slowly corrupts with prolonged usage and requires great will-power to overcome.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot episodes

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 5: Possession

Day of the Departed

Ninjago: Decoded

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 14: Seabound

Behind the scenes

  • There was a concept of a statue of the First Spinjitzu Master coming to life and helping save Ninjago.[16] This was inspired by the Danish legend, "Holger Danske."[17]


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  • The First Spinjitzu Master's name is commonly abbreviated as "FSM" by Tommy Andreasen.[18]
  • Although he has been mentioned and shown in flashbacks in several episodes, his face is mainly shown only in drawn pictures. However, in the episode "Tick Tock", his face is visible for a short moment, and it is shown to look a little like Garmadon's face when he was recently cured from evil.
  • His first true debut in the television series was in "Grave Danger," when his skeletal remains were shown holding the Realm Crystal.
  • The First Spinjitzu Master's appearance changes in his various depictions throughout the series. For example, in his pictured appearance in "Way of the Ninja," he has a standard hair piece; in the flashback in "Tick Tock," he has a braided ponytail; and in "Grave Danger," his statue has a full beard.
  • Tommy Andreasen revealed that the First Spinjitzu Master was nearly immortal[citation needed] and lived for thousands of years.[19] Wu and Garmadon inherited similar longevity, as they have also lived thousands of years.[20]
    • It is unknown if Lloyd also inherited this. If so, he would be the longest-lived of the human ninja. Zane is a robot, so he is potentially immortal, but can be broken or damaged.
    • As explained by Mystake, the reason for this is their Oni blood.
  • It is possible that he could utilize the elements besides the elements of Creation.[21]
    • It was stated that apart from the elements of Water and Wind, the First Spinjitzu Master had fully mastered all elements, meaning he did have the ability to use the secondary elements too.
  • His origins were revealed in Season 8: he originated from the Realm of Oni and Dragons.
    • Being "the child of light and darkness," it is likely that the First Spinjitzu Master inherited his powers from the Oni and the Dragons (inheriting Golden Power and Creation from the Dragons and Destruction from the Oni).
    • Out of all the aforementioned characters, the First Spinjitzu Master may be the most powerful, as he successfully sealed away the Overlord and his Stone Army and his very presence kept the Omega and the Oni from invading Ninjago.
    • Although Garmadon claimed to be more powerful than his father, it was clearly a mere boast. The Omega could defeat Garmadon with ease yet still feared the First Spinjitzu Master and this was already indicated by how Garmadon needed the use of his full power and intense concentration to utilize the power of Creation to create the Colossus and required the use of several objects from the environment to shape it while the First Spinjitzu Master required no materials and could create an entire continent, meaning he at the very least was far more powerful than Garmadon in terms of creation.
    • The Omega was deeply afraid of the Golden Armor, which emanated the power of the First Spinjitzu Master.
    • Even though Wojira was much stronger than the First Spinjitzu Master when they fought, as the Master couldn't defeat her even with the Merlopians and islanders backing him up, it was noted the First Spinjitzu Master was only a child and had yet to unlock his full strength, meaning it's very likely his current power has exceeded hers.
  • His voice is heard for the first time in "The Gilded Path."
  • His true name is unknown, as he is only ever referred to as "the First Spinjitzu Master." This may be because while many know his legend, there are very few alive old enough to have known him in life.
    • For unknown reasons, despite probably knowing their father's name, neither Wu or Garmadon has stated the true name of the First Spinjitzu Master, likely out of respect, but even when Garmadon was bitter at his father due to the Devourer's venom, he never revealed his father's true name. It may be because he simply had gotten used to calling his father "the First Spinjitzu Master" or may not have known his father's actual name at all.
    • It is also unknown whether Mystake is aware of his true name but like with his sons, she never mentions it, although given that she had known him longer than his sons, it can be assumed she was aware of it and just never got the chance to say it until her death.
  • While it is known he was a hybrid of the Oni and Dragons, what exactly the circumstances that caused his birth to be possible, and why he looked like a human remains a mystery.[22]
  • It is unknown if the First Spinjitzu Master ever needed the Realm Crystal, due to being half-dragon, he may have had the power to travel between realms like full-blooded Dragons.
  • It is unknown how the First Spinjitzu Master wielded all four Golden Weapons in combat all at once, because in all the flashbacks and the appearance of his remains in his tomb, he is shown to have only two arms. In the tale of the Oni and the Dragon from "The Oni and the Dragon," he is seen pulling the four weapons into his Spinjitzu tornado.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, he had several hands.[23]
  • The First Spinjitzu Master didn't have a last name.[24]
  • On the statue in his tomb he appears to have a long beard like his son. It is unknown in which moment of his life he had such a beard, because he has no beard in any of the flashbacks or visions.
  • His "human" form may not be his original form.[25]
  • He referred to the Oni as the Bringers of Doom, though he has Oni blood himself.[26]
  • In Lloyd's family tree in The Book of Spinjitzu, there is a silhouetted image of a woman next to the image of the First Spinjitzu Master. The image is silhouetted because Wu does not actually know if he and Garmadon have a mother or not.[27]
    • However, Tommy Andreasen once stated that he imagines Wu and Garmadon did have a mother, saying that he liked the idea of the First Spinjitzu Master not being able to create life on his own and implying that the First Spinjitzu Master could have had the idea to have children from observing the populations he brought into Ninjago.[28]
  • It's possible that the First Spinjitzu Master did not die, but instead, he simply left his vessel in Ninjago.[2][29] According to Tommy Andreasen, he is most likely not in the Departed Realm.[30]
  • Though he is almost always painted in a positive light, there have been some lines of dialogue that suggest the First Spinjitzu Master was not a perfect being and that he may have preferred Wu over Garmadon or known Garmadon could become evil.
    • Garmadon said Wu had always been their father's favorite in "Weapons of Destiny."
    • Harumi said Wu and the First Spinjitzu Master had kept the truth from Garmadon and feared what he could become with his power in "True Potential."
    • Young Garmadon said "Wu always gets everything" in "The Gilded Path."
    • Garmadon said that Ninjago was built on power rather than balance in "Green Destiny."
  • It's possible that the First Spinjitzu Master based Spinjitzu on the spinning movement used by dragons to travel between realms.[31]
  • According to an old fairy tale he is said to have mastered many elemental powers; explicitly excluded from this are the elements of Water and Wind though, as the latter two belonged to Wojira.[1]
    • When asked why the First Spinjitzu Master never inherited Wind, despite being born with all other dragon elements, Tommy Andreasen replied that the situation would be something he would change if he could.[32]
  • It is possible that he is left-handed, as he is shown writing with his left hand in the flashback shown in "Never Trust a Human" when Wu and Garmadon came back home after they escaped from Serpentine Valley.
    • It is also possible that he is ambidextrous, as he is also depicted wielding weapons mainly in his right hand, but simply may prefer writing with his left.
  • In Rise of the Snakes, the First Spinjitzu Master is shown wearing an outfit identical to Wu's black kimono first seen in "Battle Between Brothers." Starting in Hunted, he is shown wearing a different suit, this time resembling to the Black Training gi which previously only worn by the ninja in sets.


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Skull of Hazza D'ur

Sky Folk

Vangelis · Queen Vania · Engelbert
Army of Shintaro: Hailmar


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King Trimaar · King Kalmaar · Glutinous · Nyad
Maaray Guards: Gripe

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Elemental Alliance · Fast Chickens · Kryptarium inmates · Ninja Replacements · The Resistance · The Resistance (Never-Realm) · The Royal Blacksmiths · Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master · Spin Harmony · Stranded ninja · Time Twins · Treble Makers


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