“And I still have the power to stuff you into a fortune cookie!”
Chen, at Kapau and Chope

Fortune Cookies are a type of food product in New Ninjago City. They are commonly found in and around Chen's Noodle House and produced in the Noodle Factory on Chen's Island.


The Invitation

Kai, Cole, Jay, and Lloyd found a plate of cookies behind the Noodle House after a conflict with the Anacondrai Cultists. They all looked at the fortunes (Cole eating his cookie whole, fortune and all), which would lead them to enter the Tournament of Elements, and the fortunes vanished (with Cole's fortune vanishing inside him). They left the cookies there as they returned back home.

Spy for a Spy

While making fortune cookies in the Noodle Factory, Cole writes a note to inform the other Ninja that he has found Zane and is in the process of planning an escape. He hides the note in one of the cookies that are to be distributed to the remaining Elemental Masters. Skylor ends up getting the cookie, and she informs Kai of Cole's whereabouts.




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