“If we can't wait for the mother of all Dragons, we build it.”

The Firstbourne Mech was a mechanical version of Firstbourne designed by Jay to allow himself, Zane and Kai to escape from the Dragon Hunters.


How to Build a Dragon

After recalling on how he met Wu, Jay realizes that they need to "build the impossible", and comes up with the idea to make the Dragon Hunters think Firstbourne is attacking them, creating a distraction to allow himself, Kai, and Zane to escape with Cole and Wu. While Jay designs and finishes the plans, Cole and Wu sneak in as members of the Hunters to get the blueprints and the parts needed. Kai, Zane, and Jay are able to sneak all the necessary parts to Wu and Cole, and the two begin to build the mech.

After finishing the mech and while Cole is too heavy to pilot it, Wu is light enough for it to work, much to Cole's digress. Wu sets off in the night to provide the distraction, while Cole makes his way back the the Dragon Hunters' camp to free the other three ninja. Upon spotting it in the sky, the captive ninja inform the Dragon Hunters of it's appearance with the guise that it is Firstbourne, saving the captive Wind Dragon the Hunters were about to feast on. Iron Baron orders them to attack "Firstbourne", and all the Hunters begin attempting to bring down the dragon. During the chaos, Cole sneaks in and frees Zane, Jay and Kai, while Jay is astonished that his design truly did work. Iron Baron, seizing the moment, fires a vengestone bolt at the mech, tearing off it's tail and making Wu lose control. However, the Hunters do not see this as the real Firstbourne appears, intent on saving it's captured children. Upon spotting Firstbourne in the sky, Jay is excited that Wu is able to make it realistic, while Kai, astonished, asks Cole if he truly built that. Cole remarks that it looked bigger in the air. However, Firstbourne attacks the camp, and Zane yells that it was the real Firstbourne upon seeing Wu in the crashed Mech near them. The five make their escape from the camp as Firstbourne demolishes it. After being attacked by Firstbourne, Iron Baron sees the remains of the mech and realizes that his prisoners have likely escaped.

As Firstbourne was destroying the camp, it is likely that the remains of the mech were destroyed inside.


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