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This is about the blacksmith shop. For the set, see 2508 Blacksmith Shop. For the weapons of Spinjitzu, also referred to as the "Four Weapons", see Golden Weapons.
And the shop is called "Four Weapons," not "For Browsing." Either buy something or go peddle your insults somewhere else.

Four Weapons Blacksmith, informally referred to as the smithy,[1] is a family-owned blacksmith shop in the village of Ignacia. It was home to Nya and Kai before Master Wu recruited Kai and invited Nya to live with him and join the ninja.


Prior to the series

Shortly after Garmadon's banishment to the Underworld, Master Wu, for fear of his own demise, drew a map of where the Four Weapons were located and gave it to an honest man, who was Kai and Nya's father, Ray.[2]

In the blacksmith shop, Ray and Maya forged four Time Blades so Wu and Garmadon could defeat Krux and Acronix. Years later, Krux would disguise himself and befriend Maya and Ray at the blacksmith. When he revealed himself, he kidnapped them and forced them to create armor and weapons, threatening to harm their children if they didn't.[3]

With their parents gone, Kai and Nya took over running the shop.

Way of the Ninja

Kai and Nya were working in Four Weapons on the day Wu returned to the village. Kai had failed to create a sword due to his impatience. Kai became annoyed when Wu started to complain about the lack of tools for a ninja.

When the Skulkin army attacked the village, Kai and Nya left the shop unguarded while they went to fight the skeletons. This left a way for Nuckal and Kruncha to invade the store in search of the map.

Weapons of Destiny

Nya returned to the shop while Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane traveled to the Underworld on their dragons to rescue Master Wu, leaving a candle lit. When they returned, she was excited to greet them.

Secrets of the Blacksmith

It was decided at some point that Nya would move in with the ninja at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, so Jay took her back to Four Weapons on Wisp to pick up a few of her things which turned out to be weapons. She told Jay to wait outside while she did so, only to be cornered by Wyplash, Krazi, Chopov, and Bonezai. She promptly took care of them and left with Jay.

Never Trust a Snake

Pythor and Lloyd Garmadon went near the shop during their spree of various misdemeanors.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

In the past, the ninja would land in front of the blacksmith shop to stop Garmadon from changing the past. The shop will eventually be ambushed by Skulkin, but after they retreat, Past Kai wanted to fix the business.

Day of the Departed

Kai and Nya returned to Four Weapons for the Day of the Departed, lighting a lantern in honor of their parents. While there, the two were ambushed by Master Chen who launched a missile into the shop, setting it ablaze. However, after a brief skirmish, they managed to defeat him.

The Attack (flashback)

When Kai recognizes the symbol on the Vermillion warrior helmet, he remembers the gong in the blacksmith shop had the same symbol.

Secrets Discovered

Kai went to visit the Blacksmith shop to look for clues about his parents' disappearance. Angered that they might be traitors, he hit the gong, activating a hidden trapdoor to a room filled with weapons that his father had made, including the Dragon Blade.

After Season 7

At some point, Maya and Ray returned to the blacksmith shop and resumed work there.[4]

Master of the Sea

Maya told Nya that she and Ray were returning to the shop, as they had lots of work waiting for them there. description

This small business, also known as The Four Weapons, originally belonged to Kai and Nya’s parents. It was renowned for the quality of its product, particularly the swords, which were incredibly durable. After Lord Garmadon was banished to the Underworld, Wu hid the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu and created a map to their locations. He entrusted the map to Kai’s father, who hid it in the shop (thus the name The Four Weapons). After his death, Kai and Nya took over running the shop.[5]


The shop is a small two story building with elegant sloped roofs and a sign out front. The first floor contains the actual forge, racks of samurai helmets and swords, as well as a small phone hanging on the wall. A bed is nestled in the other corner near a large window, and there is a set of stairs that leads to the second floor. Hitting the gong on the wall opens a secret basement under the shop, where the Dragon Blade was located, and several other things, such as the Vermillion helmet.

The shop's wares

Some of the items sold at Four Weapons Blacksmith:



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  • As confirmed by the Ninjago museum description, the name of the blacksmith shop indicates that it was named after Master Wu gave the map to Ray, as it was named after the four Golden Weapons.
    • The name might also be a pun on "for weapons", since the shop sells weapons. Kai references this in "Way of the Ninja" when he tells Wu to leave the shop.
  • The Chinese symbols (忍者) on the sign translates to "ninja."
  • An early name for the shop was "Four Arms Blacksmith," with "Arms" being a synonym for "Weapon." At this point, it was already decided that Garmadon would gain four arms, so this would have been a reference to that.[6]
  • This is the first building shown in the show.
  • When asked about the possible difference between Ray and Maya's and Kai and Nya's roles working at the shop, Tommy Andreasen said, "I'm not sure that really matters."[7]


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Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

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