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Everyone likes fish.
Boma to Uthaug in "Fire Maker"

Fish are animals that live in the Endless Sea, the frozen pond, Ninjago City Aquarium and the Never-Realm.


Corruption (flashback)

As Vex roams the Never-Realm, he finds several fish baking on the fire, which he tries to steal, but is stopped by two fishermen.

The Tale of Benthomaar (flashback)

While Kalmaar and Trimaar are swimming in the sea, a few fish swim near them.

The Golden Weapon (flashback)

When Zane first met Wu, he was at the bottom of a frozen pond, where several goldfish were swimming.

Tick Tock

As Zane dives at the bottom of the Endless Sea, a fish floats to him, which he then strokes.

The Curse of the Golden Master

When Dareth and his students come to the Ninjago City Aquarium, a lot of fish swim in the aquariums.

Codename: Arcturus

As Pythor and the Nindroids approach the wreck of the Nindroid MechDragon, several fish swim in front of them, but they disperse when the shark arrives behind them.

Winds of Change

One notable Fangfish (stated by P.I.X.A.L. to be a mutant Fangfish) began terrorizing a seaside village and depleting their food source. The ninja were tasked with hunting the creature down using their Elemental Dragons, and had the captured creature sent to the Ninjago City Aquarium.

Ghost Story (dream)

The mutant Fangfish appeared in Kai's dream, where it ate Lloyd just after the Kai promised to look after him.

Fire Maker

When Boma and Uthaug enter the village, they carry some dead fish and discuss whether they will taste the ninja.

An Unlikely Ally

When Kai is lying in a hammock, several children of Ice Fishers come to him and have the fish bake from him. Later, when Lloyd leaves the village, he gets a fish to keep for later.

The Tooth of Wojira

While Misako, Wu and Lloyd talk at the Island of the Keepers, a few fish swim in the sea beneath them.

The Calm Before the Storm

When the Coast Guard tries to catch fish, they are startled by Glutinous.

The Turn of the Tide

While Nya swims with whales in the sea, there are several fish at the bottom.




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