“If Pythor returns the Fangblades to the city of Ouroboros, he'll awaken the Great Devourer.”
Master Wu, "The Rise of the Great Devourer"

The Four Silver Fangblades are important Serpentine artifacts and weapons. They appear as silver daggers with ornate designs around the base of the blade and a round gem set at the end of the hilt. The gems and blades glow with a colored aura—green, red, blue, and gray—corresponding to the colors of the four main Serpentine tribes. However, in the sets, the Constrictai Fangblade has an orange hilt.

They are needed to summon the Great Devourer, which was said to consume all of Ninjago when awakened. The Fangblades were created from the Devourer's teeth, and are thus nearly indestructible—only the magma of Torchfire Mountain is hot enough to destroy them.


Can of Worms

Cole and Zane went to the Constrictai Tomb and found an inscription that said when the four fangblades unite, the Great Devourer will awaken.

Tick Tock

Pythor's ultimate goal was to find the Fangblades and awaken the Great Devourer as a means of avenging the Serpentine's imprisonment by the ancient people of Ninjago. However, the only clue to the Fangblades' location was a cryptic riddle: When the five fangs unite as one, the path to unleashing the Great Devourer has begun.

To this end, Pythor released the other four tribes (with the help of the unwitting Lloyd Garmadon) and united them under his own leadership by defeating the Serpentine Generals in a Slither Pit. However, the map he sought did not reveal itself, prompting the Anacondrai to furiously ponder the riddle in his tribe's new underground lair. A chance scuffle between Acidicus and Skalidor provided the answer—"the five fangs" did not refer to the Serpentine tribes, but the General's Serpentine Staffs. When Pythor placed all five staffs together on a pedestal, their antivenoms dripped and mixed together—when parchment was immersed in the puddle, a map to the four Fangblades was created.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

The Serpentine found the first Fangblade at Mega Monster Amusement Park.

The Royal Blacksmiths

The Serpentine traveled to the Desert Pyramid for the second Fangblade. Due to its excessive traps, they had Lloyd get in turn for his freedom. However, it turned out that the Fangblade had been recovered already, thus Pythor decided that Lloyd should remain a captive.

Later, Mezmo and Snike found a poster, and Mezmo discovered it was the Fangblade, but put in a Blade Cup. They told the Serpentine, and so they signed up for the audition as the Trebble Makers. However the Ninja won the Blade Cup, yet Pythor managed to steal it.

The Green Ninja

After the Serpentine uncovered a Fangblade at the Fire Temple, the Ninja fought them. However, Kai struck the Fangblade off Pythor's grasp, and it almost falls in the lava. Kai chose to save Lloyd over the Fangblade, and it made its way back into the Serpentines' possession.

All of Nothing

Despite the Ninjas' best efforts, the Serpentine managed to gather all four Fangblades, keeping them under heavy guard in their underground fortress. However, the arrival of Lloyd—now the Green Ninja—and an attack by Lord Garmadon's Skulkin army allowed the Ninja to steal all of the Fangblades and make preparations to destroy them.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

Unfortunately for the Ninja, Pythor snuck aboard their ship and reclaimed the Fangblades before they could be destroyed. After a furious chase between the full forces of the Ninja and the Serpentine Train, Pythor managed to reach the city of Ouroboros, where he placed the Fangblades in a statue of the Great Devourer. Upon doing so, the statue leaked venom into the Slither Pit and fell apart, allowing the Great Devourer to burst from its prison.

It is unknown what happened to three of the Fangblades after the Great Devourer was awakened and destroyed.

The Forgotten Element

While Garmadon is fighting Clouse in Chen's palace, the Blade Cup is seen in the background, containing a Fangblade.


The locations of the four Fangblades are as follows:


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Video Games Description

One of the four tribal silver fang blades that, when combined, will unleash the Great Devourer.


  • Following the events of the Great Devourer's attack, the locations of the four Fangblades are unknown.
  • They're made from the teeth of the Great Devourer. However, in the Ninjago Character Encyclopedia, it is said that they are made from pure silver and anti-venom vials.



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