“The scrolls gave us powers we have never felt before. It felt as if . . . we had reached our true potential in an instance. It was a wonderful feeling. And a terrible one.”
— Master Wu, in Never Trust a Human

Forbidden Spinjitzu is a dark counterpart of the martial art of Spinjitzu. Ages ago, during the First Age, the First Spinjitzu Master created two scrolls containing the knowledge and power of the forbidden art. A young Wu and Garmadon took the scrolls against their father's wishes, using it to defeat the Serpentine sorceress, Aspheera.

By holding the scroll, the user is instantly granted incredible power, similar to when an Elemental Master accesses their True Potential. Consequently, it also induces aggression and a lust for power, seemingly causing users to become addicted to it via prolonged usage.

Known Users

Types of Forbidden Spinjitzu


  • This is the third martial art that the Ninja learn, the first is Spinjitzu and the second is Airjitzu.
  • Forbidden Spinjitzu appears much stronger than regular Spinjitzu as shown in "Powerless" and "Never Trust a Human."
  • It's currently unknown why the First Spinjitzu Master created the art of Forbidden Spinjitzu in the first place.
    • Considering how the First Spinjitzu Master created the Realm Crystal to allow interdimensional travel but only when absolutely necessary and he only told it to his sons and no one else, it was probable that he invented the Forbidden Spinjitzu in case of an enemy too powerful to face with regular Spinjitzu alone.
      • It must be noted, however, that the First Spinjitzu Master hid the scroll and told no one, not even his sons, anything about its location, although as Wu did record the knowledge into his journal, it was probable that the First Spinjitzu Master allowed it.


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